JUNE 24, 2010

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Roxanne Pecora, Chairperson
Fred Zimmer
Michael Minor

EXCUSED: William Devine
Charles Wesley

ABSENT: Darin DeKoskie

ALSO PRESENT: Myles Putman, M.L. Putman Consulting

Chairperson Pecora called the meeting of the Town of Esopus Planning Board to order at
7:05 p.m. beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Roxanne then advised the
public of the building’s fire exits and roll call was taken.

Chairperson Pecora stated that since we do not have a quorum this evening we can not
approve minutes, vouchers and we can not even proceed with the Public Hearing that has
been scheduled.

Mike suggested that we continue with the rest of the business and see if one of the
members that we have left messages for will be able to arrive late for the meeting.


MURPHY: Case 2010-07 – Subdivision – 30 Ulster Avenue, 676 Broadway,
Ulster Park; SBL: 63.004-5-16.22

The Board is unable to act on this application or have the Public Hearing since the Board
does not have a quorum. This application will need to be rescheduled for next month’s

Mike asked if there was anyone present who wished to speak at the Public Heawring for
Murphy. There was no one in the audience who spoke up.

LePORE & GRAZIANO: Case #2010-06 – Lot Line Adjustment – 1525-1535
Broadway (US Route 9W; State Hwy 5508), West
Park; SBL: 72.003-1-7, 8, 9, 39.12 & 39.21

Letter received from Waterfront Advisory Board dated 6/23/10 stating that they find no
inconsistencies with the LWRP. A copy will be placed in the file. Chairperson Pecora
stated that unfortunately we are unable to make a decision this evening since we do not
have a quorum. This application will be placed on the agenda for the July meeting.

186 Broadway (US Route 9W) East Main St., Kline Lane, Port
Ewen; SBL: 56.060-3-27 & 28.1

Bill Spearman, Credit Union, Mike Moriello, attorney, Bruce Utter, Engineer were all
present for this application.

Myles reviewed M.L. Putman Report date 6/18/10, copy given to applicant and copy
placed in file. Myles stated that we still need to see stormwater management, erosion
control, utilities plan, landscaping, re-vegetation plans, lighting plans, grid plots and
customary details. There is not too much to state at this point since we are in the middle
of Lead Agency coordination.

Chairperson Pecora stated that we received a letter from the U.S. Department of the
Interior, Division of Wildlife Service, dated 6/23/10 stating that due to their increasing
workload and reduction of staff they are unable to reply to endangered species list
requirements in a timely manner. They stated that we need to go to their web site and
obtain their forms. Mike Moriello stated that they have already done that.

Mike Moreillo stated that they have a letter from Peter C. Graham, Esq. dated 6/22/10
regarding what was necessary for the Library property to be conveyed. Peter’s letter
stated that the Town of Esopus has nothing to do with that parcel and they are not
required to comply with Town Law 65. Copy placed in file.

Mike Moriello stated that they had hoped to find out from the Board whether they wanted
to have a Public Hearing and if so they wanted to try to schedule this. Discussion took
place regarding this. Roxanne stated that she does not see a need for a Public Hearing and
Fred feels strongly that we should have a Public Hearing and give the public the
opportunity to speak if they wish to do so. Without a quorum no decision can be made at
this point.

Roxanne stated that we need a full submission as quickly as possible so that we can send
them to the Planning Board engineer. Following some discussion Bruce stated that the
plans will be sent in as quickly as possible and that he will see that a set is sent to Peter
Lilholt, Clough Harbour at the same time.

Mike Moriello stated that Joe Diamond is finishing up Phase II of the study. He should
have it done hopefully by the end of this week if not next week.

Mike Minor stated that just for information purposes he sits on the Waterfront Advisory
Board and they are aware of the project and are in favor of the project but they can not
take any action until they receive a request from this Board.

Fred questioned the guide rails with Bruce. Fred also stated that he would rather see the
detention pond under ground. Bruce stated that it serves two purposes one being the
temporary sediment trap during construction. It will be used as a detention pond after
construction. Fred feels that the guiderail may need to be extended.

FILIPOWICZ ( Case 2010-8 – 5 Lot Line Adjustments - 11-27 Old Mill
Road @ 1392 Old Post Road, Rifton; SBL: 71.030-1.2, 3,
4, 5, 6 and 7

Ralph Filipowicz was present to represent all of the applicants. A letter signed by the
other applicants was placed in the file.

Myles reviewed M.L. Putman Consulting Review dated 6/17/10. Copy given to applicant
and copy placed in the file.

Discussion took place regarding the dedication of the turnaround on Old Mill Road to the
Town. Following some discussion regarding this it was suggested that Mr. Filipowicz
meet with the Town Board to discuss the dedication. Mr. Filipowicz stated that he
intended to turn the turnaround portion over to the town but he does not want it to cost
him anything to do this. Roxanne told him that this is a discussion he needs to have with
the Town. She stated that she knows that the Highway Superintendent would like to use
the turnaround and she knows that the Town blacktopped this area on behalf of the Town
at the Town taxpayers’ expense on an offer that the applicant made to a prior Town
Highway Superintendent. Ralph stated that he has no problem with them using it but he
does have a problem paying for this. Roxanne stated that he has to pay his attorney or
whoever does the deed but the Town has to pay their attorney to review it so the cost kind
of washes out between the two of them. The Planning Board can not accept land on the
Town’s behalf; this needs to be taken to the Town Board. Following further discussion tt
was recommended that they appear before the Town Board on July 6th at the Workshop

PELEG: Case 2010-07 – Bed & Breakfast – Sketch Plan Review - 9 Chambers
(private road) @ Broadway (US Route 9W), West Park; SBL: 80.001-

Myles reviewed M.L. Putman Consulting Review dated 6/15/10, copy given to applicant
and copy placed in file. Applicant was represented by Michael Vetere and Mr. Vining.

Applicant needs to locate the septic system and the well on the property. Myles stated
that the definition of a Bed and Breakfast in our code states that it needs to be owner
occupied. The owners are planning on occupying the 3rd floor of the building. The
owners are therapists who have a practice in the city. They will be using this as a couples

Mr. Vetere asked if the Board would like to see the parking moved to the 10’ off site.
Some discussion took place regarding the parking.

Meeting closed at 8:25 PM.


DEADLINE DATE: July 8, 2010


Submitted by:

April Oneto
Planning Board Secretary