Minutes of the February 24, 2009 Meeting


PRESENT:  Chairman, Kathleen Quick, Michael Minor, Don Cole, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Eli Schloss, Marion Zimmer

ABSENT: Kathy Weitze, Michael Richardson

 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Chairman Quick.


MOTION to approve the November minutes was made by Don Cole and seconded by Michael Minor.  All present in favor.


MOTIN to approve payroll for the secretary was made by Don Cole and seconded by William Benson.  All present in favor.


Chairman Quick reported that she had spoken with Supervisor Coutant about the water chestnut harvester, and a trailer.  She had requested the specs on the harvester to see if it could be put in a building.  Minor asked if the Board could do a site visit.  Quick said maybe for the March Board meeting.  Cole asked if it was fully funded by the Town or there were several income sources and Saugerties was interested in an intermunicipa agreement.  Quick also mentioned that the Bruderhof may be interested in sharing the agreement.  Cole said the agreements should include condition of use, and that a Town employee does the work.  He asked Silvestro if she had a feeling from the Town Board on authorizing agreements and purchase of the equipment.

Quick said Rosendale was interested to use the harvester for some of their lakes.  Minor mentioned that the Bruderhof may be an asset with their mechanical skills when the machine needed maintenance. Kristofy asked who would be operating the harvester.  Quick said it would be a trained person and it would probably be a paid position.  Silvestro said it should come out of the recreation budget line rather than the highways.  There was Board discussion on winter storage of the harvester and composting the weeds after they were pulled.

The Board agreed that the Harvester would be an asset to the community, and thanked Marion Zimmer for all of her hard work in obtaining the grant for the Town.

Chairman Quick announced that the next Hudson River Sweep was being scheduled for April 25th from 9-1:00pm.  Cole said that greeter should be at the table, and asked if the Bruderhof would be contacted for refreshments and volunteers. Minor asked if they would still be doing Sleightburg Park.  There was Board discussion on coordinating with other Town departments to pick up debris and that volunteers would have access to a Port-O-Potty.



Stewarts Project - Minor reported that the Stewarts project design was already approved but since the company had purchased the adjoining property a revised design was submitted and public hearing would be held at their next Planning Board meeting. He explained that the original footprint would be expanded so the neighbor with the right of way would be able to exit through Main Street rather than the Stewart parking lot.  The Planning Board was concerned about stormwater run-off and since the State came through, Route 9W stormwater had been diverted to a culvert pipe running into private property.  Stewarts was offering to keep the culvert pipe clear of debris.  Minor said he wanted this issue to be a matter of public record because the homeowners may seek financial relief in the future.



Quick asked about the “little house” on River Road.  Cole said it would be coming up at the ZBA meeting in March.



Quick reported that concerns about the Town transfer station were discussed including creating mulch from the brush piles, metal recycling markets, and a swap shop.  Silvestro said the letter from the Environmental Committee was forwarded to legal counsel.  Minor asked if the rates were being raised by the transfer station contractor.  Silvestro said he had raised the fees, and it did not have to be approved by the Town Board.

Quick said the lighting survey was close to being completed but the cold weather had slowed down the process.  Central Hudson will replace 5% of the lights each year, and she noted that some of the fixtures were doubled up adding unnecessary costs to the Town.

Quick said that April 18th was scheduled for the annual sapling giveaway from 1-4pm.  The Klyne museum will be holding a “Native Americans during Henry Hudson time” the same day beginning at 4:00pm, and there is a Spring walk scheduled by the library ffor the same day.


Scloss remarked that the Birchez project has been removing tress and asked if there was anything in the LWRP that addressed land clearing.  Silvestro thought that there was nothing in the Town law but the Planning Board had a landscape requirement built into their permit.  Minor said there was a specific re-planting plan required.  Schloss remarked that clear cutting would cause stormwater damage.  Quick noted that the culvert pipes had been replaced.



MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.

                                    ADJOURNED 8:00pm



Prepared by Laura Petit, Secretary