Town of Esopus Environmental Board
APRIL 19, 2004

The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Esopus Environmental Board was held on Tuesday, April 19th, 2004 at 7:00  p.m. with the following in attendance:

Robert Santiago; Chairman, Rachel Evans, Louise Ferrante, Ann Gordon, Debbie Lamb, Julie Melacon, and Marion Zimmer.

Stephanie Aivaz also attended  this meeting.

The minutes from the February meeting were read and approved. They will be transferred to the Internet.

The March 2004 meeting was canceled.


1. Attendance of Board Members. Letters will be written to members who have not attended the last several meetings to find out if they are still interested. Members will have suggestions for the Town Board for new membership.

2. Ideas for brochure- what is the broucher trying to achieve - what information will be included

a.  Brochure will be tri-fold
b.  Information on our web site will be in the brochure
c.  Second brochure for the future was discussed- what to do with trash, hazardous waste,    helpful hints, etc.

There was a discussion on how the brochure will be printed, the number of copies that will be printed, and how it will be distributed. The cost of producing the brochure was also discussed.  Five hundred brochures will be printed.

3. Riverview Condos - only work being done on foundations.

4. Floyd Ackert Rd  - building inspector has written to DEC regarding clearing of the property. Also, wrote to home owners suggesting they hire a general contractor.

5. J. Melancon - did a flow chart on our Web Page and the Board suggested ideas to be included

General statement of what we do and what we wish to accomplish
Current events and activities
Links to other sites
Main page - e mail address and telephone number
Map or link to map of Town of Esopus
Meeting dates and time
Frequently asked questions
Local issue
List of resources
Ways to help the environment
Studentís contest for environment (essay contest)

Title page will be worked on first.

6. M. Zimmer announced that the Waterfront Board will have cleanup of Sleightburgh Park on April 24th 2004.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Henry