February 21, 2007

PRESENT:       Emily Pereira, Deborah Silvestro, Kathy Quick, Bob Santiago

Excused:  Michelle Higgins, Robert Yerry, Andy Bicking

A meeting of the Environmental Board of the Town of Esopus was held on Wednesday, February 21, 2007.

There was discussion about the educational component of the Environmental Board.  It was suggested that Scenic Hudson could be invited to the first informational meeting in conjunction with the Town Board.

Robert Yerry had left a message on Silvestro answering machine about a project he will be working on with Andy Bicking.  Silvestro asked if anyone knew what the project was.

Silvestro gave a brief report on the Somerset project, the Dunkin Donut/Dollar Store project, and the senior housing project that were addressed at recent ZBA and Planning Board meetings.

Pereira distributed pamphlets on trees and shrubs for a tree give-away.  There is money in the Environmental budget for an event.  Quick offered to make a flyer.  Santiago and Pereira will look into ordering trees, and check with Diane McCord about vouchers. Dates of April  (Earth Day), or May (Arbor Day) were discussed. 

Names for the event were also discussed:  Green Thumbs in Esopus, Breath Green, Adopt a Tree, etc.  There will be further discussion at the March meeting.  It was suggested that Bill Kemble be called for a press release, and media releases on public tv and radio announcements. A possible speaker for the event could be Cornel Cooperative Extension for educating the public on proper care of the trees and how it would improve air quality.  Silvestro offered to contact Higgins for help, and will consult with Crown Street offices about going into the schools to educate the kids. 

The possibility of an art and/or writing project was discussed with a “tree theme” for the kids which could be displayed at the Town Hall during the tree giveaway.  Need printed instructions for the trees, and a prize or other giveaway for the art/writing entry winners.

Prepared by Laura Petit