Please address all Town of Esopus correspondence to PO Box 700, Port Ewen, NY 12466 unless otherwise noted.
Physical addresses are specified as Ulster Park, NY to facilitate their use with GPS devices and online mapping services.

Town Hall 
284 Broadway
Ulster Park, NY 12487
Phone: 845-339-1811
Fax: 845-338-5598

Shannon Harris
Office: 845-331-0676
Secretary: Cathy Canzian

Town Clerk
Holly A. Netter
Home: 845-331-9121
Fax: 845-338-5598

Deputy Clerks
Erin McNierney
Barbara Jankowski
Office: 845-331-3709

Town Council

Chris Farrell
Home: 845-331-2303

Jared Geuss
Home: 845-383-1248

Kathie Quick
Home: 845-331-7358

Gloria VanVliet
Home: 845-331-0859

Town Offices

Tax Collector
Bernice McNierney
Office: 845-331-9124

Jo Anna Mignone
Office: 845-331-5546
Fax: 845-802-5143

Supt of Highways 
Mike Cafaldo
PO Box 1015
Port Ewen, NY 12446
Office: 845-331-5723
Fax: 845-331-1330
Cell: 845-389-6131
Home: 845-384-6822

Donald F. Kiernan
131 River Road
Ulster Park, NY 12487
Office: 845-331-5900
Fax: 845-331-5981
Home: 845-338-1664

Building Inspector
Salvatore Morello III  
Office: 845-331-8630

Fire Inspector
Richard Valentine
Office: 845-331-8630

Deborah Kain
Office: 845-331-2189

Dog Control Officer
Jill Shufeldt

Town Justice Court

Esopus Town Hall
284 Broadway
Ulster Park, NY 12487
Monday 4:30PM
Tuesday 5:00PM

Robert C. Grieco
Office: 845-331-5776
Home: 845-338-6784

Elizabeth Shanley-Manicone
Office: 845-331-5776
Home: 845-339-0834

Esopus Seniors President
Kathie Quick

Esopus Community TV 23
Brian Barnes
845-339-1811 x107