Minutes of the January 24, 2006 Meeting

Present:   Marion Zimmer, Don Cole, Rosemarie Kristofy, Frank O’Donnell, William Benson, Kathy Wenzel, John McMichael

Excused: Julie Melancon, Chet Allen

Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro


Chairman Zimmer called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.  She introduced Deborah Silvestro as the new Town Board liaison to the Waterfront Advisory Board.

The minutes of the October 24, 2005 minutes were reviewed by the Board.

MOTION to accept the October 24, 2005 minutes as amended to reflect the correction in the spelling of “Kristofy’s” last name was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemarie Kristofy.  All in favor. None opposed.

Chairman Zimmer passed out the 2006 Waterfront Advisory Board schedule and calendar to the Board.  She said that the River Sweep needed to be scheduled based on the tide table for the Hudson River soon so that the publicity on the event could begin.

MOTION to accept the 2006 calendar was made by Frank O’Donnell and seconded by John McMichael.  All in favor.  None opposed.

Floating Walkways – Sleightsburg Park

Chairman Zimmer mentioned that Chet Allen reported that the floating walkways were still on schedule to be installed in the Spring by the Highway Department.  She suggested that Chet follow up on this project.

John McMichael remarked that the Central Hudson right-of-way caused the location of the walkways  to be moved.   He asked if a permit was needed for this project.  Chairman Zimmer said that the previous Town supervisor had re-newed the DEC permit to put in the walkways.  No other permits were needed.

Don Cole asked about insurance.  Zimmer said theTown carried insurance on the property.

Port Ewen Riverside Greenway Trail

Chairman Zimmer reported on the signage for the Trail.  Cole asked who was doing the signs.  Zimmer thought it was Harry Slotnik.  Cole asked if more than one price quote was given.  Zimmer said that because of the dollar amount, it wasn't necessary to get more price quotes.  She would follow up with the new supervisor.

Hudson River Estuary

Chairman Zimmer said that the report on the water chestnut program was amended to reflect the Esopus waterfront activity.


Zimmer has received several complaints from the Riverview Condos area above the “J” Road riverfront property on the north end.  She said a developer was clearing the shoreline and there was possible encroachment on the neighboring property.  There was also concerns raised about a detention pond and who was responsible for maintenance.  She said that any clearing of property within 500 feet of the shoreline required a DEC permit.

The matter has been turned over to the supervisor.

Frank O’Donnell said he had read a letter to the Editor of the Dutchess County/Rhinebeck edition of the Freeman regarding how bad the riverfront looked on the Ulster side of the Hudson.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE – Julie Melancon was absent.


 RE: Welcome Home Developers

John McMichael submitted a letter with comments on the Welcome Home Developers project for WAB review.  Comments were due by Thursday, January 26th for the Planning Board meeting. There was concern after Board discussion that the r12 specifications on water front revitalization program dealing with construction and erosion were not shown in this proposal.

Chairman Zimmer said that an erosion plan was suggested in the Shuster report.  Wentz said that the plan should include a silt fence to limit the areas of disturbance as required by the DEC.

Chairman Zimmer directed secretary, Laura Petit to forward a letter from the WAB to the Planning Board requesting that an erosion plan be included on the plat prior to Planning Board approval of the Welcome Home Developer’s proposal.

McMichael said that the developers will probably go to the Zoning Board for a variance after review and passing by the Planning Board. Cole asked if there were individual deeds for each parcel.  McMichael said he thought there were.  Cole said that if they were all individually deeded then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Zimmer added that these parcels were in the water and sewer district too.

Re: Deising property – Minturn Street, Port Ewen.
 The Deising project should be referred to the WAB and Zimmer expects it to be available at the next WAB meeting for review.  Merge 3 lots. Need erosion plan.

ZONING BOARD – Don Cole (None)

POINT OF INFORMATION – Chairman Zimmer informed the Board that project information would be left in a folder in the WAB mailbox in the Clerk’s office.
Chairman Zimmer distributed the new Town directory which included the new Board contact list.

MOTION to adjourn the January 2006 WAB meeting was made by Frank O’Donnell and seconded by Rosemarie Kristofy.  All in favor. None opposed.

    ADJOURNED  7:40pm