Town of Esopus Environmental Board
February 17 2004

The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Esopus Environmental Board was held on Tuesday, February 17th, 2004 at 7:00  p.m. with the following in attendance:

Robert Santiago; Chairman, Rachel Evans, Louise Ferrante, Debbie Lamb and Julie Melacon.


1. R. Santiago and Julie Melacon are working with Ray Rice to have the Environmental Board minutes/meeting notes/recommendations entered on the Town of Esopus web site.

2. Attendance of Board members at the meetings. The Board has concerns regarding members who fail to attend meetings. A membership and interest drive was discussed. Also, placing brochures in various key places in and around Town.

3. Future plan for Environmental Board

  1. Plan review
  2. Brochure for Web-site; layout and what information will be on it
  3. Letter and flyer will be put together and distributed  for those who might have an interest in becoming a member of the Environmental Board or those who       might have some ideas.
  4. Web-site - information/ideas that we would have available
4. Riverview Condominiums (site plan application) was reviewed.

Building 10 -  6 units
Building 10 - 18 units
Permit to repair foundation according to engineer
What has been accomplished already
Number of stories
Road (Jay Road) to beach access only; not a legal road
Sewer lines/water lines

A memo was sent to the Planning Board (attached)

5. Discussion on NYS Association of Conservation Commissions.

6. Conference in Albany, May 25-26, 2004 at Empire State Plaza Convention Center
       “Quality Communities - Quality Coasts”.

Note: March 16th meeting: working on WEB SITE. Please bring ideas and helpful information to meeting.

April 20th meeting: sorting thru brain-storm notes.

Respectfully submitted:

Nancy Henry
Secretary Environmental Board