April 18, 2007



PRESENT:  Bob Santiago, Emily Pereira;  Kathy Quick; Michelle Higgins; Robert Yerry

ABSENT: Andy Bicking , Louise Ferrente, Corrine Brown, Joan Cypher

Also present:  David Leiggine

Town Board liaison:  Debbie Silvestro

Chairman Santiago called the meeting to order at 7:00PM


There was discussion on membership of Environmental Board and that a student was supposed to be on the Board.  Santiago recommended that David Leiggine be appointed.  Silvestro said she would make that recommendation to the Town Board.  Santiago said that this would be the first time that appointment for a student was filled.

Santiago asked if anyone had information on e-mail addresses.  Louise Ferrente has not been able to attend because she is working nights.  Santiago reviewed the current Environmental Board membership including: Corrine Brown who has been traveling a lot and unable to attend; Joan Cypher who has been e-mailing Silvestro with informational materials but neither had attended meetings.



Status of trees for Sunday, April 29th  distribution - Pereira said the trees were scheduled to be delivered to her house the first part of the week (April 23rd), and they were being shipped UPS.  She would then contact Santiago so she could drop them off at his house. He suggested having newspaper on hand to keep the roots moist.  Higgins thought the trees would come wrapped with care instructions.

There was further discussion on preparations for the distribution.  Higgins suggested a press release describing the event, the purpose, and introducing the Board.  Santiago thought it was a good idea.  Silvestro said she sent a press release to the Freeman who responded that it would be in the following week’s paper, Kingston Times, and Ulster County Press who published it last week.  She said there was also a listing on KPA page 89 on Channel 23 - the Community calendar.  Requests to put it in the Episcopal and Reformed Church bulletins were also sent.  She said she had no contact information on the other churches in the area.

Silvestro said she had been in touch with Ron Bessie at Home Depot who offered to donate prizes.  Santiago asked how the Board would determine who the prizes should go to.  Pereira said she was concerned about that and felt that all participants should be recognized.  Silvestro thought everyone could be given a seed packet.  Quick thought marigolds were a good idea because they grew fast.  Yerry said he had been in contact with the Bruderhof and Higgins had forwarded the information to the schools.  She said it was on the Robert Graves webpage and David had gotten it into the school paper.  Silvestro asked Higgins if she spoke with Barbara Taylor.  Higgins said yes, and she was encouraging the students to participate.  Quick felt if too much lead time was given, the project would be forgotten.  Yerry said he would check with the Bruderhof on Friday to see if there were any entries. 

Yerry asked for information on the trees selected.  Silvestro said she and Higgins had reviewed the information on line, and they saw what the trees would look like when they got larger.  Leiggine submitted a copy of his school paper press release.  Yerry said he would draft a copy of the information flyer, and drop off at the Town Hall for review.  He would pick up copies on Thursday with any revisions to make a final copy for the event.

Santiago said Board members should arrive for set-up by 11-11:30am on Sunday.  Quick said she would stop by Saturday to set up the art display.  Santiago thought an easel might work better for display.  Quick said she wanted it to look nice with the students’ name underneath the artwork.

There was discussion on how voting on the artwork would be handled.  Yerry didn’t see a problem with it being done like it was at the fairs: first prize, second prize, third prize, and all other entries receiving a seed packet.  Quick felt that it would be difficult because of the age groups.  Santiago said there should be a follow up on poems, etc., and the information should be forwarded to the papers.  Silvestro said the work could be displayed at the library.  Quick asked who would be in charge of judging.  Yerry thought it should be the Town Supervisor.  Santiago thought it would be better to have a neutral party such as the Waterfront Advisory Board.  Yerry said it should be someone from the Town. 

Silvestro asked what types of prizes she should look for from Home Depot.  There were suggestions on children’s garden baskets, or gardening books.  Leiggine said there were children’s gardening books in the front of the store.

Santiago reviewed the poster and thought it may make a good t-shirt for next year’s event.  He also suggested using some of the awardees art work on a t-shirt.  Leiggine said he could make a logo for the Environmental Board to put on a t-shirt as well.  Quick said she had placed the posters at the Post Offices, and would be meeting with Diane (Town Clerk) about putting out a box at the Town Hall.  Silvestro also recommended that Board members call in to the community radio station (WGHQ) between 7-9:00am to advertise the tree give-away.

Yerry asked how many school entry submissions there were. Higgins said she thought that the entry deadline was April 18th.  Since the deadline was not until next week she had more time to collect artwork from Robert Graves and Anna Devine. 

Yerry asked how the information sheet he was preparing should be written – geared toward adults or children.  The Board felt that it should be kept simple with the English and Latin name of the tree, care instructions, and a brief history.  Santiago asked Leiggine what he thought about how the information should be geared.  Leiggine felt that since this project involved the children, then it should be completely geared toward the kids.  Silvestro reminded the Board that it wasn’t just children that would be attended.  Quick said make the first part of the information basic, and the second part could be more complex.



Higgins said she had received some information from Laura Petit, UCRRA, regarding an electronics collection.  Higgins thought it would be a good idea for the Town of Esopus to sponsor a collection day.  Silvestro said that Laura had done some research when she learned the Board was interested in sponsoring a household hazardous waste/electronics collection.  She said there was no permit required for an electronics collection and there was a vendor who would do it for $499.00 a day.  For an HHW day, it required filing for a permit through DEC sixty days in advance, and a contract would cost $6-8,000.  The Board thought it would be better to let the County handle the HHW collection because it was too much for the Town, but Higgins felt the Board should still consider holding an electronics event.  Yerry said the Town Transfer station was setting electronics aside, and thought Curt Danklemann could give the Board fifteen minutes of his time to speak with them.  He has the Town contract to operate the transfer station.  Santiago said he would put Danklemann on next month’s agenda if he was available.  Yerry said he would get in touch with him.

Santiago asked Yerry if he could get in touch with someone from the Bruderhof.  Yerry said he would speak with Ian Winters.

Silvestro said she had made arrangements for the Esopus Fall Festival, September 29th , and reminded the Board that they had a table at the event.  She said last year a table was supposed to be shared with Clearwater, but it rained.  Santiago said it was a long day and they needed volunteers.  Silvestro also reported on the 2009 event for the Hudson River which was still in the planning stages.  She said the State would give Esopus Labor Day weekend for celebration festivities.  The event celebrations would begin the end of August and run through October.  She said there is a local committee to plan Town of Esopus events, and the Town had already past a resolution stating the Town would participate.  Silvestro informed the Board that the next planning meeting would be Wednesday, May 9th at 4:00pm at Town Hall.

Santiago said his “pet project” for Esopus was painting the bridge.  He wondered if it could be talked up for the 2009 celebration.  He said his wife’s family, the Sleights, had donated the property for the bridge, and that Grover Cleveland had come to the opening celebration so there is a lot of history there.  He also said that as one of the earliest suspension bridges, it had a lot of international interest.  The issue is that no one knows if the City of Kingston or Esopus are supposed to maintain its appearance.  Santiago hoped to have it presentable by the 2009 Hudson River celebration. He said the pavement and lights needed repair.  Silvestro said that the sidewalks would be going to the bridge.  Santiago said that they would have new sidewalks going to a rusty bridge.  He remarked that the newer Kingston-Esopus Bridge, Rhinebeck Bridge, and Mid-Hudson Bridge were all maintained and had lights. 

Pereira distributed flyers for Barbara Kendall’s DEC presentation next month at a joint meeting of the Environmental and Waterfront Boards.  She said Kendall would speak about stormwater and Hudson River Estuary program. Silvestro said she had mentioned the meeting to the Town Board and that the Chairman of the Planning Board was told she would receive an invitation.  Pereira said the DEC was very interested in working with the Towns to update codes and address stormwater issues.  She thought it would be a good idea to invite all Town Board members since they were the policy makers.  She also said that there were grants available, and thought the next grant deadline was the end of August.  Referred the Board to the Town of Wappinger project. 

Pereira said that the Waterfront Advisory Board would not be having a May meeting, and would be using the presentation as their May meeting.  Santiago reminded the Board that they would not be having their May meeting on the third Wednesday (May 16th), but would hold it on Tuesday, May 22nd unless the Board wanted to hold a quick ad hoc meeting.



Silvestro distributed copies of the March minutes for Board review. 

MOTION to approve the March 2007 minutes was made by Robert Santiago and seconded by Michelle Higgins.  All present in favor.



MOTION to adjourn the April Environmental Board meeting was made by Kathy Quick and seconded by Michelle Higgins.  All present in favor.



Prepared by Laura Petit