October 20, 2005

A regularly schedule meeting of the Town of Esopus Town Board was held on Thursday, October 20th at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall on Broadway in Port Ewen, New York with the following persons in attendance:

    Supervisor Ray Rice
    Councilman Gloria VanVliet
    Councilman Wayne Freer
  Absent: Councilman Michael Lange
    Councilman Ernie Germano

    Recording Administrator: Diane L. McCord
                 Town Clerk, CMC, RMC

Pledge to the Flag.


 Youth Halloween Skate  - Sunday, October 30th 4-6:30 PM Wood N Wheels Roller Rink
 Klyne Esopus Museum Turkey Dinner Saturday October 29th 5-7 PM, Port Ewen Reformed Church
 Leaf Pickup October 24th - November 23rd, Leaves must be bagged and on the curb
 Public Hearing on the 2006 Town Budget, Tuesday, November 1, 7:30 PM, Town Hall

Public Comment:

Barbara Patrick: It is a good idea to move the Library to the Town Hall location in separate buildings,  however, it is not a good idea to move the Port Ewen Fire Dept.

Town Board Resolutions:

1.  Discussion of Combined Town Hall/Library/Community Center

Supervisor Rice made the following statement:

 Town Hall/ Library/ Community Center Combined Building

“The Town is in the process of having a new Town Hall designed for the property acquired from the Spinnenweber family – and the Town of Esopus Library is in the process of having a new library designed for their property on Canal Street.  At this point in time, both organizations are in the early stages of the process.

A number of people have suggested that the Town and Library investigate the possibility of building a combined facility.  It has been suggested that a combined building could realize savings of as much as 30%.  The combined building budgets for these structures will be more than seven million dollars – thirty percent of this figure is over two million dollars.  If in fact this saving is possible, a combined structure could provide more amenities in the way of a senior
citizens/community center and still save money for our taxpayers.

Beyond the initial savings in the construction process, continuing savings are possible through shared maintenance.  Shared facilities are utilized by a number of municipalities – today I spoke to Debra Kamake, Library Director for the Cairo Library – they share a facility with the Town of Cairo and she is quite comfortable with the relationship.  They have a common building, maintenance staff, community rooms, and parking lot.  A clerk maintains a calendar which controls the efficient usage of the community rooms.

The question of how you distribute the operational expenses of the facility – this is nothing more than an exercise in simple accounting.  We do this right now when we allocate expenses between our water special district and our sewer special district.   It would be even easier between the Town Hall and Library because each is made up of exactly the same taxpayers.

Is a combined facility a good idea – obviously, I think it is, but we owe it to our constituents to investigate the proposal.  Regardless of what the Library Board and the Town Board decide, I am convinced that there will be good  reasons for the course of action we take. “

The Supervisor invited our Architect Joseph Hurwitz to speak:

Architect Joseph Hurwitz: This is a very controversial issue.   I was engaged to do a Town Hall clearly, to my surprise the question of combining facilities came up.  Supervisor Rice has spelled it out is not rocket science.  The savings could be thirty percent.  There are so many facilities that can be shared maintenance down the line, you share facilities which is simply a means of scheduling, toilet facilities, meeting rooms.  There is sufficient grade so there could be the library on the bottom floor and the Town Hall offices on the second floor.  The long and short of it is yes there is a savings, close to thirty percent, maintenance also and the larger building you have you increase the peripheral increases less.  The larger you get the less you are spending for the closure.   I am a little uncomfortable with this and I don’t want to sound like an advocate for it but yes you will save.  The site savings would also be an issue.  If there were two separate building the savings would be ten percent.  Parking would be shared...the highest level of parking for the Town Hall Meetings would be at night where the Library would use the parking during the day.

Public Comment:

John Haight: Heat rises to the second floor.  There are a lot of ways to save.

Barbara Hill - former member of the Town of Esopus Library: Barbara attended the initial meeting of the Library and the Town Board last year and I am glad it is coming up again.  There is still time to consider this and save money.  Supervisor Rice said at that point in time the Library was ahead of us but now we have similar time frames.

Kay VanTassell: The Esopus Citizens Committee asked the Library to join us and they were not interested.

Barbara Patrick: Originally when this subject was brought up there were many people who felt the Library Director Susan Hauer was trying to take over the town and there was a great movement and people believed the Democrats were going to run everything....they were going to sit in the Town Hall.  When you looked at the site there was a very large spring at the back of the stone building over there on Klyne Lane.  Mr. Hurwitz said we could combine the Town Hall with the Library and one would be on each floor.  The footprint would be bigger.

Supervisor Rice: The key difficulty was the politics and the personalities and we have to put all that behind us because there is a way to have a significant savings.  Whichever way we go I would like people to say we did this for the following reasons.

Barbara Patrick: When the Library first started talking about going across the way there.  I remember talking with Johannah Jankowski, a realtor, and it was thought to be a bad idea because the building would come off the tax rolls.  You should not build in a high tax area.  The property now purchased by the Library could be for high tax housing.

Collin Evans: You did not touch on the property savings. The property already purchased could be sold and that could mean a savings of $700,000.

Deborah Silvestro: The last time the Library was thinking of partnering with the Town Hall there was also the question of money.  Neither the Library nor the Town had funds to build at that point.  Today we are in a totally different situation.  The Library has a bequest and the Town has money from the State.  You don’t have to place such a burden on the taxpayers to create this building.  Supervisor Rice said just with the savings issue we could create a better facility for the same amount of money.  We could provide more of the amenities and get more bang for our buck.

Michael Minor: Liaison from the Town of Esopus Library.  Michael Minor asked how big would the Town Hall be?  Supervisor Rice said about 20,000 sq. ft.  The Library is a different type of space and there are some loading issues because books are heavy. The Library has been talking about a 10,000 sq. ft. facility.  Supervisor Rice said we are at the same place and we are actually not.  We went out for a bid and found out with the architectural features the bids were too much.  Nothing is cut and dried.  Now the Library is looking at 8,000 sq. ft. and they have also designed a building with future expansion.  It looks like we would increase the size of the Town Hall by 45 %.   I can see there would be some cost savings.  The Library has land as the Town Hall has land.  The Library has been looking at the initial costs and the maintenance and also looking at the costs of building because of the energy costs are increasing dramatically.  Test wells have been sunk.  We have an architect who we have a commitment to.  My question is where are you in your process?  Do you have a preliminary design?  Mr. Hurwitz stated he would have the preliminary design for the Town Hall within a month, however, if there is the issue of combining he would simply hold off.

Michael Minor said we have a problem.  The Town has a limitation with the fact that your building is being taken down.  I was appointed as a liaison to gather information.  The Library wants to start building next spring and so does the Town said the Supervisor.  Michael Minor continued...there have been rumors that given the devastation caused by the two hurricanes that some of the money allocated for road projects may be held up for a while.  Supervisor Rice said the money has been committed and the road will be built  There will be the standard delays with this project but we will not be forced out of this building because the demolition of this building and the realignment of the intersection will be a separate contract.  This would be the last part of this project.

Building costs have been escalating said Mr. Minor.  Everyone in New York City has decided to move to Ulster County.  With the hurricane we have seen a forty percent increase with building materials.  The Town will get 2.7 from the state and 3 million borrowed.  My question relates to the issue of these costs figures.  Town Hall building will cost 5.7 million and a Library under 2 million.  It sounds like we can building both buildings for the same 5 million.  I don’t believe that is possible.  I know delays cost money.  Our concern is we are overcrowded and we have needed a new building for a long time.  Until the bequest happened we could not consider this.
I need to hear more specifics.  I have heard the problems.  A lot of the people on the same side disagree with what happened in the past.  Supervisor thanked Michael Minor for coming.

Mr. Hurwitz was asked to clear up the confusion.  It is not combining the two and ending up at the same price by combing the five million and two million and taking thirty percent off.  You build for five and one half million or six million a bigger building.  I am not an advocate for this but there is a substantial savings.  There are a lot of savings where you don’t see it.  The reason you do not see Town Hall’s and Libraries together is it takes an unusual conclave of events to build at the same time.

Another one of the problems pointed out by Michael Minor was people may have a problem going to a Library where there are prisoners in court.  Architect Hurwitz said by being on two levels it is important to understand the court facilities would be completely separate from the Town Hall and the Library.  Librarian Kelly Tomaseski referred to Architect Hurwitz’s comment on savings with the lavatory facilities.  It is her understanding the bigger the facility the more lavatory facilities are needed.  The primary savings is in the staff facilities.  Stairways can be shared.  There was discussion about an elevator...what was required.  It was Michael Minor’s opinion that a Library would have to have an elevator for the public and for employees.  Mr. Hurwitz would have to investigate but believed a shared elevator could be used.

Michael Minor said he could see the potential savings but also some detriments.  We each have a piece of land that is separate and if the Library were to come to the Town Hall site they would have to sell the land over there.  It is a rather expensive lot.  Strange things are happening with real estate now and the Library may have to take a net loss.  The most important thing is to compare the buildings.  We would have to deal with the issue of accessibility, where people want to be and it may slow down your process in designing your building.  There is the problem of coordination with the two architectural firms.  Just the logistics of it, since we have been through it once, and I am not sure about this.  I see this becoming more valuable to the community if we fail on our next building bid..

Architect Hurwitz said there are choices to be made.  If he designs the building and not reduce the cost but you may be able to have a 10,000 sq. ft. Library for the same cost.  Now the community facilities that are so important to the Town Hall a sufficient savings can be realized.
Mr. Hurwitz is anxious to start this project.  He realizes the position the Library is in and it is hard to turn around.  Michael Minor believes it is important to all of us to realize the Library has already been through the bidding process and they have had to make some very hard decisions.
Each decision is a compromise.  Clearly for timing reasons and money reasons....we are making compromises in the Library.  We would like to think we are not compromising the important stuff and we would also like to think we are building with an eye for future expansion...if this community continues to grow as it has been growing.  Nothing is black and white and that takes time and it takes balance as well as goodwill.  Maybe we could have more building if we do it together or maybe we could have more building and a little bit of savings or maybe we get to have a Library together if this next bid is not applicable.

Jim Ellsworth: Speaking as a taxpayer....maybe the Library and the Town could hash out these problems and then present the results to the taxpayers.

His concern was in relation to the Port Ewen Fire Dist. where the Town had offered land to the district but there had been no further communication from the Town.  Supervisor Rice said there was plenty of room on this 25 acre parcel.  The Chief and another representative came to our Town Board Meeting on Aug. 15, 2005.  There was no written correspondence as to what they want to do.  The Fire Dist. was asked to come back with a written proposal and we have not received this.  Jim Ellsworth believes the Fire Districts questions were not answered.  Specifically, we need their plans stated the Supervisor.

Roscoe Pecora: First of all you stated we are both at the same junction point let me correct you on that.  The Building Committee has met.  The bid was rejected in June and we began again in July.  We received a new drawing in Sept.  The numbers were still too high.  The Building Committee consists of Art Cross, Charlie Wesley, Rob Liebowitz, and Roscoe Pecora.  Roscoe’s job on the Building Committee is to basically coordinate things for the Trustee Members.  They make the final decisions.  Our current plan has a building at 2.2 million 23 thousand.  Arrangements are being made by our architect the Thomas Group.  If the bid fails again they will have to redesign the building for the Library at no additional cost to us.  We are in the process of trying to arrange conference calls for the heating system and some site preparation work.  We believe we can work these numbers down further.  We may have something ready in November.
The latest January.  The Town Board has been nothing but cooperative, receptive and willing to work with the Library Board.  There is no hostility between the boards.  On the Minutes of Oct. 27th there was an official vote of the Board of Trustees to establish a foundation to support this public institution and at that meeting there was a move forward to build on the Canal St. property and the vote was seven to one with no abstentions.  I should note on Oct. 13th in the Minutes there were some good comments made by Jack DiMuccio regarding the differences between the two boards and how the river view would qualify the Library for river grants.  We have been approved by NYCERTA for the Canal St. property and Kelly Tomaseski has received a grant from the Library Association for $7,000.  We are very far in the process.

Supervisor Rice appreciated Roscoe’s report, however, he really thinks it is appropriate for both boards to stand back and take a look at this.  He asked Michael Minor to take this information back to his board.  Michael Minor can’t see your being able to compromise.  If there were some major savings you may convince people to change. We should be communicating....there are strange things happening in this world.  We all have to be smart about this.  Supervisor thanked everyone for coming to discuss this and he thinks it would be appropriate if we met again to discuss it after the Library Board has been given the information.

Barbara Patrick: It is silly that the Port Ewen Fire Dept. move off of Broadway.

2.  8:30 Executive Session to Discuss Architectural Contract

A motion to enter into Executive Session at 8:30 PM to discuss contract negotiations with our Attorney Peter Matera.  This motion was seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion carried.

A motion to adjourn from Executive Session was made at 9:50 by Supervisor Ray Rice and seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  The motion carried.


3.  Resolution to Set a Curfew for Halloween

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the county of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, in the interest of public safety, and to be in conformity with surrounding communities,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Town Board establishes 7 PM as the curfew for individuals under the age of eighteen years for Halloween, October 31, 2005.  All other provisions of the town of Esopus Curfew Ordinance will apply.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice and seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer.

    Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
    Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
    Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
  Absent: Councilman Michael Lange
    Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

4.  Resolution Authorizing Water District Bond Anticipation Note

 Bond Anticipation Note Resolution Dated the 20th Day of
 October, 2005, Authorizing the Issuance of a Bond Anticipation
 Note in the Amount of $22,000.00 in Anticipation of the Sales of
 Serial Bonds Authorized to Finance Part of the Cost of the
 Installation for the Port Ewen Water District of Approximately
 1,000 feet of a 10-Inch Line to Run Parallel to an Existing Water

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the county of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, at a meeting held on the 15th day of August, 2002, acting on behalf of the Port Ewen Water District, authorized the issuance of a $88,000.00 Serial Bond authorized by the Bond Resolution dated the 15th day of August, 2002, adopted by the Town Board on the 15th day of August, 2002; and

Whereas, the specific purpose (hereinafter referred to as “purpose”) to be financed pursuant to the aforementioned Resolution is to finance part of the cost of the installation for the Port Ewen Water District of approximately 1,000 feet of a 10-inch line to run parallel to an existing water line; and

Whereas, a Bond Anticipation Note was issued on the 12th day of September, 2004, for $44,000.00 to Hare & Company, which said Bond Anticipation Note was due and payable on the 12th day of September 2005;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Town Board as follows:

Section 1.  The Town Board of the Town of Esopus duly authorizes the renewal of said Bond Anticipation Note in the principal amount of $22,000.00.  Said Bond Anticipation Note as renewed shall be due and payable on the 12th day of September, 2006, in said principal amount, together with accrued interest thereon.

Section 2.  The specific object or purpose to be financed pursuant to this Resolution is to finance part of the cost of the installation for the Port Ewen Water District of approximately 1,000 feet of a 10-inch line to run parallel to an existing water line.

Section 3.  As required by said Local Finance Law, it is hereby stated that (a) there is now outstanding a Bond Anticipation Note issued on 12th day of September, 2004, in the amount of $44,000.00, which said Note was due and payable on the 12th day of September, 2005, and (b) the Note authorized by this Resolution is a Renewal Note; and (c) the Note authorized by this Resolution shall mature within one (1) year from the date of its issue; and (d) such Note is issued in anticipation of bonds that will not be on assessable improvement.

Section 4.  Said Note shall be in substantially the same form and contain the same terms and conditions as in the original Bond Anticipation Note, maturing on the 12th day of September, 2006, except that the principal amount thereof shall be $22,000.00, and the interest rate shall be as determined by the Town Supervisor.

Section 5.  The Town supervisor and Town Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to sign any Bond Anticipation Renewal Note issued to this Resolution and to affix the corporate seal of said Town thereto.

Section 6.  This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Gloria VanVliet
    Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
    Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
    Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
  Absent: Councilman Michael Lange
    Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

5.  Resolution to Authorize Adjustments to the 2005 Budget

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, in the County of Ulster, as follows:

Whereas, adjustments to the 2005 budget are required in order to properly reflect changes in certain accounts,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the transfer of the following amounts from the indicated accounts and Fund Balances to the indicated active accounts:

From:     Amt.  To:

A599   $74.13  $80.00  A1460.4 Records Management
             $l,l68.95 A3620.4 Bldg. Dept
       22.48  A4020.1 Vital Statistics
     139.97  A5010.4 Highway Supt. Contractual
     179.40  A7140.1 Recreation Playground Mtn.
     327.05  A7140.4 Recreation Playground Mtn.
             3,516.04  A9055.8 Unemployment Ins.
       32.05  A9055.8 Disability Ins.
             1,914.51  A9060.8 Medical Ins.
DA599 $12,071.53          9,920.48  DA512.4 Highway CHIPS Pro.
             2,151.05  DA9061.8 Health Ins. Buyout
SW599 $16,957.32         16,957.32 SW8310.4 Water Dept. Cont.

Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Wayne Freer

    Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
    Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
    Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
  Absent: Councilman Michael Lange
    Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

6.  Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills Received Since the September Board             Meeting

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, County of Ulster as follows:

Whereas, the Town of Esopus has been presented with vouchers for payment and these vouchers have been examined and approved by the Town Board,

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the following vouchers be approved for payment:

 General Fund #051607-051678  $28,383.95
 Highway Fund #052302-052348  $32,583.64
 Street Lighting #056010         9,369.36
  Port Ewen Sewer #053114-053125      6,079.39
 Port Ewen Water #054249-054268    13,955.21


Resolution offered by Supervisor Ray Rice
Resolution seconded by Councilman Gloria VanVliet

    Supervisor Ray Rice  Aye
    Councilman Gloria VanVliet Aye
    Councilman Wayne Freer  Aye
  Absent: Councilman Michael Lange
    Councilman Ernie Germano Aye

Resolution duly adopted.

7.  Motion to accept the minutes of the September Board Meetings

A motion was made by Supervisor Ray Rice and seconded by Councilman Gloria VanVliet to accept the minutes of the September Town Board Meetings.  Town Board Members who were present voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Tim Allred: I am interested in seeing anything where taxpayers save money.
Councilman Germano said when we met with the Library Board they had no interest.  Up until last week I had not heard anything else about this.  I have never heard about going into the same building and we could save money there.  Tonight was the first I heard about this.  I am a business person and a realist.  I cannot see where getting the designs together would be practical.  They would save money by buying the property from us for much less and selling their property.

Councilman Freer: It should not be a political issue.  The issue is whether we can save money.  Whether or not we can put the two buildings together and whether they will fit in the same building.  We started off several years ago with the Library, when they didn’t have any money and we just started our road project.  Offers were made to start negotiating and those offers were rejected.  It came up again and at that point we knew we needed a new Town Hall and they needed a new Library and they went into a different direction.  We were looking for property that would not come off the tax rolls.  We were looking for the best we could get for the money.  We didn’t have a lot of money and we still don’t..  We are curtailed to what the people can bear and what the State and Federal government will give us with this Rt. 9W project.  We have to look for what is in the best interest of the town and if we can save us thirty percent  and I have questions how that can be?  I understand the concept but I am not sure of the figures.
We are in a money crunch right now and we have to hold the line and get as much for our tax dollar as we can.  Whether the concepts will work out, we don’t know.  We are looking at a building that is economical and it will be a no frills building.  Major concept differences are present but I would be glad to sit down and see if we can work it out.  The bottom line is what we can do and get the best building for the least amount of money and still have functional costs that doesn’t have to be replaced in ten years.  A building we can be proud of and a building that can be utilized.  In our plans we have to plan for future expansion.

Councilman Gloria VanVliet: She has always been opened to the possibility to doing something with the Library.  Two years ago we went to Medrex with the Library until we found out it would be impossible to use.  We have spoken with the Library Board and the last time we met the time frame was not possible.  My concern is there are two different opinions here and I am not sure the Library Board is receptive to the idea presented this evening.  I have the impression the Library Board is still moving ahead and they have spent a lot of money on their property and they are continuing in that direction.  We need to meet with the Library Board and find out what their feelings are.  We are not against saving money and I like the idea if it is not possible to combine buildings to at least have them on the same property and sharing parking lots, etc.  I am concerned with the Sheriff’s Dept. being present there and our court and how that will work out on different levels.  I know the Sheriff’s Dept. does have to have their own entrance as well as the court.  I would have to see a plan that would work.  There are some issues raised that are political and it makes it look like we are against this issue and that is not at all true.

Tim Allred: Now my is not political it... comes down to all four of you and the taxpayers.  Cooperation is the concern and the bottom line.  I have supportiveness of this and I ask you to use all your diplomatic skills with the Library.  It is clear they are being turned in the direction of not looking at this with fresh eyes.  The time line thing can be overcome if a discussion were cranked up a little bit.  What I can see as a outsider is we must look at these issues with practicality.  First of all the savings of selling the property the Library has is $350,000.  Are you aware of the kinds of costs that have added up to their budget at this point?
It costs $500,000 just for the site work.  There is $300,000 just in the parking lot.  The figures that are out at the moment don’t even include the furnishing.....a total of $800,000 could go toward the building.  It couldn’t be more than $30,000 to buy the land and perhaps the Town Board would give the land?  I would implore you to try and rise to this for it is an important community question.  Mr. Hurwitz pointed out that it is so unusual to have two projects like this
that happen to coincide in the towns’ history.  You have heard Joe Sills talk about the pride in our community.  I realize the people get so caught up that they lose direction.  I think it is appropriate for the Town Board to promote this because you have a different relationship with your taxpayer base than the Library.  People in our town do not have a clue at all about what is going on at the Library and that the Library is spending the taxpayers money, not the foundations money or the Library group’s money.

Councilman Freer: The comments tonight should be taken back to the Library Board and we would be more than willing to sit down again with them.

Deborah Silvestro: The Library has come and has spoken to you on a second occasion.  She has been attending their meetings.  They are in very great disarray because of the cost problems.  You have no idea how far they are from actually building the building.  Someone on the Town Board should attend their meeting and you would be greatly surprised at what you find.

Michael Minor: Words change and circumstances change but one thing is the meat of this.  The two groups will only do something together if it is good for both groups.  No matter where the Library is right now or where the Town is right now....opening up the communication will make a difference.  Even if the Library goes to bid will always be more than you want it to be.  The Library will set a limit of 1.8 million dollars for the building so they have money for the fixtures and for starting this foundation.  What happens then is you must make a choice... are you willing to spend more or less?  I wouldn’t say the Building Committee is in disarray but clearly this continuous drastic inflation in building costs has upset them.  The key is if you can stay focused on this will work if everyone gets something for themselves.  The communication process facilitates that.  Does everyone agree with me, absolutely not.  There is a small potential there but it will continue to grow.   Councilman Germano said the difference between the two Boards is we do not have a choice about spending more and or doing less.  We will have to do with less we can’t spend more.

Tim Allred: Please take the opportunity to attend a Library Building Committee Meeting or the Library Trustee Meeting or both on Wednesday, November 26th.  Evaluate this and try and move past the resistance.  Michael Minor will report back to his Board.

Announcement of the availability of correspondence and reports of the following committees:

Town Clerks’ Monthly Report for September 2005
Planning Board Minutes dated September 22, 2005
Waterfront Advisory Report dated September 27, 2005
Planning Board Minutes dated August 25, 2005
Planning Board Meeting Minutes dated July 28, 2005
Monthly Report of the Building Dept. dated September 2005
Monthly Report of the Building Dept. dated August 2005
Town of Esopus Recreation Summer Park Program Report September 12, 2005
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes dated September 20, 2005

A motion to adjourn was made by Supervisor Rice at 10:00 PM seconded by Councilman Gloria VanVliet.  All Board Members present voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

       Respectfully submitted,

       Diane L. McCord
       Town Clerk, CMC, RMC