Minutes of the January 23, 2007 Meeting

Present:   Marion Zimmer, Don Cole, Cathy Quick, William Benson,  Rosemary Kristofy, John McMichael, Debbie Silvestro, Town Board liasion

Excused: Kathy Weitze, Chet Allen

Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro


Chairman Zimmer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. 
The minutes of the last Board meeting were reviewed by the Board.

MOTION to accept the minutes was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All in favor. None opposed.

MOTION to accept the payroll voucher for WAB secretary was made by William Benson and seconded by John McMichael.  All in favor.  None opposed.

Chairman Zimmer requested that the Town Board send a thank you letter to Frank O’Donnell for all of his years of service on the Waterfront Advisory Board.  Benson thought that one should be sent to him from the WAB.  The Chairman directed the secretary to send a letter of thanks from the WAB.
Chairman Zimmer introduced new Board member Cathy Quick who would also be a liaison to the Environmental Committee. 

River Sweep

Chairman Zimmer informed the Board that after ten years, Scenic Hudson would no longer be running the annual River Sweep.  The task would be left to volunteers and since the Town would be on its own, Zimmer suggested doing Sleightsburg Park.  She would review the tide charts for April so a cleanup date could be set for low tide,  She would like to expand to all Town parks if the Park and Recreation commission would come on board to help.  Silvestro said that the new Commission would meet for the first time on February 7th.
Annual Report

Chairman Zimmer presented the annual report which is required by Town code.  The only thing that needed to be changed is the WAB status which is short on members.  The Harbor Management Plan to develop the Rondout Creek between the City of Kingston and Town of Esopus never met after the initial meeting.  There are grants that will continue to be worked on: the Greenway grant which will have the funds reimbursed once the Library is finished and Town puts in the kiosk and installs the signs.

MOTION to send Annual Report as corrected was made by Rosemary Kristofy and seconded by William Benson.  All in favor.

Zimmer mentioned that she has to send a Board attendance list.

 Sleightsburg Park and Riverside Greenway Trail

Chairman Zimmer reported on the chain link fence at Sleightsburg Park to deter illegal dumping.  She suggested that it be taken down by April 1st for fishing season.  Silvestro recommended a letter go to Supervisor Coutant to get Dan Vedder to get the chain down in time.  Also the chain was put up to keep out cars, not pedestrians.  Benson agreed that the chain was installed to keep vehicles out, not pedestrians.  Cole asked if the Park was closed by law.  He remarked that since it was State money, it should be kept open for everyone and only closed off after dark in the summer to keep out illegal dumpers.  Silvestro said it couldn’t be kept closed in the summer because of the people using the boat launch.  She recommended that everyone on the Board review the Town laws because the Town Board is reviewing it to make changes. 

Cole asked if other area parks were created with Scenic Hudson money.  Benson said that Ulster Landing Park is closed in the winter, and open for boats in the summer.  Silvestro said that Chapter 98 of the Town law was archaic.

Chairman Zimmer reminded the Board that Freer and Sleightsburg parks are part of the Greenway WaterTrail.  She recommended contacting Greenway for suggestions. Silvestro said it would be a good idea to review any laws Greenway may have.

Chairman Zimmer also recommended clearing the low lying branches when the walkways were out and the park was open for public use. Improvements at Freer Park would be a kiosk, a ten-minute parking sign, and repair of the seawall.   Zimmer will ask Chet Allen to check into the harvester for this year


Cathy Quick reported on the Environmental Committee meeting.  There was discussion on back yard burning and plantings. 


Cole had nothing new to report.


McMichael reported that two new Board members were appointed.  He said  Mike Sprague and Darin DeKoskie were both qualified.

Chairman Zimmer reminded him that a letter needed to go to the Planning Board on Barbara Patrick’s property for their Thursday meeting.  McMichael reviewed the sketch plan  on the river front property known as section five.  This section would have silt fencing.  The Planning Board has already sent a letter to the Hyde Park Planning Board to review.  Two of the lots are situated on Black Creek on the summit that can be seen by the eastern shore.  McMichael said there is shallow bedrock with some wetland issues.  The larger lot is mostly wetlands with a marsh which is in a flood plain.

Silvestro asked if the plans were just speculation.  McMichael said that Patrick plans on moving forward with the project and wants to build the houses herself since they will be her neighbors.   Cole said he was concerned that the flood area was next to a stream that drained into the Hudson River.  McMichael said that the septic plans had to be approved by the Health Department,

Silvestro said there was another property where there is a culvert issue that the property owner wanted the Town to take care of.  She was concerned that if anymore water was diverted to that drainage ditch from development of surrounding properties, there may be more of an issue.  Zimmer was concerned about the protection of the stream on Lot 2A. 

Quick said that since there were no contours to see where the flooding problems may be.  Zimmer recommended that the Board consider the protection of the stream and stormwater run off to Black Creek from paved surfaces. It was suggested that a stone base should be placed on the roadways to help erosion issues while the dwellings were being constructed.

McMichael reported that Somerset is ready to move ahead.  Silvestro said that the Town law PUD and extension of the water district public hearing was closed.  The engineer report from Brinnier and Larios said that the sewer plant had the capacity to handle the additional waste.  She spoke with the Mayor, and he said that the City has plans to expand the treatment plant which will increase the percentage of capacity that Esopus is permitted to use under their contract.

Birchez – Steve Aaron was before the Planning Board for senior housing.  Silvestro said the senior housing is subsidized but not low income housing. .  Silvestro said that the five new homes would be luxury homes and increase the surrounding property value.  The engineers also proposed the minimize the visual impacts by using neutral colors and low lying designs. Cole said that the developer bought the land years ago with the blessing of the previous administration and it would be a public service to have senior housing.

Other Business

Silvestro reported that the 2009 (400 year quadracentenial)  Hudson River event could be funded with available New York State money.  The events will run July through October.  Poughkeepsie-Highland and Beacon-Newburgh have already developed partnerships for the event.  She spoke to Kathy Cook  in the City of Kingston about coordinating events with Esopus.  Pat Huber, Alex Contini, Bernice McInierney,  would like to participate.  Cole suggested Sharon Jones.  Silvestro said that anyone who is interested in participating and coordinating the event should contact her.


MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by John McMichael.   All in favor.

                                                ADJOURNED  8:20pm