The duties of the Town of Esopus Planning Board are to review site plans, conditional use permits, subdivisions of land, lot line adjustments and site development plan reviews. The Planning Board is responsible to regulate land use and development in accordance with the Town's Comprehensive Plan and to work towards a balance between conservation, preservation, and development at all levels including commercial, industrial and residential uses.

Board Members
Roxanne Pecora, Chairperson 845-338-7811
Fred Zimmer, Vice Chair
Mark Anderson
Darin DeKoskie
Melanie Marino
Greg McCord
Daniel Michaud


Secretary - April Oneto
Phone - 845-339-1811, ext. 126
- 845-802-5100

Board Consultant
Myles Putman
M.L. Putman Consultant

Board Engineer
Pete Lilholt, Jr, PE
Clough Harbour & Associates, LLP
518-453-4500 (x2882)