Town Board Meeting

Dec. 20th 2007

 A regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting was held on Thursday, December 20, 2007 in the Town Hall on Broadway in Port Ewen, New York at 7:30 PM with the following persons in attendance:

                                                Supervisor John Coutant

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet

                                                Councilperson Wayne Freer

                                                Councilperson Michael Lange

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro


                                                Recording Administrator: Diane L. McCord, Town Clerk

 Pledge to the Flag


 Supervisor John Coutant opened the meeting at 7:30 PM.

Public Comment: None

Charles Wesley - Clerk of the Works - New Town Hall Update

 “Progress from Friday, November 16th through Thursday, December 20th 2007

(17) working days logged for this period, (6) days lost due to inclement weather and the Thanksgiving Holiday.

*The drilling of the 30 Geo-Thermal wells has been completed, and all wells have been


*Geo-Thermal lines below slab have been installed to the manifold and have been tested to

 100 lbs psi.  Fusing of lines at the North wall is complete.

            *Stone and Wire mesh reinforcing fo the concrete slab is in place.

            *The concrete slab on grade work has been delayed due to persistent rain, snow, ice, and    cold weather during late November and early December.  This has created delays in                        construction due to our schedule initially calling for the slab to be in place prior to                          erection of structural steel.

            *Structural steel has been delivered to the site, and is staged.  In the interest of keeping       the project moving forward, and eliminate the risk of damaging the slab on grade, we                      have changed the sequencing of construction, and will proceed as follows:

a)                                                      Erect lower level structural steel

b)                                                      Tent and heat lower level once steel is in place.

c)                                                      Pour concrete slab on grade.

d)                                                     Erect second level structural steel.

e)                                                      Construct exterior walls and install sheathing to enclose building.


According to the revised project schedule provided by U.W. Marx this phase of construction is to be completed by early March.

            *Our plans to begin to erect lower level steel beginning this past Wednesday were sidetracked when an insurance glitch surfaced.  It seems that the insurance carrier for the steel erector, had recently issued an insurance policy, which contained an exclusion, which would have exposed both U.W. Marx and the Town of Esopus to possible liability in the event of an on-site accident.  This, of course, is not acceptable to either Marx or the Town of Esopus.  As of this afternoon, U. W. Marx was attempting to resolve this problem, and will keep me informed.  As soon as this issue is resolved, the erecting of steel will commence.  Paul Davidson of U. W. Max has informed me that he will give the erector until Wednesday, Dec. 26th to resolve this issue, at which time he will secure another contractor for the erection process.

            *A second standpipe test, (pressure test), was conducted on the below slab drainage pipes to insure that no damage was done to the system due to equipment traffic over this surface, compaction, or as a result of exporsure to the extreme cold.  A leak was discovered and repired, and a follow up test was conducted.  Although the system held pressure, it will be re-tested just prior to the concrete slab being poured, at the reequest of both our general contractor and Building Inspector as a safety measure.

            *Natural Gas line from Rt. 9W to building is in place, and charged.

            *The Stone Strong retaining wall bulkhead at the rear base of the wall has been poured and the wall backfilled per contract specifications.

            *The West driveway site drainage piping and catch basins are in place.

            *Sub grade in the Est (upper) parking areas has begun, and base material has been placed per contract.  This area will serve as a staging area for equipment and material during the Winter months.

            *Sanitary line from just outside of the building, to the main has been installed and pressure tested.

            *At this time we are approximately 3 weeks behind schedule, which we attribute to days lost due to the Thanksgiving Holiday week closing of our steel supplier, and inclement weather, which impacted our ability to pour the slab on grade as planned.  A newly revised schedule has been issued by our General Contractor U.W. Marx, which indicates a project completion date of early September.  I have reviewed this schedule with NYSDOT Phase 2 Project Engineers, and they will set the schedule for commencement of Rt. 9W Upgrades Phase 2 for Spring of 2009.  (Due to the inability to pave during the winter months).  This gives us an added cushion in the event that the harsh winter weather, which we have encountered thus far, continues through the remainder of the winter.  (Our construction costs are in no way impacted by this schedule revision).

            *Both the office of Joe Hurwitz and I have made a request to all contractors to review and accelerate their proposed schedules in an effort to regain time lost thus far, however, weather conditions over the next few months will certainly play a part in determining our ability to hold to an already aggressive schedule.

            *An application for payment submitted by Merritt Construction for the month of November included charges for rock removal, which was subsequently rejected.  Our reason for rejecting this application was that we considered the means of removal in some areas of the site to be not within the terms of the contract.  In addition to this, the quantities, although less than those allowed for, were also identified as cause for further review.  The offices of Brinnier and Larios, Joseph Hurwitz and Associates, and I, are currently discussing this matter with Merritt, and are working towards a resolution.  I hope to have the final numbers in time for next months report.

            *We have received a credit from Merritt Construction in the amount of $6,835.15, which reflects the Rt. 9W entrance paving provided by NYSDOT.

            *We are also awaiting a credit from our plumbing contractor, Ashley Mechanical, which will reflect a credit for the natural gas line provided by Central Hudson.  To date we do not have a firm number, however, I had a conversation with Ashley this morning, and the total value of this work is somewhere around $12,000, less the cost of excavation and bedding material provided by Ashley.  Ashley has promised me a firm number in the near future.

            *At the request of Councilwoman Debbie Silvestro, I have followed up on our submission to NYCERTA for incentives available to as a result of our Geo-Thermal heating system.  Our MEP Engineer Steve Molmed has informed me that we qualify for between $40,000 and $45,000.  With Steves’ guidance, I will complete and submit the required paperwork, which must be filed by March 31st of the coming year.

            *I have a request from our site contractor to determine where we stand with regards to our agreement with Tom Daniele and the installation of our water line from Rt. 9W.  Merritt would like to begin paving as soon as paving plants open, and weather allows in the spring.  Any further delay in the installation of the water line work may impact our paving schedule.”

Councilperson Silvestro thanked Charlie Wesley for following up on NYCERTA.  She has been on the site several times and Charlie Wesley has been extremely attentive.  Joe Hurwitz had been with Steve Molmed and it was his understanding that the application could not be sent in to NYCERTA until we knew how many wells were necessary and the system was in place.  The site work must be completed.

1.  Vote on Local Law No. 10 - Prohibit illicit discharges, activities, and connections to       separate storm water sewer system.

 Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus in the County of Ulster to adopt Local Law No. 10 a Local Law to Prohibit Illicit Discharges, Activities and Connections to separate Storm Sewer System,

Whereas, this Local Law was introduced on October 17, 2007 and a Public Hearing has been held on Thursday, November 21st,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the passage of Local Law No. 10 for the year 2007.

Resolution offered by Supervisor John Coutant

Resolution seconded by Councilperson Michael Lange

                                                 Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Resolution duly adopted.

 2.  Lou Lewis - Scenic Hudson/Gordon - Landfill

 Supervisor Coutant gave an account of Scenic Hudson purchasing property from the Gordon Family.  A portion of this property Scenic Hudson claimed had been contaminated by our Transfer Station.  After testing, at their expense, it was proven the earthen cap encroaches onto the lands of Gordons’ from the Town property.  This is an encroachment of  seven or eight feet of top cover and it is not contaminated. Scenic Hudson does not want to take title to the property covered by the cap and they have made arrangements with the Gordon’s to have that property, plus a ten foot perimeter, gifted by them to the Town via a quit-claim deed.  This adjustment will be done at the expense of the Gordon Family and Scenic Hudson.  After contacting the Planning Board they advised the Town Board we could act and accept the property line change.  We have put together a  resolution and maps.  The Gordons’ will sign the maps along with the Town Supervisor and the Planning Board.

Darren Fairley, Esq. from Lewis and Greer attended this evenings meeting.  He is an attorney representing Scenic Hudson  Councilperson Silvestro asked if there was any conflict with Scenic Hudson representing the town in other matters?  Attorney Fairley stated there is no conflict in this instance.  


Resolution to Accept Land Adjacent to the Town of Esopus Landfill Property

Whereas, the Scenic Hudson Land and Trust, Inc. the contract vendee of the lands of Gordon that are adjacent to the once Town of Esopus Landfill area has requested that the Town of Esopus Town Board accept a portion of the Gordon property where an encroachment of landfill cover material has appeared on the Gordon property;

Whereas, the Gordon property known as tax lot 28.1 (S/B/L 71.004-4-28.1) and the Town Landfill property known as tax lot 28.2 (S/B/L 71.004-4-28.2) shows an encroachment of one-tenth of an acre to be conveyed to the Town of Esopus:

Whereas, the description of lands to be conveyed by Richard E. Gordon, Jr. and others to the Town of Esopus are described as beginning at a point on the Northerly line of land of the Town of Esopus, Liber 1366 Page 1103, said point being South 81 degrees 58'06" West, 180.54 feet from a recovered bar on the Westerly line of land of CSX Rail Corporation, and running:

            (1)        thence from said point of beginning along the Northerly line of lands of Town of Esopus, South 81 degrees 58' 06" West, 199.79 feet to a point;

(2)                                                   thence through the land of Gordon and others the following courses and distances;  North 60 degrees 24' 50" East, 188.26 feet to a point;

(3)                                                   South 72 degrees 12' 42" East, 99.75 feet to the place of beginning


            CONTAINING: 0.l00 Acre

            All bearings are referred to Magnetic North.

Whereas, a lot line adjustment and a transfer of the area adjacent to the encroached material has been approved by Scenic Hudson Land and Trust, Inc., the Gordon family and the necessary material has been provided to the Town of Esopus Planning Board;

Whereas, the Town of Esopus Planning Board has reviewed all documentation submitted in this matter and approved the lot line adjustment at their meeting held on December 12, 2007 and all maps an deeds have been prepared by the firm of Lewis and Greer, P.C., 510 Haight Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 on behalf of all parties;

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board of the Town of Esopus accept the transfer as outlined above;

Further, Resolved, that all expenses related to this matter has been and will be incured by Scenic Hudson Land and Trust, Inc.

Resolution offered for adoption by: Councilperson Deborah Silvestro

Resolution seconded by Councilperson Gloria VanVliet


                                                Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye


Resolution duly adopted.

 3.  Tom Daniele - Heavenly Valley Phase II

 Supervisor Coutant asked Tom Daniele to attend this evenings meeting.  Our Clerk of the Works and our General Contractor advised us of a problem.  There is a delay in placing the water pipe into the Town Hall property and other work that was contracted to do and has not been done as promised by Tom Daniele.  Tom Daniele spoke with the Clerk of the Works yesterday and he told him he would complete the work by March of 2008 and this would be two months before it was blacktopped and he will compact it to standards.  The Supervisor was not sure if this was an acceptable offer to make at this point in time.  Tom Daniele does work in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and he compacts the land and blacktops the next day.  Clerk of the Works Charlie Wesley will check with Merritt Construction to see if this is acceptable to them but believes we are cutting it close and Daniele promised initially the work would be done by August of 2007.  Wesley spoke to Daniele several times and each time the work was promised it did not happen. 

Supervisor Coutant asked Tom Daniele if he could put the water line in now?   Tom Daniele said he was not sure and would have to look into it.  Charlie Wesley asked if frost is not an issue why can’t the work be done before March?  Councilperson Lange stated we are doing you more of a favor than you are going us and we have bent over backward trying to work with you.  So why don’t you work with us?  Tom Daniele said he has always gone to every meeting he was requested to attend.  There was some disagreement.  Supervisor said we are here to get this job done as soon as possible.  You have made commitments to me and to the Clerk of the Works that have not been upheld.  Councilperson Freer asked when is the earliest date you can to this?  Tom Daniele said he did not know he would have to check with his partner.  Councilperson Freer asked if he could have it done by the next time this board meets in regular session, the third week in January 2008?  Councilperson Freer said if the work is not started or near completion by the time this board meets in regular session we will find alternate means.  The questions was asked what is alternate means?  Councilperson Freer said we will discuss this as a board....what it means to go to alternate means.  Tom Daniele stated in his contract with the town there is no penalty if  he does not do the work on schedule, he knows it was to be done in August.  The Supervisor had agreed to give an extension of two weeks this summer because of the Ground Breaking Ceremony but we did not agree to the end of December.  Tom Daniele asked if it were impeding on anything right now?  Charlie Wesley answered we are looking to get temporary water to the site.  The Ulster County Board of Health won’t sign off until we have a water loop completed.  We no longer have our connection to Bowne Street.  We had to pull it out to avoid freezing.  

Councilperson Silvestro asked Tom Daniele how long it would take to put this line in?  One week was Tom Daniele answered.  Councilperson VanVliet spoke to Tom Daniele stating Tom you had an agreement with us and you have not kept it.  All these months have elapsed. Tom insisted this is not impeding anything but the Town Board disagreed.  We need water to the site.  There was further discussion with Tom Daniele who asked when he would know the Board’s decision?  Will you put the line in at my expense?     

Councilperson Wayne Freer made a Motion and Supervisor John Coutant seconded the Motion the Town Board will discuss and move on alternate plans to place the water line in for our new Town Hall if nothing is begun or completed by Tom Daniele by our next regular Town Board Meeting in January of 2008.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 Supervisor Coutant asked Tom Daniele to keep the Town Board apprized of what is going on.

4.  Executive Session - Andrew Bicking

 Executive Session was held at the end of this meeting.

 5.  Resolution - Sign intersection of Plantasia Avenue and Second Avenue, Connelly

Councilperson Wayne Freer asked this item be tabled until next month because there was confusion about a No Parking Sign being needed or a Stop sign.

 6.  School for Carl Belfiglio - new Councilperson

 A Motion was made by Councilperson Wayne Freer to send Carl Belfiglio, newly elected Councilperson to school in Albany and pay for the lodging as well.  Supervisor John Coutant seconded the Motion.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.

 7.  Hiring of Attorney to Negotiate Union Contract

 Councilperson Wayne Freer spoke about interviews the Town Board had conducted with attorneys with respect to negotiating union contracts.  The Board Members agreed both the attorneys were impressive, however, Supervisor Coutant did not attend the Workshop Meeting where Attorney Roemer was interviewed.  There was discussion about the importance of hiring an attorney as soon as possible.  Councilperson Freer was in favor of Attorney Bill Roemer since he had been in negotiations from both sides labor and management.   Councilperson Silvestro contacted Rosendale about the other attorney that was interviewed and they spoke highly of him.  She would be happy with either attorney.  Councilperson VanVliet thought both attorneys were equally qualified, however, she did prefer one over the other and one cost $35 more an hour than the other.  Councilperson Silvestro made the comment “Sometimes you get what you pay for.”  Other councilpersons agreed.  

Councilperson Wayne Freer made a Motion to hire Roemer, Wallens & Mineaux Counselors at Law to represent the Town of Esopus.  Councilperson Michael Lange seconded the Motion. 


                                                Supervisor John Coutant                 Abstained

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       No

                                                Councilperson Wayne Freer            Aye

                                                Councilperson Michael Lange         Aye

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye


Motion Adopted.

A Motion was made by Supervisor John Coutant and seconded by Councilperson Michael Lange to have the Supervisor sign the agreement with the new law firm of Roemer, Wallens & Mineaux to represent us with union negotiations.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 Budget Adjustments: 

Resolution to Authorize Adjustments to the 2007 Budget

 Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus in the County of Ulster as follows,

Whereas, the adjustments to the 2007 Budget are required in order to reflect changes in certain accounts,

Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Town Board authorizes the transfer of the following amounts from the indicated accounts and fund balances to the indicated active accounts:

December 2007

 Transfer from                       AO.0599         TO:

Town Board Personnel                                   AO.1010.100                          $    249.40

Town Clerk Contractual                                 AO.1410.400                          $      47.21

Attorney Fees Contractual                              AO.1420.400                          $ 3,193.07

Bldg. Office Supplies                                     AO.1620.403                          $    779.76

Bldg. Copier                                                   AO 1620.404                          $      16.14

Bldg. Telephone & Tax                                   AO.1620.405                          $    791.66

Central Printing & Mailing                             AO.1620.400                          $ 3,698.07

Municipal Assoc. dues                                    AO.1920.400                          $    355.00

Safety Insp. Contractual                                 AO.3620.400                          $    419.70

Supt. of Hwy. Contractual                             AO.5010.400                          $    237.97

Hwy. Garage Equip.                                       AO.5132.2                              $ 2,300.60

Hwy. Garage Contractual                               AO.5132.406                          $    379.07

Park Maint. Personnel                         AO.7110.100                          $ 3,549.63

Playground Rec.                                             AO.7140.400                          $    241.56

Employee Benefits                                          AO.9030.8                              $ 2,848.51

Life Insurance                                                 AO.9045.8                              $   314.45

Serial Bond Int.                                              AO.9710.7                              $ 1,425.00

Fuel Purchases                        DA0599          5111.400                                 $ 7,467.44

Life Ins.                                  SW0599          SW.9045.800                          $      22.05

Resolution offered by Councilperson Wayne Freer

Resolution seconded by Supervisor John Coutant

                                                 Supervisor John Coutant                             Aye

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet                   Aye

                                                Councilperson Wayne Freer                        Aye

                                                Councilperson Michael Lange                     Aye

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro                Aye


Resolution duly adopted.

 Payment of Vouchers: 

Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Bills Received Since December 2007

Be it Resolved, by the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, County of Ulster as follows:

Whereas, the Town of Esopus has been presented with vouchers for payment and these vouchers have been examined and approved by the Town Board,

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the following vouchers be approved for payment:

General Fund                        #-071667-071680                                $146,583.59

 Highway Fund                       # 072346-072378                                $ 78,880.05


Capital Fund                         # 075044-075051                               $349,965.10

 Street Lighting                       # 076012                                             $   5,175.01

 Port Ewen Sewer                  #073143-073145                             $   13,220.56

 Port Ewen Water                  #074302-074303                                 $ 23,506.06


                                                Total...............................................$ 617,330.37      


Resolution offered by Councilperson Wayne Freer

Resolution seconded by Supervisor John Coutant

                                                 Supervisor John Coutant                 Aye

                                                Councilperson Gloria VanVliet       Aye

                                                Councilman Wayne Freer                Aye

                                                Councilman Michael Lange Aye

                                                Councilperson Deborah Silvestro    Aye

 Resolution duly adopted.

 Councilperson Silvestro had a question about one of the vouchers from the Capital Fund.

She spoke with the bookkeeper today and we are paying the architect $5,000 a month but there are only $35,000 in bills remaining that we owe him.  If the project has been pushed back to September we will end up paying him all the money we owe him before the project is finished.  Shouldn’t we hold something back?  Other Councilpersons agreed.  Doesn’t that amount include the cost of contract and print issues asked the Supervisor?  No, that is a separate issue.  Councilperson Silvestro has a copy of the contract and there is $50,000 remaining to be paid over the course of the construction.  She questioned that we were suppose to pay him monthly, she thought we would pay him at the end.  When she reviewed the contract he was to be paid monthly in proportion to the services performed.  We are paying him monthly but we should adjust that figure if there is an extra two months.  The printing was a separate charge.  Councilperson Freer suggested skipping a monthly payment and that would be back on line.  Councilperson Silvestro suggested reducing the monthly amount being paid.  Clerk of the Works Charlie Wesley was asked if this is customary and he agreed this is what is normally done whether or not the job is early or late.  It was agreed this voucher would be paid and we will discuss what comes next.  Charlie Wesley was asked to have Joe Hurwitz contact the Supervisor for notification. 

 Approval of Minutes

 Councilperson Silvestro asked the minutes dated November 15th 2007 on page 5 be amended where it states “previously covered”. 

A Motion was made by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro to amend the November 20th 2007 Minutes and add mention of the $50,000 grant as brought up by the Supervisor during the presentation by the Clerk of the Works Report.  Councilperson Wayne Freer seconded the Motion.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 A Motion to approve the Minutes as amended was made by Councilperson Deborah Silvestro and seconded by Wayne Freer.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 Sidewalks/Lighting Fixtures and Other Miscellaneous Topics

 1.  There has been a lot of “flak” about the sidewalks according to Councilperson Michael Lange.

The Supervisor wanted to address this issue and others.

2.  Supervisor Coutant stated the previous Town Board made a Resolution that the Town of Esopus Town Board shall maintain or cause to be maintained the sidewalks.  This conveys to the present Town Board there is a wide latitude of what can be done with the sidewalks.  It encompasses the Town Board from the general fund picking up the entire expense to remove the snow to, if the Town Board so desires, asking the property owners to shovel and/or maintain the sidewalks in climate weather.  One would think it has to do with the sweeping or shoveling of the sidewalks, however, as we sit here the real true maintenance the town would assume would be much more expensive and detailed.  We have already had to excavate two sidewalks of concrete, sidewalk and brick to address two water breaks.  The State plows come thru and throw the snow eight feet back and this happens several times during a storm.  Our men could not maintain the sidewalks within a reasonable time period after plowing our roads. 

3.  The second issue is the lighting fixture hit.  The fixtures cost $3,000 a piece.  With those thoughts in mind the Supervisor asked the Highway Supt. what the Town Board could use as a possible charge to remove the snow and clear the sidewalks?  Supt. Al Larkin gave a price of approximately 575 ft. of sidewalks could cost $13,000 or with a large storm it would cost about $18,000 per storm.  Councilperson Silvestro would like an estimate of the cost without full snow removal.  The property owners during the last storms have done a good job in removing the snow stated the Supervisor. 

4.  Another issue is the curbs.  Port Ewen Fire Dept. has written a letter stating some of the curbs installed as part of the NYSDOT Project and some of the corners were not acceptable.  The fire trucks will have to drive over some curbs to make the turn into the streets.  If an intersection is piled with snow and that snow turns to ice it will take the side off the fire engine.  A letter was written to the state and they have reviewed our requests regarding the deficiencies but at this point they were not going to address any of them.  The sidewalks would stand as it is and they would come back in the spring to correct any of the curb issues previously raised.  The defects in the concrete would also be addressed in the spring.  There should have been a sealing or coating put over the sidewalks to protect them against salt.  There are a couple of issues to be resolved but at this point there is nothing coming from the state.  The state will, however, send a written letter coming to the Supervisor.  Local Laws passed in another town will be reviewed regarding sidewalks.    

5.  We have had several snow storms back to back and these storms have diminished our stock pile of salt/sand.  Councilperson Lange mentioned at one point our Highway workers were over their work hour limit and had to go home.  They did an excellent job.

6.  Councilperson Gloria VanVliet raised the problem of residents plowing out their property and throwing the snow in the road.  This practice is against the State Highway Law.

7.  Councilperson Freer broached the subject of the new driving lanes on Rt. 9W and people using the lanes to park their cars.  People are passing on the turning lanes.  The public should be aware of these problems and reminded the Snow Ordinance is in effect..

8.  There is a resident who made arrangements with the state not to place trees in front of his house.  A tree was placed there because the individual the resident had spoken to retired and did not make note of the exemptions. 

Councilperson Michael Lange was thanked by the Supervisor for his term as Councilperson on the Town Board.  Councilperson Lange wished the new Councilperson Carl Belfiglio good luck.

The Organizational Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 1, 2008 along with the Swearing In Ceremony.  The public was wished a Happy New Year on behalf of the Town Board.

 A Motion to enter into Executive Session at 8:10 PM to interview Andrew Bicking for the position of Chairman of the Environmental Board by Councilperson Michael Lange and seconded by Councilperson Wayne Freer.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 A Motion to adjourn from Executive Session was made at 8:55 PM by Councilperson Michael Lange and seconded by Councilperson Gloria VanVliet.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

Councilperson Freer did not believe there were any other openings on the Environmental Board and Councilperson Silvestro disagreed stating Louise Ferrante and Joan Cypher were the to openings.  Councilperson Freer stated the prior members should be contacted and looked at first as to what their feelings are.  He understood one member really wants to come back and that was  Louise Ferrante who would like to be reappointed.  Councilperson Silvestro mentioned the Town Board has rejected people in the past who wanted  to be reappointed to their positions.  Councilperson Freer agreed but we have a gentlemen now who we just spoke to and he would be willing to find out and get this board motivated and maybe there is a reason why some people did not want to come back.   This gentlemen should be afforded the opportunity to look at the existing board members and not just to arbitrarily replace them.  Councilperson Silvestro has been the liaison to the Environmental Board for the past two years and she has watched what has been going on and she would strongly recommend Louise Ferrante not be reappointed.  

Councilperson Silvestro mentioned her lack of attendance and attributed this to her sick husband and she works nights.  Councilman Lange said she wants to stay on.  Councilperson Freer stated it was up to the Chairman to make that decision.  There was discussion about Joan Cypher.  The Town Clerk was told by Joan she resigned in September, however, this resignation was not received by the Clerk.  It was suggested by Andrew Bicking that Eli Scholoss be appointed.  He is the Director of Education for the Clearwater Sloop and he lives in this town on River Road.  David Murray, an architect from Rifton, is also interested.  Dan Shafley is also interested and he is the former Environmental Reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal.  He now works for a website and he is also a town resident.  Andrew Bicking will supply copies of resumes to the Town Board.  Again, Councilperson Silvestro strongly recommended Louise Ferrante not be appointed to the Environmental Board.   Councilperson Lange believes Louise Ferrante should be given the opportunity to serve.  Councilperson Silvestro asked about the other boards....what about Catherine Charuk not being reappointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals?

Councilperson Lange made a MOTION to leave Louise Ferrante on the Environmental Board and give her the opportunity if she wants it.  Councilperson Gloria VanVliet seconded the MOTION.   Councilperson Freer added with the understanding that if we appoint Andrew Bicking as Chairman of the Environmental Board he makes the contacts and finds out who would be willing to serve. 

Discussion continued regarding the process of appointments and the Town Clerks’ role in this process.  A time out was called......there is a Motion on the floor.  Councilperson Freer believes Andy Bicking will be the steering column of this board.  As liaison Councilperson Silvestro said she knows the woman and believes the Town Board should take her recommendation.  You are making a major mistake once more.

Supervisor John Coutant amended the Motion and added to it we empower Andrew Bicking to speak and interview Louise Ferrante and get back to the Town Board by the January 1st Organizational Meeting.  Councilperson VanVliet further added speaking to Louise and if Andy Bicking feels she is not really going to participate let us know before the Organizational Meeting.  Andy Bicking asked for a point of clarification.  Should  he contact Louise Ferrante and not the others and have copies of the Environmental Board applicants sent to the Town Board?   Supervisor Coutant agreed.  Councilperson Silvestro she wanted to make a point of order.  There are people who have not been reappointed to boards for particular reasons and they said they wanted to be reappointed.   Councilperson Lange said appointments were up to the Town Board.

.Councilperson VanVliet said this Motion includes Andy Bicking’s report from Louise Ferrante stating she is willing to participate and planning on attending Environmental Board Meetings.  All Town Board Members voted in favor.  Motion Carried.

 Correspondence and Reports of Committees

 Correspondence for the month is on file in the Town Clerk’s Office.  The following reports have been received and are on file in the Town Clerk’s Office:

Town Clerks’ Monthly Report for November 2007

Building Dept. Monthly Report for November 2007

Assessors’ Monthly Report for December 2007

Planning Board Minutes dated November 14, 2007


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Diane L. McCord

                                                                        Town Clerk, CMC, RMC

                                                                        Dist. 2 Reg. Dir. NYSTCA