Minutes of the January , 2008 meeting
Present:  Bill Benson, Don Cole – Zoning, Michael Richardson, Cathy Quick – Environmental ,
Michael Minor – Planning Board, Marion Zimmer – Chair
Excused:  Rosemarie Kristophy                                              Absent:  Kathy  Weitze
Town Board Liason: Deborah Silvestro
The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by Chairman Zimmer.
MINUTES:  The minutes of the previous meeting, November 27, 2007 were reviewed .  Cole requested that future minutes be mailed to each board member.
                A motion to approve the November 27th, 2007 minutes was made by Bill Benson, and seconded by Cathy Quick.
Michael Minor was welcomed to the Board as Planning  Board Representative.  Chairman Zimmer explained that as Planning Board Representative his primary function was to provide the WAB with data regarding those projects that fall within the Waterfront Zone.
Chet Allen submitted a letter of resignation -1/16-/08.  Supervisor Countant indicated that he had a volunteer that he would like to appoint to the Board.  The Town Clerk’s office was advised that this position was now vacant.
                A motion to send a letter of thanks to Chet for his service, a request to the Town Board to do also acknowledge Allen’s service was made by Don Cole and seconded by Mike Minor.
Unfinished business of 2007 – Chairman Zimmer asked for the status of 2007 reviews from Town Board Representative, Silvestro. Town of Esopus Parks Rules and Regulations – undergoing final review by attorney before going before the Town Board and public hearing. Web page – send submissions to be posted to the web page to Mike Rice.
2007 WAB Annual Report to the Town Board – was reviewed
A motion was made by Don Cole and seconded by Cathy Quick to submit the 2007 Annual Report to the Town Board with a recommendation that the Waterfront Advisory Board continue to operate.
Spring Clean up – Zimmer presented Hudson River tide charts for April to select a date for this year’s clean up.  It was decided to hold the event on Saturday , April 19th  from 9am – noon. Low tide will occur at 8:00am.  Silvestro asked if we planned to include George Freer Park.  Richardson said that last year Freer Park, along the pipeline , and the road to Sleightsburg were included. 
Saturday , April 19th  from 9am – noon

  1. Cleanup Sleightsburg Park and George Freer Park
  2. 08 plans will include both parks and cover as much as the number of volunteers will allow.


Page 2                                                                                                                                                                   WAB January 22 Minutes
Waterchestnut Harvester Program
Silvestro reported that the current Town budget did not have the funds  for the purchase/repair of the harvester equipment.  Zimmer said we could start to look for grants available.  Minor suggested we put together a proposal to fund the harvester through a bank to recoup the funds allowed on “trade-in”.  He will talk to the Supervisor.  Silvestro will give Zimmer the name of the Saugerties contact to see if they are willing to “pay” for the use of a machine. Richardson suggested an inter-municipal agreement between several Towns could be worked out, possible that Tivoli would be interested. Cole  also mentioned the new HR park in Highland.
Silvestro mentioned the Park and Rec fees that could possibly be used to purchase a new harvester.  Zimmer said that the harvester equipment and program should be part of the Parks department.  The areas involved are the three parks, the WAB has no funds and personnel to maintain the equipment. Zimmer will draft a letter to the Town Board for next month’s meeting requesting that the project fall under the Park and Rec’s responsiblility.  Wayne Freer is the Town Board contact for Park and Rec.
‘08 program - Discussion followed regarding a possible hand pull to be held this year, if there is no mechanical harvester..  The timing would be late June, before the seeds are viable.  The material pulled would have to be transported by the Highway Department after it dewatered on the beach.  Possible recycling sites were Dukes Pit – Tom Slattery and Vassar Farms-Dutchess County.  Richardson will contact Vassar Farms to see if they are interested.    Further discussion will follow.
Environmental Board – Quick reported that Andy Bicking was appointed Chairman of the Board upon the resignation of Bob Santiago.  They would like to maintain a working relationship with the WAB, and be more informed on the Town’s new building projects.  They plan to use their remaining funds to purchase environmental books for the Town Library.   
Planning Board –Mike Minor
 A request for comment by the planning board on the C&M Sackett Development  Project #2006-26 for their 1/24/08 meeting.  The map presented was reviewed.  The engineering report was not available, and the PB minutes referred to the escrow account for the proposed turn-around on Hamilton Court. 
Discussion followed of a prior problem with storm water runoff during the construction of Lots 1 & 2 in this project.:
A motion to recommend a thorough review of the project plans for storm water drainage from both lots 3a & 3b was made by Don Cole and seconded by Bill Benson. 
Approval of spending funds
Zimmer asked that the Board approve funding to have two copies of the LWRP printed for new members.  Cole asked where the old copies were and suggested that if the resigning members do not turn in their copies they should pay for printing up new ones.  Zimmer will look into the status of the copies available. A motion was made by Don Cole and seconded by Cathy Quick for the Chairman to have new copies printed.
A motion was made at 8:25pm to adjourn the meeting by Don Cole and seconded by Bill Benson.
The next meeting will be February 26th @ 7:00PM in the Town Hall.