March 15, 2007

 A regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Esopus Town Board was held on Thursday, March 15th 2007 at 7 PM at the Town Hall on Broadway in Port Ewen, New York with the following persons in attendance:

                           Supervisor John Coutant

                           Councilperson Gloria VanVliet

                           Councilperson Wayne Freer

                            Councilperson Michael Lange

                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro                                            

                        Guests:                        Anne Gordon

                                                            Sal Silvestro

                                                            Water Supt. Don Kiernan

                                                            Planning Board Chairperson Roxanne Pecora

                                                            Michael Melendy

                                                            Attorney Joseph Eriole - Hudson Point (Somerset)

                                                            Administrative Recorder: Diane L. McCord

Pledge to the Flag

 7:10 Supervisor Coutant called the Public Hearing together:

 Public Hearing

Sewer Extension for Hudson Point  - Acknowledge Draft Agreement

 A Resolution has been reviewed for the Sewer Extension by Attorney Paul Kellar and Attorney Joseph Eriole as well as the Water Extension.  Also a draft relative to the agreement as to what the newly formed district would pay for the sewer improvement area.  This agreement was placed together with Dennis Larios from Brinnier and Larios Engineering and Attorney Joseph Eriole.

Councilperson Gloria VanVliet: Councilperson VanVliet did not want to establish this district until she knew the municipal agreement was approved by our attorney and that all issues are resolved including the City of Kingston.  She will not approve the extension of the sewer district at this time.  If we did approve it and something happened with this agreement we could be sued by the developer.  The Water Board expressed concerns with this sewer extension as well.  Councilperson Gloria VanVliet was fine with the water extension.  Councilperson Deborah Silvestro was under the impression we were only having the public hearing on the extension not a vote for the creation of such.  As to the comment that the Water and Sewer Board had heard nothing about this project....I reviewed their minutes for 2006 and 2007 and I find they discussed  the project on March 14, 2006, July 11, 2006, October 10, 2006 followed by a letter that was sent to the Town Board by Supt. Kiernan on October 12, 2006.  Again there was discussion on Nov.14th and Jan. 8 and Feb. 12.  There was discussion with the Water and Sewer Board as to this project. 

Councilperson Wayne Freer: There is a question and a comment.  Reading the sewer extension we are creating a completely separate sewer district.  If we were to create a separate sewer district anywhere any time would we be able to extend it to any other area?  We are creating a separate district with no improvements in it whatsoever.  We are only creating this sewer district.  There is no place in here where this new district will be attached to the old district.  A contract of that nature is separate in itself.  No where do I see if we pass this district will it be allowed to hook into the present system.  Councilperson VanVliet asked why we have to create it now, why can’t we wait and do it all together?  Councilperson Freer sees it as two separate things. 

Attorney Joe Eriole: As we indicated the other night, the reason for doing it now is the developer in order to move forward needs to know where he stands.   We thought it may happen last month.  The amended petition was done because of changes made by Attorney Paul Kellar.    Most recently your engineer, your attorney and this board said the other night here is the missing pieces.  Where is it leading as far as the developers commitment?  That is where drafting a municipal agreement came from.  If you take the sewer tax and generously assume the rate is where it is now and go back thirty years while that improvement area was paying off its indebtedness your capital payback at present value using conservative 6% you would be getting $83,000 and the other would be $110,000 if you use 7%.  The developer has committed to a fee.   The other fee you will see is a $50,000 on your INI stuff and we would pay the going rate.  It confirms we would pay for all of our improvements and connections to the system.  All of these concepts were also part of the Environmental Findings Statement that was adopted by the Planning Board and the Town Board.  The predicate is well established.   One of the reasons it needs to happen tonight is to establish the district to get to the answers you need.  We have had seven open public hearings on this and it is time.  We ask that the water and sewer public hearings be closed tonight and acted upon.  It is true Paul Kellar told me he has not had a chance to look at the Municipal Agreement and he would not be disappointed if you did not act tonight.  As the Somerset attorney I think you are ready and you have what you need and the documents have been reviewed.

Supervisor Coutant said everyone has worked really hard to put this thing together.  Councilperson Freer said this does not obligate us to connect the two together.  This agreement will still have to be negotiated.  The Planning Board has sat a while without going anywhere and they cannot get into particulars.  All the Planning Board is looking for is a confirmation to establish a sewer district so we can move forward in the site plan.  There are many questions even after we create a sewer district.  Roxanne Pecora said in their site plan it will detail all the water and it will be sent to our engineer for review.  It will lay out the cost.  We need to know what type of pipes are required said Councilperson Freer, the particulars.  Our next steps are do we create a new sewer board or do we use the existing board?  Attorney Eriole said there is only one thing the Board cannot do and that is to find something contrary to the SEQR findings.  You are not bound and we are not bound.  You know you cannot do worse than the document you have there.  It also can be the vehicle to move ahead said the Supervisor.  We have an excellent starting point but we cannot go further unless we create the district.  

Supt. Don Kiernan: He would love the have Attorney Paul Kellar’s endorsement of the Municipal Agreement.  We are not doing that tonight stated Councilperson Freer for he had no problem creating a sewer district.  We are taking a piece of land and creating a new sewer district.  It allows the Planning Board to go forward and gives us a more accurate figure to see if it is physically possible. 

Supt. Kiernan said it is not the intent of the Water Board to slow the developer down.  We should have Attorney Paul Kellar’s permission to go ahead.  At the end of the Workshop Meeting on Tuesday the Water Board presented this motion:

A motion to the Town Board.  Motion made by Ron Phillips and seconded by Douglas DeKoskie

That the Port Ewen Water and Sewer Board recommends  that the Town Board provide a letter of intent and enter into an agreement to establish a sewer district between the Town of Esopus and Somerset DevelopmentThe following minimal issues need to be addressed prior to the establishing a new sewer district:

 The agreement will address the following issues.  The financial contribution to the Port Ewen Sewer Improvement Area reflecting a reasonable fair share of the capital cost   Sewer Improvements including a infiltration inflow reduction program.  A mechanism for annual contributions to the Port Ewen Sewer Improvement Area.  The Town Board should have the attorney draft an agreement in the Sewer Improvement Area which would clearly identify the obligations of each entity.  The 1995 agreement with the City of Kingston needs to be extended or modified. 

Attorney Joe Eriole: The developer needs to know that the board took action.  All the issues are addressed and will clearly need to be nailed down but some of them are unknown issues.

Supt. Kiernan saw no issues with closing the public hearing.  Councilperson Freer said from now on the agreement will go back and forth.  Supt. Kiernan reiterated his concern about how this will affect the current agreement with the City of Kingston.  Councilperson Freer said the issue is how we connect the sewer district.  Supervisor Coutant said the agreement with the City of Kingston is based on a percentage and has nothing to do with where the sewage comes from.  Councilperson VanVliet talked with Attorney Kellar and he was not sure about the City of Kingston agreement.  Councilperson Deborah Silvestro agreement says the City of Kingston will process Esopus sewage.  When we first started this the board was uncomfortable with the capacity. According to Brinnier and Larios letter of Oct. 2006 it states the sewage from the development can be accommodated with certain upgrades. 

Councilperson VanVliet said she has always been concerned with the agreement with the City of Kingston and when we met with Brinnier and Larios in December that is the day we found we had a sewer improvement area not a sewer district and we could not extend our sewer improvement area and we discovered we had to create a new sewer district.  Since that meeting she has been unsure. 

The Town Board can extend or create sewer districts according to Councilperson Silvestro.  You

can create the boundaries of this district said Attorney Eriole.  Adopting the district authorizes the developer and the Town Board to get to the table to negotiate an agreement.  Dennis Larios had said he wanted to know what we would do and you know that now.  Supervisor Coutant said we have a starting point here.  You have a findings statement that requires you to follow up and act said Attorney Eriole.

Roxanne Pecora: You are going to approve the framework is that correct?   Until we give you the detail you cannot work.   Councilperson Freer continued....we need to figure the problems out but before this is signed there is a lot of groundwork to be done.

Ralph Zucker: The INI issue is our contribution to help fix the existing problems.  This is a gesture on our part to alleviate some of the stress brought about by us.  .If this was never done, there is still enough capacity.  Prior to writing a check for $50,000 we would want an agreement.

Councilperson Freer said the 9W building needs to be done.  Councilperson Silvestro thought this to be a minor issue for there will be no project without a sewer district.  That is the bottom line.

Roscoe Pecora: He would hope you would move this project along.  There has been plenty of time to go back and forth with the lawyer.  It is the residents of Esopus that will have the first opportunity to buy these buildings.  Everything should be expedited as much as possible.

Councilperson Silvestro: The problem with Kingston is not a problem.  She spoke with Mayor Sottile and he approached me and I do not think there will be a problem.  It is a language problem.

Nick Graviano - Somerset: He met with the area people for continual maintenance of the Lindy’s site.  We have contacted contractors to utilize it as a sales building for us.  Chazen Engineering has also been working on this.  We do apologize for not cleaning up the tires.  Councilperson Freer said it was an eyesore..  Don Kiernan, resident, would like the building to be taken down.  Ralph Zucker it is in a buffer zone and if we left it the building could be an information center.  We want to make it look better.

A Motion to close the Public Hearing was made at 7:50 PM by Supervisor John Coutant and seconded by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro. 

                                                             Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye    

                                                            Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                 Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                            Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Motion adopted.

 A Motion to read and vote on the Resolution Approving the Creation of the 9W PUD

Port Ewen Sewer District was made by Supervisor Coutant and seconded by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro and all Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.





             WHEREAS, on or about September 14, 2006, a Petition seeking to extend the Port Ewen Sewer District was submitted, and publlic notice hearings were duly held and conducted thereon; and

            WHEREAS, during the pendency of said Petition it was determined that the sewer improvement jurisdiction commonly known as the “Port Ewen Sewer District” was in fact an improvement “area”, which cannot be extended; and

            WHEREAS, on or about February, 2007, an Amended Petition was submitted to request the creation of the “Hudson Point - Port Ewen Sewer District” was submitted; and

            WHEREAS, a Second Amended Petition (the “Petition”) by Somerset Development, LLC and Silver Realty, LLC has been duly presented to the Town Board of the Town of Esopus (the “Town Board”) requesting that in connection with an approved Planned Unit Development (“PUD”) District within the Town of Esopus, a new sewer district will be created to be called the “9W” PUD - Port Ewen Sewer District”, the boundaries of which are described therein and to seek the approval of the Town Board to Contract with Existing Port Ewen Sewer Improvement Area for necessary capacity.

            WHEREAS, said Town Board duly adopted an Order reciting in general terms the filing of said Petition, the boundaries of the proposed district extension, the improvements proposed, the expenses to be incurred by the Town, if any, and specifying that said Town Board shall meet at the Esopus Town Hall on dates certain in 2006 and 2007, each continued date thereof, if any duly announced, to consider said Petition and hear all persons interested in the subject thereof, concerning the same; and

              WHEREAS, certified copies of said Order were duly published and posted according to the law, and Town Board did, at the time and place specified in said Order, duly meet and consider the matter of the creation of said sewer district, and heard all persons interested in the subject thereof who appeared at such time and place, concern the same; and

            WHEREAS, upon the evidence offered at such time and place requires that the Town Board make the determinations hereinafter made;

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, that it be and hereby is determined as follows:

1.  The aforesaid Peition is signed and acknowledged as provided by law and is otherwise       sufficient.

            2.  That all property and property owners within the proposed creation of the 9W PUD -

                 Port Ewen Sewer District are benefitted thereby.

            3.  That all of the property and property owners benefitted are included in the proposed

                 creation of the 9W PUD - Port Ewen Sewer District.

            4.  It is in the public interest to create the 9W PUD - Port Ewen Sewer District as

                described in said Second Amended Petition.

            5.  That Petitioner (s) will make a payment to be determined and set forth in an

                 Inter-municipal Agreement between the Town and the 9WPUD - Port Ewen Sewer

                 District as a capital reimbursement to the Port Ewen Improvement Area, and will                pay for the provision of sewer service to the extent of not less than 74,817 gallons per                    day, as thereafter amended by the Town Board on the basis of actual flow projections,                    mitigation, inflow and infiltration improvements, or increased available capacity, at the                     rate then applicable in the Port Ewen Sewer Improvement Area, and will also                                  contribute an agreed upon share toward the study by the Town of inflow and                                  infiltration issues within the Town, all in accordance with the Environmental Findings                     Statement adopted by the Town Board on January 18, 2007.

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the proposed improvements, including costs of rights-of-way, design costs, construction costs, hook in fees, legal fees, and other expenses shall be paid for by the Petitioner in accordance with the Environmental Finds Statement adopted by the Town Board on January 18, 2007; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk be and is hereby authorized and directed to file a certified copy of this resolution, in duplicate, in the office of the State Department Audit and Control, at Albany, New York, together with an application in duplicate, for permission to so create said sewer district area in the manner and form prescribed by 194 of the Town Law of the State of New York; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor be and is hereby authorized and directed to execute said application on behalf of the Town of Esopus, New York.

Resolution offered by: Supervisor John Coutant

Resolution seconded by: Councilperson Wayne Freer

                                                                                    AYE                           NAY

 John Coutant, Supervisor                                           X

 Gloria VanVliet, Councilperson                                                                    X

 Wayne Freer, Councilperson                                      X

 Michael Lange, Councilperson                                  X

 Deborah Silvestro, Councilperson                             X

 Resolution duly adopted.

 Dated: March 15, 2007

 8 PM Public Hearing on the Extension of the Port Ewen Water District:          

 Public Comment Period: None

 Councilperson Wayne Freer said we have worked on this a very long time and it has gone smoothly.   The Port Ewen Water and Sewer Board had no problem with this extension.  Supt. Don Kiernan reminded everyone that there is sufficient capacity.

A Motion to close the Public Hearing was made by Councilperson Wayne Freer at 8:05 PM seconded by Supervisor John Coutant.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 A Motion to vote on the approval of the Port Ewen Water District Extension was made by Supervisor John Coutant and seconded by Councilperson Wayne Freer.

                                                             Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye

                                                            Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                            Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                            Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Motion duly adopted.

 Ralph Zucker: The developer thanked the Town Board.

Supervisor John Coutant: Let us get the policy as quickly as possible and work with our attorney and Dennis Larios to get the “show on the road”.

8:15 - Local Law #2 - Accepting NYS Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code

 New York State has revised the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes and in response to this the towns’ are required to adopt the new changes to the regulations.

Since this Local Law has been reviewed by the Town Board they have dispensed with the reading of the law and the meeting was opened to the Public Comment period:

Public Comment:

 Councilperson Deborah Silvestro: There was a special seminar held at the New York State Association of Towns’ Meeting in New York City regarding the changes to the Building Code and Fire Prevention. 

A Motion to close the Public Hearing was made by Councilperson Michael Lange and seconded by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro at 8:20 PM.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 A Motion to Adopt Local Law No. 2 Accepting NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code was made by Supervisor John Coutant and seconded by Councilperson Michael Lange.

                                                             Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye

                                                            Councilperson Gloria Van Vliet      Aye

                                                            Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                            Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Local Law No. 2 is hereby adopted.



 The regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Coutant at 8:15 PM:

Town Hall Update - Joseph Hurwitz, Architect

 There is good news relative to the Town Hall.  The $50,000 from New York State which was promised by Senator Larkin, however, we were never in receipt, will now be coming within fifteen days. 

Architect Hurwitz: The bids are ready for printing, however, the site engineer needs another two weeks.  The architect is finished with his drawings.  We have picked up another 300 sq. ft. in the senior center without any additional cost.  This is done by moving the foundation wall out and forward.  This makes the senior center 600 ft. larger than the present room in this Town Hall.  The room will be 2,800 sq. ft. 

After the architect has his drawings he will need another three days to coordinate and print the bids.  This will be done by April 15th.  Councilperson Deborah Silvestro said Brinnier and Larios caused us to be late with the bids last time we sent out the bids.  Councilperson Wayne Freer said it caused a time problem because someone was not doing an accurate job.  This does not reflect on the architect.  Supervisor Coutant will call Brinnier and Larios tomorrow and be very firm.  Councilperson Silvestro stated considering the amount of money we have paid we are upset.  If you had the drawings from Brinnier and Larios tomorrow, how much longer would it take?  The architect replied two weeks.   The construction environment is moving in our favor.  The Library construction people are finished and they are looking for another job according to Roxanne Pecora.

Councilperson Freer asked what Brinnier and Larios have to do?  The Architect said the site plan had changed significantly and had to be redesigned.  Supervisor Coutant stated in the original site plan it was guessed the site plan would cost $600,000 and it came in at one million.  According to the architect the site plan has been cut down to the bone.  The parking has been cut back, the blacktop and the retaining wall.

1.  Resolution for Ulster County Main Street Program



 WHEREAS, the Town of Esopus has demonstrated a commitment to community development, including the undertaking of the 9W Transportation Improvement Project for the central business

district street scape of Port Ewen and

WHEREAS, the Town of Esopus is working on the revitalization of its central business and residential district of Port Ewen with the application to the New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal for a Main Street Grant, and

WHEREAS, the Ulster County Planning Board has secured a New York State Equality Communities Grant for the “Ulster County Main Streets” program to provide assistance to municipalities to create their Main Street Vision, including assessment of planning, zoning, street scape design, and historic preservation issues, identification of economic markets and development of implementation strategies,

RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Esopus supports the Ulster County Main Streets Program and will appoint a volunteer committee and committee chair to act as a liaison between the Ulster County Planning Board staff, the Town of Esopus and its residents to coordinate the Town’s participation in the Ulster County Main Street Program.

Resolution offered by Councilperson Wayne Freer

Resolution seconded by Councilperson Michael Lange

                                                                                     AYE                             NAY

 John Coutant, Supervisor                                          X

Gloria VanVliet, Councilperson                                X

Wayne Freer, Councilperson                                     X

Michael Lange, Councilperson                                  X

Deborah Silvestro, Councilperson                             X

 Resolution duly adopted.

 Dated: March 15, 2007

 2.  SPCA - Permission to Sign

 A Motion to authorize Supervisor John Coutant to sign the SPCA Contract was made by Councilperson Michael Lange and seconded by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

3.  Resolution - Training for Planning and Zoning Boards

             Resolution Establishing Qualifying training Activities for the Municipal Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Members as required by New York State Law, Chapter 662 of the Laws of 2006

 Whereas, the Town of Esopus has primary responsibility to regulate private land use through citizen planning and zoning boards and their actions have a profound impact on state and local land use policies and individual land owners, and

 Whereas, effective January 1, 2007, New York State Law, Chapter 662 of the Laws of 2006, Mandatory Training for Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Members, requires a minimum of four hours of training be received by municipal planning and zoning board members and their alternates each year, and,

Whereas, New York State Law, Chapter 662 of the Laws of 2006, provides that a planning and zoning board of appeals members and their alternates shall not be eligible for reappointment to such board if they have not completed the required training; and

Whereas, training received by planning and zoning board member in excess of four hours in any one year may be carried over by the member into succeeding years; and

Whereas, Town Law Sections 267 and 271, Village Law Sections 7-712 and 7-718, and General City Law Sections 27 and 81 provides that the legislative body of the town, village and city specifies which activities qualify as training to satisfy the state requirements;

Resolved, that the following list of agencies, commissions, associations, universities, other organizations and private firms or individuals are approved to provide training to meet the requirements of New York State Law, Chapter 662 of the Laws of 2006 when the training they provide pertains to municipal planning, zoning, community design, environmental issues, economic development, and local or county government functions and practices:

1.                  State Agencies including: the NYS Department of State; Dept. of Agriculture and

            Markets; Office of State Comptroller; Dept. of Health; Department of Transportation

            Department of Environmental Conservation; Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic

           Preservation; Hudson River Valley Greenway, and other state agencies; and

2         Associations and Professional Organizations: as offered by the NYS Association of

            Towns, the NY Conference of Mayors, the NYS Association of Counties, the NY

Planning Federation, the American Planning Association, the Upstate New York Chapter of the American Planning Association, Association of State Wetland Managers, Urban Land Institute, NYS Bar Association; and

3.         New York State Regional Planning Commissions and Boards including: the

           Capital District Regional Planning Commission, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board, Herkimer-Oneida Counties Comprehensive Planning Program, Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board, Long Island Regional Planning Board, Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board, Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board, Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Board, Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, Hudson Valley

            Regional Council, Tug Hill Commission, and Adirondack Park Agency; and

4       County Planning Boards and Federations including: any county planning board, regional council, or county planning federation established pursuant to Article 12 of New York State General Municipal Law; and

5.             Universities and Colleges: the Albany Law School Governmental Law Center, Pace Law         School, Cornell University and its cooperative extension, SUNY ESF and other universities

                and other universities and colleges with a degree program in land use law or planning; and

    6.         Approved Local Municipal Training; any training that has been approved by resolution                      for planning board members by a legislative body of a municipality in Ulster County.

   7.          Private Firms and Individuals: where such training is sponsored by any of the above

   8.          On-Line Planning and Zoning Training Programs: as offered by the New York

                Municipal Insurance Reciprocal, Pace University and Land Use Law Center, and the

                Lincoln Institute of Land Use Policy; and

   9.          Other Approved Training: as offered by a NYS Soil and Water Conservation District

                and that portion of any meeting of the local planning and zoning board designed to provide

                Training on issues consistent with the above including updates on land use laws,                   environmental statues and programs, and case law as documented in minutes and agenda of                   the Board.

Further Resolved, that except where the town of Esopus itself provides the training, it is the responsibility of the planning and zoning board of appeals members to sumit written confirmation of training attended to the Town Clerk to receive credit.

Further Resolved, that any new planning board or zoning board of appeals member appointed to fill the last three months of a term shall not be required to have attended training to be reappointed to a first full term, but must thereafter comply with the municipal training policy as provided elsewhere herein; and

Further Resolved, that the Town Clerk shall create and maintain a system of tracking the training individual members complete annually.  Such information shall be reported to the Town Board on an annual basis and an individual’s training records shall be presented to the Town Board prior to considering a member for reappointment.

Resolution offered by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro

Resolution seconded by Councilperson Gloria VanVliet

                                                            Supervisor John Coutant          Aye

                                                            Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                            Councilperson Wayne Freer    No

                                                            Councilperson Michael Lange  Aye

                                                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

4.   Awareness Program

Supervisor Shultis in the Town of Hurley has addressed the issues with their teenager problem.  They formed a group of teenagers and they are busy keeping them busy.  The Town Board will review this program and pass it along to the Recreation Board.  This is already a topic on the list for the Recreation Board.  It is a great idea and perhaps we can join them and have a successful program as well.

The Easter Egg Hunt will be at George Freer Memorial Park on Saturday, April 7th.  There are 2,000 eggs to be hidden with prizes.  The event is from Noon to 3 PM.

5.  Funding for 2008 Recreation Program

We can apply for $2,700 worth of grants for the Recreation Program.  It cannot be used for any program where there is a charge (i.e. Summer Park Program).  This grant has been applied for and sent to Ulster County.

6.  Riverside Trail - Requirements Outstanding

The Town received a grant through the Greenway Conservacy and it is in the final stages.  We have to build a kiosk at the intersection of Old Rt. 9W and new Rt. 9W.  The grant goes toward shrubs for the learning center at the new Library.  It must be completed by June.

7.  Great River Sweep

On April 21 10:00 AM to 1 PM and if you would like to participate contact Marion Zimmer at the Library.

8.  Sleightsburgh Spit Park Gate

A letter has been written by Marion Zimmer asking us to keep the docks at the Sleightsburgh Park in until December 1st.  The Town Board specified this matter is up to the Highway Superintendent. 

9.  Repairs to “Chester” the Water Chestnut Harvester 

The machine will be repaired by June 1st.

10.  Park Signage

A letter was received from Marion Zimmer about a ten minute parking sign.  This will be placed on hold until the sidewalks are completed.

11.  Klyne Esopus Letter

A letter has been received from Alex Contini, President of Klyne Esopus Historic Society thanking the Town Board for the $3,000 donation they have received from us.

12.  Adjustments to the Budget

Resolution to Authorize Adjustments to the 2007 Budget

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus in the County of Ulster as follows,

Whereas, the adjustments to the 2007 Budget are required in order to reflect changes in certain accounts,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the transfer of the following amounts from the indicated accounts and fund balances to the indicated active accounts:


Appraisal                     A0.0599.000   $  8,000.00                  A0 1357.400   $  8,000.00

Debbie Pugliese          A0.3620.100   $  1,681.75                  A0.3410.100   $  1,681.75

Jaffer Electric              A0.1990.400   $     675.75                  A0 8889.000   $     675.75

Int. Pay Trucks            DA 0599.000  $44,960.49                  DA 9785.600  $44,960.49

Resolution offered by Councilperson Michael Lange

Resolution offered by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro

                                                             Supervisor John Coutant          Aye

                                                            Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                            Councilperson Wayne Freer    Aye

                                                            Councilperson Michael Lange  Aye

                                                            Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Resolution duly adopted.

 13.  Resolution to Pay March 2007 Vouchers

Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills Received Since March 2007

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, County of Ulster as follows:

Whereas, the Town of Esopus has been presented with vouchers for payment and these vouchers have been examined and approved by the Town Board,

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the following vouchers be approved for payment:

General Fund                        # 071121-071184                        $  61,759.36

 Highway Fund                       # 072062-072088                        $    9,856.83

Capital Fund                  # 075001                             $         60.84

 Street Lighting                       # 076003                                      $    4,656.93

Port Ewen Sewer                  # 073028-073033                        $    2,312.64 

Port Ewen Water                  # 074054-074082                        $   17,836.92                                  

Total..............................................................................................$     96,483.52

Resolution offered by Supervisor John Coutant

Resolution seconded by Councilperson Michael Lange

                                                Supervisor John Coutant

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet

                                                Councilman Wayne Freer

                                                Councilman Michael Lange

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro

Resolution duly adopted.

14.  Motion to Approve Minutes

 A Motion to approve the monthly Minutes of the town Board Meetings was made by Councilperson Michael Lange and Seconded by Supervisor John Coutant.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 Communications for the month of February are available in the Town Clerks’ Office.  The following Reports of Committees and Officials have been received and are on file:

 Water/Sewer Board Minutes for February

Planning Board Minutes dated Feb. 22, 007

Transfer Station Annual Report

Building Dept. Monthly Report

Assessor’s Monthly Report

 Public Comment:

 Roscoe Pecora: Thank you for moving ahead on the Main Street Program.  Supervisor Coutant said we are intent to make the Broadway Corridor better than it has been.

A Motion to adjourn the mee4ting was made by Councilperson Michael Lange and seconded by Supervisor John Coutant at 9:10 PM.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.

                                                                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                     Diane L. McCord

                                                                                    Town Clerk, CMC, RMC

                                                                                    Dist. 2 Dir. NYSTCA