Minutes of the February 26. 2008 meeting
Present:  Bill Benson, Cathy Quick – Environmental, Marion Zimmer – Chair, Rosemarie Kristofy, Kathy Weitze                                    
Absent:  Don Cole, Michael Minor, Michael Richardson
Town Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro
The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Chairman Zimmer.
MINUTES:  The minutes of the previous meeting, January, 2008 were reviewed.  
A motion to approve the January 2008 minutes was made by Bill Benson, and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.
A motion to approve secretary’s pay was made by Kathy Weitze and seconded by Cathy Quick. All present in favor.
Chairman Zimmer reviewed the Dunkin Donuts project with the Board.  She noted that the proposed site plan was not in compliance with Stormwater and New York State code.  The Application limits stormwater to the property but the steeper grades will actually cause more of a run-off issue.  The engineer’s report from Miles Christman said the newest site plan proposal did not meet basic stormwater requirements.  Town engineer Clough Harbor and Associates also said it did not meet NYS MS4 stormwater management plan.

Bill Benson said one of the projects he saw had underground retention tanks for stormwater.  Chairman Zimmer remarked that the project was designed to disturbed less than an acre.  Kathy Weitze felt it was important to address stormwater issues, and considering what was required from the tire place, it would be what the neighbors wanted.  Debbie Silvestro though that the builder was putting in a stormwater retention system on site. 
Chairman Zimmer said that it did come back from the ZBA with a variance.  Silvestro said that there were a lot of comments from the public and the developer opted to make it smaller.  Chairman Zimmer said both the engineers felt that the site plan is not complete.  Bill Benson said the stormwater hasn’t been addressed or at least nothing to indicate any stormwater control is in the site drawings.  Kristofy asked what the tire place did.  Kathy Weitze recalled that they had to make some adjustments so stormwater and run of would go into the stream behind the stone house.  New regulations do not permit this.

Chairman Zimmer said she drafted a comment based on the submission and comments from the engineers stating that the WAB felt the stormwater control was incomplete.

The motion to approve the letter to be submitted to the Planning Board after WAB review of the Port Ewen Shopping Center project and comments that the project did not meet stormwater requirements was made by Kathy Weitze and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.

Chairman Zimmer asked if any of the Board members had a copy of the LWRP.  She had new members that needed copies.  She also introduced Eli Schloss as a potential member. 

Chairman Zimmer reviewed the Gtreat River Sweep which has been scheduled for April 19th.  She is planning to use the Town dump truck and said she is working with Laura on volunteers.  Quick said the Environmental Committee is willing to co-sponsor and wants to provide saplings as give aways.  Chairman Zimmer said she selected the date* because it would be low tide and they could collect more debris.  Kristofy asked that if they would have more access to the island.  Chairman Zimmer said it depended on the volunteers and their numbers.  The clean up would not include the island but it could expand down the Rondout Creek.

Silvestro remarked that the chain to access Sleightsburg Park was cut and there was a party.  Benson said it looked like the chain had been pushed apart by a car.  He said he had been collecting debris and putting it into a pile.  Chairman Zimmer remarked that someone had tried to break into the shed.  Benson did feel that the chain has been a deterrent to illegal dumping.

Chairman Zimmer said the harvester project is still moving forward.  She said Kelly Meyers, Village Trustee from Saugerties, said they would be willing to work with the Town on an inter-municipal grant.  She was also a part of the conservancy.  Chairman Zimmer said that going out for a grant meant they would have not machine for the summer harvest and would have to hand pull.  Kristofy thought it would be better to invite other Towns with waterfront property to apply for the grant such as Highland.
Chairman Zimmer said the new machine would have to be trailer wide so it would have to be transported by tractor.  She said Adirondack Kayaker Club had contacted her to hold a kayaker’s training class in early June.  Kristofy reminded the Board that whatever was pulled out by hand had to be dewatered and removed.  Chairman Zimmer said she would work with the Town Supervisor and Town Superintendent to see if they could help haul the debris.  Tom Slattery of Duke’s Pit is may be willing to take the water chestnuts to compost them.

Chairman Zimmer said a draft of a letter should be sent to Park and Recreation regarding the harvester project falling under their purview.  The Board felt that operations of the machine should be with Park and Recreation.  WAB had no employees in their budget. Bill Benson said he would like a letter sent.  Kristofy asked if Park and Rec was interested in taking this project over.  Debbie Silvestro said that there was a recreation commission too.  Chairman Zimmer felt it should stay with Park and Rec since they had a full time employee.  She said if a new harvester was funded with a grant, it couldn’t be used by a volunteer board.
Eli Schloss asked if Saugerties might have a stronger infrastructure to handle a harvester.  Chairman Zimmer said they should have a trained operator that goes everywhere with the machine.  She said that Supervisor Coutant was not willing to make the expenses part of the 2008 bidet.  The other thing that could be done is rent contractors with machines.
Bill Benson thought the letter was fine and should go out as is.  Eli Schloss though the letter should mention an intermunicipal agreement with Saugerties.  Rosemary Kristofy felt that they should add in that ignoring the water chestnut issue would just make it worse.
The motion to send out a letter regarding the water chestnut harvester project being transferred to Parks and Rec was made by Rosemary Kristofy and seconded by Bill Benson.  All present in favor.

Chairman Zimmer asked if the Board noticed the Greenway Water Trail signs.  She said that she would also like a ten minute parking sign to go up by the boat launch.  Debbie Silvestro said the Town said there was no boat launch in Freer Park.  She also said that there is a group who would like to put their kayaks in storage racks and walk up into Town.

ZONING BOARD – Cole absent

ENVIRONMENTAL BOARD – Cathy Quick reported that the Environmental Board had a meeting with Transfer Station manager Curt Dankelmann.  He said that he was looking into waste reduction measures to improve Town recycling rates and reduce costs.

A motion was made at 8:15pm to adjourn the meeting by Bill Benson and seconded by Cathy Quick.  All present in favor.
The next meeting will be March 25 @ 7:00PM in the Town Hall.