June 20, 2007


PRESENT:  Bob Santiago, Emily Pereira;  Kathy Quick; Andy Bicking

ABSENT: Louise Ferrente, Corrine Brown, Joan Cypher

Town Board liaison:  Debbie Silvestro

Chairman Santiago called the meeting to order at 7:00PM


No quorum.


Santiago reported that the speaker postponed until the next meeting.  There was discussion about the Esopus Transfer Station RE: recycling.

Silvestro said she was thinking of a good topic for the Environmental Advisory table at the Esopus Apple Fest in September.  She suggested the topic of backyard burning with educational material/information and what not to burn.  Bicking suggested providing other information such as recycling. 

Santiago said he is considering another speaker; perhaps the Town Building Inspector so the Board can be updated on any environmental issues he is seeing.  He also suggested a speaker from Scenic Hudson.  Bicking said Scenic Hudson would like an opportunity to address the Town Board but are waiting for a response from the Supervisor.

Silvestro suggested Bicking provide his presentation to the EAB first before Scenic Hudson goes before the Town Board.  Bicking felt it would be advantageous for other Committees to attend such as, Waterfront Advisory Board and the Recreation Board. 

The EAB agreed that a presentation should be scheduled for the August 15th meeting so focus on Esopus community interest and needs could be received with a goal to establish a working relationship.  Santiago recommended that Tim Keefe the Building Inspector also be invited to speak at the August 15th meeting.


Fall Festival – Discussion on other give-aways similar to the shrub give-away. Literature from Laura Petit, Resource Recovery Agency.  It was suggested that composting be used as another information topic.  Bicking suggested the issue of stormwater education which could be provided by Scenic Hudson or Ulster County EMC.  He felt the residents should be encouraged to interact with EAB and become involved.

It was said that “prime time” for the Fall Festival is between 11am and 1:30pm.  Possibility of native shrub education and alternative pest control.

POTENTIAL TOPICS for the September 29th Esopus Fall Festival

  1. Recycling
  2. Pesticide Alternatives (tied in with enviroscape model)
  3. Native gardening


It was also suggested that the EAB and volunteers be provided with t-shirts.  Someone would need to calculate how many people will be working the booth.  Another suggestion was to get a basket of apples donated to give-away.


MOTION to adjourn the June Environmental Board meeting was made by Robert Santiago and seconded by Andy Bicking.  All present in favor.



  Prepared by Laura PetitPrepared by Laura Petit