PO Box 700
284 Broadway
Port Ewen, NY 12466
Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM
FAX 845-331-8634
Email: building@esopus.com

Building Inspector
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Salvatore Morello III

Fire Inspector
Richard Valentine

The building department of the Town of Esopus is committed to serving the public and ensuring the health, safety and well being of all its residents. The mission of the department is to secure compliance with State and Local codes for the protection of the property owner and consumer as well. We operate with an open door policy and invite you to stop in during normal business hours with questions, concerns, or to secure documents and applications.

Building Department Fees as of September 18, 2009

Work started without a permit will result in double the original fee

Building Permits
An application must be filed with the Building Inspector for any and all proposed  work, except work costing less than $250 for labor and materials (56-9)