Waterfront Advisory Board
January 26, 2010

Members Present:  Michael Minor, Marion Zimmer, Don Cole, Rosemarie Kristofy,
                                Eli Schloss, Bill Benson, Donna McAuley, TB Liaison, Catherine
                                Quick, Chair

Member Excused:    Kathy Weitze

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Minutes for December 22 and to be approved.  Laura sent these around
I just made a few corrections.
Don made a motion to accept..  Marion noticed a spelling error, "motion".  It was corrected on the final copy. She also seconded the motion to accept.

Old Business:

The Riverkeeper report on water quality that was reported to us by Dan Shapley and was sent out to Waterfront Advisory Board members in November.  Bill Benson did some questioning on this issue and is so kind as to share some of the information he
found out.  

Bill said that at the time of the testing, there was a lot of rain.  There are no sewers.
It is a swampy wet area.   The old homes in the Eddyville area are using septic tanks.  There was a lot of storm water and most of it ends up in the creek.  The homes are older homes on small city lots.

Marion wanted to know if the homes are below the dam or above the dam?  They are mostly slightly above the dam, past White's Dairy Bar.

Michael wanted to know if the septic tanks are in a state of ailure?  No they are not in failure.

Bill said that the tests were done near the Anchorage and the boat yard. 

Michael asked if the problem only exists during heavy rain.  Bill said no, it doesn't.  It looks like there are other causes as well.

Catherine stated that when she attended the County Environmental Management Council meeting in November, John Sansalone one of the officials that is involved in waste water management for the DEC came to me and mentioned that they have had complaints about sewer odors when out kayaking in the Rondout near Eddyville.  He also mentioned that the bacteria counts were high in the Rondout.  He also has a concern about storm water getting into the sewer systems.  He mentioned several tests that can be conducted to enforce the laws regarding the discharge of storm water from sump pumps into the system.   The next day she reported this information to John Coutant.  He was aware of the problem and referred her to a recent recommendation from an engineering firm, Morris Associates from Poughkeepsie that works with the Water/Sewer District.  Morris Associates suggested that the Water Sewer District perform some of the same tests that Mr. Sansalone suggested.
Don said that there was a big problem at the Dock and Dine.  Their septic was overflowing and running into the creek.  I don't know if that problem has been corrected over the years.

Catherine asked if that is over near the side where the old Showboat was, on the east side of the bridge.  Don replied that it was.  He used to work for them.  They had big problems with their septic tanks.

Catherine replied that it definitely has an effect our waterfront, but Eddyville is in the Town Of Ulster.  The old Showboat property and the north side of the Rondout is in the City of Kingston.

Michael mentioned that the Kingston City Sewer plant when it rains a lot always dumps raw sewage into the Rondout near the Maritime Center.

Don asked if it has subsided since they are making those fertilizer pellets?

Michael said that as far as he knows it has not.  The problem is that there is so much storm water getting into the sewer water that they just can't handle it.
You can see an open pipe pouring it all right in.   It is the city of Kingston, but it
is also our waterfront.

Eli mentioned that it was a problem because the sewerage will make its way down to our water plant.  The sewerage gets in to our drinking water.  It is a common problem up and down the river because there are sewers combined with storm drains.
Did they get these readings further upstream?

Catherine answered that we do not know, it was just these samples and readings that were brought to our attention.

Bill mentioned that these readings were not very deep.  They were only 30 centimeters.   The water intake at the water plant is 35 feet deep. 

Michael mentioned that the water at the intake plant is probably one of the cleanest places in the river because that section of the river is fed by numerous underground springs.

Planning Board:  Michael The Massage School, Advanced Aesthetics.  Owner wants to subdivide and build a home closer to the river.  We need to look closely at this.
It will be visible from the river and it is new construction.   It is directly across from the Vanderbilt Estate, and we will have to notify Dutchess County.  We need to be aware that this will be a new building on the river and it will have an effect on the view shed. There is also a retention pond and a septic system.  The school did not use as much water as an additional house.  Wastewater may be an issue.

Smith Property:  Michael said that it appears that there is more than an acre of disturbance.  We have been snookered. They re-graded the whole hill and put in a road down to the Rondout..  They also built and cleared a road all the way up to the top.  It looks like they are planning a building site.  It looks like they are getting work done and then when they come in for a permit they will say they are not disturbing more than an acre, cause the have already done that.  When it rains, I am sure there is a lot of run off from the top of that hill all the way down to the Rondout.
We have been told it is not our business it is the Army Corps of Engineers because they are building a dock.  We might want to write a letter expressing our concerns
Since it is such a big area and it is definitely more than an acre.  As a Waterfront Advisory Board we should investigate this and insist on the silt fences.  We might want to write a letter to the Planning Board expressing our concerns, there are no trees or plantings, and ask for a silt fence.  We need to ask the planning board what our role is or what say do we have since this has an effect on our waterfront.  The planning board should be able to ask their consultant.

Don said that he personally don't think he is going to do anything detrimental to the area, because if he did he would be cutting his own throat.  He has enough money to develop the area properly for his own use.

Michael is concerned if he is being watched by any agency and what is our responsibility as a waterfront board.

First it was the responsibility Army Corps of Engineers, then it was sent to the Department of State then to the US Coastal Management Zone and then to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Marion felt we should ask who is in charge.  Ask the planning board and carbon copy and the building inspector.

Smith is putting it all in place.

Rosemarie said that someone said it had been grandfathered and they will do it any way.

Catherine replied that there was once a dock and he was resurrecting is and trying to build it since one had been there previously.

Michael said that we need to question what is happening on the hill, if there is erosion it does have an effect on the river.

Zoning Board:  Don Cole:  There is nothing new.

Environmental Board:   Catherine Quick:  It has been quiet.  We may be doing the sapling giveaway like we have in previous years.

Water Chestnut Harvester:  Catherine reported that John Coutant says he has money in the bank and is ready to pay for the machine!  Donna said that it will be delivered in May.  There will be training.

Great Hudson River Sweep: Do we want to have it?
Marion will check tides so we can pick a date and get the information out.

Hudson River Estuary Action Plan :  Just came out yesterday and here are copies are for you to look over and comment if you wish.

Catherine said on the back of your agenda is a list of all of the meetings for the year.
Please try to pencil in these dates.  If we change this it conflicts with other meetings
in town.  I am trying to be respectful of your time.  I do not think we really have to
have a meeting every month, especially if we are not planning an event and it the planning board does not have any pressing business.  Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Motion to adjourn:  Made by Don Cole, seconded by Michael Minor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Minutes Respectfully submitted,

Catherine L. Quick    February 4, 2010