JUNE 16, 2005

The Town of Esopus Town Board met on Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall on Broadway in Port Ewen, New York with the following persons in attendance:

Supervisor Ray Rice
Councilman Gloria VanVliet
Councilman Wayne Freer
Councilman Michael Lange
Councilman Ernie Germano

Administrative Secretary: Diane L. McCord
          Town Clerk, RMC

Guests: Virginia Robinson
 Kay VanTassell
 Joseph Sills
 Stephanie Aivaz
 Joseph Aivas
 Everett Banks
 Anne Gordon
 Debbie Silvestro
 Sal Silvestro
                         Dennis Suraci, Architect
             Gary Swinger
 Rowena Swinger
 Kate Hofer
 Veronica Berry, Citizens Advisory Chairman

Pledge to the Flag


1.  All swimming pools require a building permit.

Notice is hereby given to the town of Esopus residents and landlords that all spas and above ground swimming pools require a permit from the building department.   The only exception would be those pools containing 24 inches or less of water.  The property Maintenance Code further requires that all existing pools have a barrier in place meeting the requirements set fourth in section 302.7.2.1 for enclosures.  There seems to be some confusion as to whether the intermediate pools (the do it yourself type) holding more than 24 inches and less than 48 inches of water are legal on their own.  The answer is no, these types of pools especially require a separate barrier because they do not meet the height requirement of 48 inches for a barrier.
Anyone with any questions concerning pools should call the Esopus Building Department @ 331-8630.

2.  All multiple residence dwellings are required to be registered with the Town Clerk.
     (This includes renting out separate rooms, i.e. Boarding Houses).  You must register with the
     Town Clerk yearly.

Notice is hereby given to the Town of Esopus residents that all multiple dwellings are required under the Multiple Residence Law to register the said dwelling unit with the Town Clerk.  Registration shall include: Owner of record, address, type of construction, height in stories, number of apartments and number of persons in occupancy.  Failure to register is classified as a misdemeanor under the Multiple Residence Law.  Anyone with questions should contact the Esopus Building Dept. at 331-8630.

Public Comment:

Veronica Berry - (Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Board).  Sandra Jobson, with the NYSDOT has now been promoted and will be working in Albany, as a result she will no longer be with us.  I know you will join me in saying thank you and wishing her well.  Bill Peckham will be replacing her and next Tuesday Bill and Veronica will be doing a walk through town to see about replacing the trees on Rt. 9W.  If you do not want a tree, please let Veronica know or if you would like to have a tree please let her know.  Mention this to your neighbors.  We are going to plant small fruit trees and maples.  If you would like to contact Veronica her number is posted.
Supervisor Rice also wished Sandra Jobson well for she did an excellent job.  For clarification, we are talking about the Rt. 9W stretch.


1.  Resolution establishing salary for Summer Recreation Program Director

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, the Town of Esopus is establishing a more comprehensive Summer Park Program,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Town Board establishes the salary for the Recreation Program Director to be $4,000.00 per year, and further authorizes a one time payment of $250 to the Director in recognition of the additional work required for the initial organization of the program.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Ernie Germano

Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
Councilman Michael Lange Aye
Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

2.  Resolution to Authorize Removal of No Parking Sign from Gurney St.

Joe Aivaz presented the Town Clerk with the following prepared statement:

Joe Aivaz: “ Dear Council:

Good Evening, I am here to address you concerning the article in the Daily Freeman edition of June 9, 2005, page A3, lower right, titled “Supervisor awaits Town Hall design bids”, and specifically, the last paragraph of that article.
I will now read you the last paragraph, and then I have a few questions and comments.

 Supervisor awaits Town Hall design bids

PORT EWEN - Esopus town Supervisor Ray Rice says he has mailed out bid requests to eight local architects for design work on the new Town Hall.
Plans are for the new municipal offices to be built on a 25 acre site off Bowne Street and US Route 9W at the southern end of the town’s business district.  The site was recently purchased from the Spinnenweber family.
Rice said four requests came from within the town and four from outside the town.  He said he hopes to see the proposals returned as soon as possible.
The planned 21,560-square foot Town Hall would also house an Ulster County Sheriff’s Office substation and a town community center.
The state Department of Transportation’s plan to widen Route 9W near the current Town Hall led officials to find a new home.  The state has agreed to contribute $2.7 toward the cost of a new office building, which the town has estimated at $4.73 million.  The balance will be financed with $450,000 from town reserves and a $l.6 million bond, which is subject to voter approval.
Rice suggested the Town Board set a referendum date now, but several board members said it would be too son to do so without the design proposals in hand.  The Supervisor said he is concerned about interest rates increasing, and said he would like to set a figure that would help keep cost estimates in a set range.
Councilwoman Gloria VanVliet said the board must also consider the cost of furnishing the new Town Hall as part of the bond package.  Board members agreed that while setting a date for a referendum is premature, they didn’t want to stall the project.
Rice has estimated that a 20-year bond at the current interest rate would cost the average  homeowner $21 a year on a property assessed at $100,00.
The Supervisor said he would contact the town’s bond counsel for advice on the most advantageous time to request the bond.
In other business, the board expects to take action at its June 16 board meeting to remove a “No parking from here to corner” sign from Gurney Street.  The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office said the sign, which restricts parking for 100 feet and is the only one of its kind in town, serves no purpose and its removal will not cause any traffic flow problems on the dead-end street.

My first question is for Mr. Rice.

How in the world can you make such a comment without public input?

My next question is for the Council as a whole.

Is this a kangaroo court where you rubber stamp what ever Mr. Rice tells you, or are
you willing to hear the information you need to make an intelligent decision as opposed to an emotional, uninformed one?

My next question is for the Council, including Mr. Rice.

Have any of you been contacted by the Fitzgibbon’s, whether by phone or in writing, concerning the ‘no parking’ sign?  If so, will you share their communication with us, and include it in the official minutes of this meeting?

My next question concerns the comments of the sheriff’s representative, which I’m sure will result in retaliation by that office.

Since when has the Sheriff become the Judge, Jury and executioner in this town, and is able to decide what is legal or not legal?  Can anyone of you answer that (question)?

I would like to provide you some information concerning traffic signs and laws, which I hope, you will take into consideration in your final decision concerning the ‘No Parking sign” issue.

The defining document for sign age in this State is the

Manuel on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or MUTCD

Since it is such a mouth full, I will call it the Manual.

There is more than one manual.  There is the Federal manual which defines the sign age at that level, and it has been adopted by most States as their standard, and there is a State Manual used by the Counties, cities, towns and villages.  My comments address that manual.
I reviewed the State Manual, and it has no provision, definitions, or specifications concerning “No Parking’ Signs.  The manual I reviewed, was the 1983 Edition, which is the latest manual available at the Town Highway department.

******************************************As of 2 PM June 16, 2005
(I am interested in obtaining a copy of the New York State Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  What is the latest version and how do I order a copy?
The most current version is the 1983 edition which will be replaced by the 2001 version sometime during September/October 2001.  The Department no longer sells the MUTCD, but you can purchase a copy from West Group Publishing at (800) 328-4880.  Ask for NYCRR Volume 17B.  The cost is approximately $35 (including shipping).

I called the County Highway Department, and inquired as to guidance they provide concerning “No Parking” signs.  I was told that it is up to the local municipality to set up their own rules, and, as long as a resolution has been passed, then it, a no parking zone, was enforceable.

I also contacted District 8, NYS DOT, located in Poughkeepsie.  I explained the situation to the engineer I spoke with, and described the section of the street involved.  He gave me two alternatives, which may be acceptable to the Council, but would not go over very well with the rest of the residents of Gurney Street that live West of Gurney Prospect Street intersection.
Just for a moment, I would like to go back to the Freeman article.  The Sheriff’s office stated that Gurney Street is a dead end street.  According to the Manual, Gurney Street does not qualify to be classified as a dead end street.  To the West it intersects Grove Street, which intersects Hasbrouck Street on the North, which intersects Prospect Street on the East which intersects Gurney Street on the South.  All these roads are paved, maintained and plowed by the Town Highway Department.  Since that is the case, the”Dead End” Sign should be removed.
Grove Street is a partial one way Street, but I have no idea why it is ever classified as such,
or when.  Many kids go the wrong way on it anyway, regardless of the “One Way” sign.

Speaking of signs, they are only as good as the person looking at, and reading them.  If the person is a “responsible person” then the signs have meaning.  If not, then it is as if there were no sign at all.

Back to NYS DOT

For those of you that are not familiar with Gurney Street, West of Prospect Street, it is narrow road, bordered on the North by an embankment, and on the South by a sloping border that ends in a rock ledge.  There are no sidewalks or shoulders.  The road is just a road.  When we have snow and the road is plowed, the snow obviously has no place to go, and the width of the road is now narrowed.

According to the engineer at NYSDOT, the STATE Standard for road width is 18 feet.  This width was set so there could be parking on one side, and still allow two way traffic while vehicles were parked.  Local municipalities must comply with the Stand.  Since Gurney Street does not comply with the State standard in that stretch between Prospect Street and the Fitzgibbon’s house, he gave me the following alternatives.

1.  Make that stretch of Gurney in question, a no parking zone so vehicles can pass through it freely, or,
2.  Make Gurney a one way street.  I think there would be many unhappy campers if Gurney was made one way...and the Town Councilman would hear about it quickly.

And here is another reason why Gurney, from Prospect to the end of my property line, should be a “No Parking” zone.  Last December (2004) we had a snow storm.  It was a pretty good one, if you remember, and the road crews were out for many hours clearing snow.  I was working on my computer when I heard a loud Bang.  I finished up my thought and went to the front door.  The snow plow truck driver had stopped and walked down Gurney to the Fitzgibbon’s house, and “Asked (nicely, I hope) that the owners of the cars parked out front,
move them so he could plow without damaging his truck and plow.  You see, he did not have enough clearance to get through and had hit the rock ledge with the plow.

Neighbors told me that the fire truck carrying Santa Claus last December, had gone down Hasbrouck to Grove to Gurney, but could not get by the cars parked in front of the Fitzgibbon’s house, even though he blew his blew his horn repeatedly.  In frustration, he back up and left view Grove and Hasbrouck, going against the one way on Grove for a short distance.

They also told me about one instance when an ambulance could not get though to Grove and had to back up to Prospect to gain entry.

What would the Town’s liability be, if an ambulance was delayed and someone died?  That is something you might want to ponder....

To summarize:

This problem has been going on since the year 2000 when my wide and I returned from an extensive sailing trip that started in 1992 when we left New York.

I contacted Mr. Rice a few times for his advice in 2000, and he told me to ignore it, since teenagers grow up, or to call the Sheriff to make a complaint.
In 2001, the Sheriff’s department requested a sign be installed, and the Council (at that time) passed a resolution to that effect.  In 2002, Kyle Fitzgibbon, parked the car he drove outside my front door and within the no parking zone.  The Sheriff was contacted and responded to my early morning complaint, since the car was in a no parking zone approved by the Town, and had been there more than 24 hours.
My wife and I were going out of town, and when we returned later in the evening I called the Sheriff’s department to see what had happened.  They told me to contact Mr. Art Cross, Highway Supt.  I called Mr. Cross and he informed me that the Deputy told him it was an illegal sign.  I have no idea what went through Mr. Cross’s mind, but he changed the sign to a “no parking this side” of the street sign, for the whole length of Gurney to Grove, from Prospect.  That sign was stolen 3 nights later.

I wrote numerous notes and letters to the Fitzgibbon’s complaining about the noise and garbage in front of my house, requesting that they, their renter, their son, and their son’s friends park in front of 220 Gurney, where they live.

On a few occasions I wrote them concerning bad mufflers and being woke up when they or their renter started up their cars in the morning at 6 AM or so, when they or their renter started up their cars in the morning at 6 AM or so, when they were parked outside my bedroom.  This past winter the snow plow hit the rock ledge because of cars taking up too much room on the
roadway.  In March, 2005, I wrote Mr. Larkin requesting a “no parking” sign be put back up because of the problems the highway department had and my continuing problems with noise.  The sign was re-installed on Monday, April 25th.  On April 25th.  On April 26th, after the sign had been up for more than 24 hours, I called the Sheriff to have some cars moved.  When the Deputy responded I was threatened by the renter, in front of the Deputy, and my animals were also threatened by the renter.
Please note that the Town has a local law which prohibits street parking during snow season.
On June 1, 2005, the Sheriff again said the sign was illegal, and that has brought us to this point.
You, as the Town Council have a decision to make.  I hope I have provided sufficient information for you to make a wise choice.  I have a file of correspondence with the Sheriff and the Fitzgibbon’s, if you would like to review it.
Thank you.”

Supervisor Rice read into the record a letter from Richard and Toni Fitzgibbon:

“June 9, 2005

Mr. Alan Larkin
Highway Supt.
Esopus Town Hall
172 Broadway
Port Ewen, New York 12466

Dear Mr. Larkin:

We are writing to complain about a No Parking sign that has been placed on my street.
It was placed right before our driveway starts and it has been nothing but trouble for us, our family and our tenant.  In the 27 years that I have been living in Port Ewen, in the same house, we, my family and friends have been able to park by our house with no problems.  But, since a certain neighbor moved in, we’ve had nothing but trouble.  He thinks that no one should park in front of his house - he doesn’t like it.  He somehow managed to get a parking sign put up and I would like to know the legal reason for it?  When my elderly mother visits and our daughter with her baby comes to the house, they have to park well below my house going downhill just to appear this person?  There’s something wrong with that.

I see from the Daily Freeman, that the police are finally fed up and are also complaining about the sign and it’s purpose.  It is the only sign of this nature in the Town of Esopus that I know of and it serves absolutely no purpose but to feed a certain person’s ego and supports the power and control that he needs to have over people.
I plan on attending the June 16th board meeting in support of the removal of that sign and I plan to talk with my neighbors as well.  I hope that this issue will be resolved with that sign removed.


Richard and Toni Fitzgibbon

cc: Ray Rice, Supervisor
      Mike Lange, Council Person”

There was continued conversation on this subject.

Councilman Freer: We do have a snow ordinance in the winter and that should take care of the snow-plow problems.
Councilman Lange: There are many roads in the Town that are not eighteen feet wide.
 Supervisor Rice: The original ordinance written in July 18, 2001 states:

Whereas, residents on Gurney Street and representatives of the Sheriff’s
Dept. have requested that No Parking signs be placed in a problem area
between Gurney St. between  Prospect St. and Grove.
Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the Town
Highway Supt. to place no parking signs on Gurney St. as required.

Councilman Freer did not believe this resolution was a good one for who determines as required?  This ordinance should have been more specific spelling out where they begin and
what type of no parking area so that it is enforceable.  It obviously is not useful since it has not solved the problem.
Joe Aivaz: Rescind the resolution and he will petition the Town Council to write another one
which is more specific and would then be enforceable.
Supervisor Rice: Based upon Joe Aivaz’s comments this evening, I am convinced that what you have is a neighborhood feud and I see no reason the town should be injected into this neighborhood feud.  Joe Aivaz disagreed.  Supervisor Rice continued if you have problems with
noise and garbage there are ways to deal with those issues.  Noise complaints can be addressed to the Sheriff and garbage complaints to the Board of Health.  Joe Aivaz stated the Sheriff must witness the acts in order to address them.

Councilman Germano stated he was not on the Board in 2001 and he is having a problem as to why this resolution was adopted in the first place.  It was not done properly so that it was clear.  Based upon everything I have seems to me the resolution should be dissolved and we should start again from scratch.

Councilman Freer: Start from scratch and if there is a problem there let us find a way to solve it.

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, residents on Gurney Street and representatives of the Sheriff’s Department have requested that No Parking signs be removed on Gurney Street, between Prospect and Grove,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the Town Highway Superintendent to remove No Parking signs on Gurney Street.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Michael Lange

Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
Councilman Michael Lange Aye
Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

Councilman VanVliet voted aye, however, is concerned about the snow in the winter and the Highway Supt. being able to get his trucks through and she voted to remove the sign but she wanted the Town Board to pursue some other way of looking at these streets where there are problems with the snow plows.

Councilman Freer voted aye noting his previously stated reasons along with the snow plows, the fire truck incidents, the needs to be looked to see if there is a feasible way of solving this problem.

Veronica Berry: In reference to the street signs, how far do you go?  Councilman Freer stated we usually get something from general public, the Supt. of Highways or the police agency saying they are having a problem in the area.  Once we do we have to refer to NYSDOT guidelines.  Every intersection doesn’t necessarily warrant a stop sign.  According to the DOT book stop signs are not to be used to control the speed of vehicles in an area...they are to control the safety of the individuals.  Veronica Berry asked how she begins the process?  Councilman Freer stated write us a letter so we can investigate the problem.

3.  Discuss Ross Park Skateboard Issue

Debra Serle: Give the kids a chance...they are good kids.  It is her opinion there should be no signs regarding skateboarding in the park.

The issue that came up, according to the Supervisor, the reason the skateboarding signs are there is at one point in time there was some damage to the picnic tables, etc. but recently there has been no damage.  Supervisor Rice is in favor of leaving the issue status quo.  Our liability is the same with or without the sign.  The Sheriff’s Dept. would be willing to keep an eye on the park to insure the property stays as it is.  As long as they behave and there is no damage there is no problem according the Councilman Freer.

Debbie Silvestro: It seems the skateboarding issue is a problem in some areas.  I know they have done damage to the church and the drug store parking lot.  There is a growing trend in communities to create parks specifically for that sport.  It may be a forward thinking thing for us to help create a skateboard park.  There is a growing trend and it may be a good idea to investigate.  There are grants available.

Supervisor Rice stated if you encourage the children to skateboard you then increase your liability.  This has not worked out in Saugerties or Woodstock.  Councilman Freer explained a group came before the Town Board three years ago addressing skateboarding.  We priced the insurance and the group was to come back and they never came before us again.  Once they discovered adult supervision was necessary and proper use of protective gear, they no longer were interested and never came back before the Town Board.

4.  Resolution to Request Designation of a Greenway Trail

Supervisor Rice explained this particular trail would go across and down old Rt. 9W to the old bridge, go across the bridge and connect with the Heritage Trail in Kingston.  This would enable us to get grants.  We have just received a Greenway Grant for some of the trail sign age and for an information kiosk.

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, Article 44 of the Environmental Conservation Law directs the Greenway Conservancy
 for the Hudson River Valley, Inc., to designate a Hudson River Greenway Trail, and

Whereas, the Town of Esopus owns a community trail which will enhance the opportunity the public has to appreciate and support the preservation of the historic, scenic, cultural, recreational and natural resources along the Greenway Trail, and

Therefore, Be it Resolved, the Town of Esopus requests 1.4 miles of the Port Ewen Riverside Trail be designated as a connector trail as part of the Hudson River Greenway Trail System,

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer

Supervisor Ray Rice   Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet  Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer   Aye
Councilman Michael Lange  Aye
Councilman Ernie Germano  Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

5.  Resolution to Approve the Issuance of a Peddlers Permit

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, as per section 100.5 of the Code of the Town of Esopus, the Town Board is required to accept, and examine, applications for peddling and soliciting, within the Town,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Town Board has examined the application, accepted, or waived, the required fees, and does hereby authorize the issuance of a Peddlers license for William J. Devine, Jr.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Gloria VanVliet

Supervisor Ray Rice   Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet  Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer   Aye
Councilman Michael Lange  No
Councilman Ernie Germano  Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

6.  Status of New Town Hall

As the newspaper stated, Supervisor Rice was going to have a resolution to offer a Permissive Referendum for the funding of the Town Hall.  It has now been decided the Town Board will wait until next month, following the submission of information received from the architects which we have solicited.  The architect who prepared our needs assessment was Dennis Suraci and I have asked him to update the cost figures which are over one year old.  We should have that information by the next Workshop Meeting.  I have sent a letter to the seven architects, which responded, and asked them to have their proposals by our next Workshop on July 18th.
7.  Status of Girard Street Blasting Concerns

At our last Workshop Meeting Everett Banks and a group from Girard Street came and presented their concerns.  Since that time,  Supervisor Rice has written the following to the DEC:

Rob Martin
21 South Putt Corners Road
New Paltz, New York 12561

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my concern about “fly rock” emanating from the Callanan quarry on New Salem St. in the town of Esopus.  A delegation of residents of Girard Street in the hamlet of Connelly attended our June Town Board Meeting to request assistance from the Town of Esopus in obtaining relief from the dangers inherent in the Callanan quarrying operation.

As I am sure you are aware, there have been a number of complaints over the years, relating to “cracked foundations”, etc, which I believe have been resolved either civilly o though civil litigation.  The current complaints relating to “fly rock” concern the health and safety of our residents – not simply property damage issues.

I believe that the DEC has the responsibility to review the blasting procedures in use prior to renewing the quarrying permit for the Callanan operation.  I expect that the DEC will recommend procedures which will serve to protect our residents from “fly rock”.

The Town of Esopus has some rather stringent regulations concerning blasting within our Town.  At present, our local law exempts quarrying operations from regulations.  I have bee informed by counsel that our local law could be readily modified to include quarrying operations within its scope.

In the past, the Town of Esopus and the Callanan quarry have maintained an amicable relationship and I feel confident  that the Callanan management will voluntarily resolve the concerns of our residents.

Ray Rice, Town Supervisor

Charles A. Stokes
Sr. Vice President
Callanan Industries, Inc
P O Box 15097
Albany, New York 12212

Randy Anson
CPO 1220
Kingston, New York 12402

Helina Duda
21 South Putt Corners Road
New Paltz, New York 12561

Since this time, Supervisor Rice has received an email from an individual in the DEC and they are preparing a response with what they are going to do.  That is the status on where we are with the blasting.  The Supervisor will keep everyone posted.

Everett Banks: “It is like being in a battlefield.”

8.  Resolution to Authorize Adjustments to the 2005 Budget

Be it Resolved, BY THE Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, adjustments to the 2005 budget are required in order to properly reflect changes in certain accounts,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the transfer of the following amounts from the indicated accounts and Fund Balances to the indicated active accounts.

From:     Amt:  To:

A599 Fund Balance  $10,000.00  A 1930.4 Insurance Deductible Claim
A1990.4          502.89  A 3620.4 Building Dept.
A1990.4       2,266.00  A 7110.2 Recreation Truck

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Michael Lange

Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
Councilman Michael Lange Aye
Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

Councilman Lange questioned the cost of the recreation truck for the state bid price had increased.  The increase, according to Supervisor Rice, was because air conditioning had been added and the cost of the truck increased over last years prices.

9.  Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills Received Since the May Board Meeting

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, County of Ulster as follows:

Whereas, the Town of Esopus has been presented with vouchers for payment and these vouchers have been examined and approved by the Town Board,

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the following vouchers be approved for payment:

General Fund  #051336-051416  $51,306.15
Highway Fund  #052151-052176  $17,831.02
Street Lighting  #056006   $  3,767.64
Port Ewen Sewer  #053063-053081  $10,485.37
Port Ewen Water  #054153-054181  $18,042.34


Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Michael Lange

Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
Councilman Michael Lange Aye
Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

10.  Motion to Accept the Minutes of the May Board Meeting

A motion was made by Supervisor Ray Rice and seconded by Councilman Michael Lange to accept the minutes of the May Town Board Meetings.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

Public Comment:

Roscoe Pecora: Roscoe Pecora thanked Supervisor Rice for getting in touch with Supt. Don Kiernan about his concerns with the infrastructure.  His concern is over the water pipes on Rt. 9W and he would like to have the water pipes replaced.  He wonders about the cost?

Supt. Kiernan spoke to Brinnier and Larios and they gave an old estimate of $2,747,470. for the replacement of water mains under Rt. 9W.  According to Roscoe Pecora our original pipes were put in under the WPA in the 1930's.  Supt. Kiernan states it would more than double our tax rates and maintained the breaks on Rt. 9W for the year were only 1.3 breaks per year.  Roscoe Pecora said this year we had four breaks alone on 9W.  He requested Don Kiernan give him the average cost of a water break and was told it would take two assistants to track this information down  Roscoe Pecora suggested we use the state revolving loan fund but Supt. Kiernan stated with our economic situation we would not qualify.  Roscoe Pecora  knows money it tight and taxpayers are stretched but he is asking the Town Board to overview this department.  This was done with the Building Dept. and done successfully.  As you go into this with your new Town Hall the cumulative affect with taxation is a concern to everyone.  If you think you can ignore the problems with your water/sewer district just look at the City of Kingston.  The Mayor is scrambling to deal with the deteriorating system brought on with years of neglect.  There is no plan in place to upgrade the pipes and a plan needs to come from your Water Dept.

Kate Hofer - The Bruderhof: Their school and High School completed The Esopus Trails which is a history book of our area.  Each copy of the book is hand bound.

Lenora Swinger: Lenora thanked everyone for their help especially Supervisor Ray Rice who supported us by lending us photographs and historical documents.  A copy of The Esopus Trails was presented to Supervisor Rice.  Copies are available at $30.

Supervisor Rice said this is a book similar to the Woodcrest Group Maple Lanes and he commended them for doing such a good job.

Joseph Sills: Joe Sills commented on this book.  He just completed a book for the American Legion and he knows what it is like to compile the data.  He complimented the group for going the extra yard in order to compile the data.  He thinks it is unbelievable that people of this age are interested enough in our history to create such a book.

Councilman Freer: Councilman Freer asked where people who are not here this evening could get a copy of the book?  Come to Maple Ridge any time.

A motion to adjourn was made by Supervisor Ray Rice and seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer at 8:45 PM.  All Town Board Members were in favor.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane L. McCord
Town Clerk, RMC