Town Of Esopus        Waterfront Advisory Board                  Minutes of Meeting 

                                               February 22, 2011

Present:     Marion Zimmer, Kathy Weitze, Bill Benson, Michael Minor, Gloria Van Vliet TB
                   Liaison, Catherine Quick, Chair
Absent:       Don Cole, Carol Tomassetti
Excused:    Eli Schloss, Rosemarie Kristofy, Karyn Grieco

1.         Catherine called the meeting called to order at 7:09 PM. 

2.         Minutes of 11/30/10 reviewed. Michael made a motion to approve, seconded
            by Kathy W.

3.         Environmental Board   Catherine reported that there was a presentation from the DEC      regarding the Emerald Ash Borer at the 2/16/11 meeting.   They are known to be present
            in the Town of  Ulster.  The DEC will be checking on some ash trees in the Town of         Esopus.  These insects will destroy all of the American white ash trees in the forest
            and that line our streets.  Ash trees make up about 7% of the town's natural forest.

4.         Planning Board:  Michael reported that the Ferguson house will probably not have to
            be reviewed by our board, since the new plans have it within the 80 foot set back
            from the river as required.

5.         Zoning Board: No report.

6.         Sleightburgh Spit Park Clean Up:  Marion researched tide tables.  This needs to be
            done when the tide is low.   We will plan to do this on April 9 from 10:30 AM-
            2:30 PM.  The rain date will be Sunday April 10 from 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM.
            We also need to keep nudging the Highway Department to deliver a dumpster.  They
            forgot last year even though they were given over 6 weeks notice.
            Marion also suggested we approach our Highway Department and/or the Recreation
            Department to see if we could also work on trail maintenance that day.  We have lost
            the trail that followed the river's edge.  The other trails need attention.  We will confer
            with Supervisor Coutant to see if he thinks this is an option and let him take it from
            there.  The town board also promised that there would be a port-a-potty present at the
            park all season.

7.         KOSKO Sleightsburgh  Catherine reported that after speaking with Supervisor John
            Coutant, he cautioned us not to cry "Wolf!" too soon.  He found out that KOSCO is still in
            a long term lease with Getty for the property.  KOSCO is being supplied by Garraghan
            Oil, so they do not need that facility at the present time.  They have had the tanks painted
            and inspected and are plowing snow and maintaining the property.

8.         Turbulence in the Esopus Creek:   Catherine reported that at the Ulster County
            Environmental Management Council meeting there was a motion to support
            County Executive Hein with a lawsuit brought against DEP.  The very next day
            They shut off the release of the muddy turbulent water.  At least attention was
            called to the situation.  The DEC is fining the DEP on this issue. 

9.         Champlain Hudson Power Express:  Catherine has been asked by the Department
            Of State to have our Waterfront Advisory Board comment on this project to install
            Two 6 inch DC and AC high voltage cables in the Hudson River in our area of the Hudson. 
            These cables if approved, will deliver carbon neutral power to NYC from the Canadian     border.  Our comments are explained in the attached letter that will be filed with these

10.        Water Chestnut Harvester:  Marion is concerned that the Water Chestnut Harvester
            be up and running to clear our waterfront and in time to get the weeds cut before they      produce new seeds.  Catherine and Gloria reported that Supervisor John Coutant is     dedicated to the success of this machine and the mission to clear these weeds from our       waterfront.

11.        Mike made a motion to adjourn.  This was seconded by Marion.  The meeting was
            adjourned at 8:03 PM.

12.        Next meeting:  March 22, 2011  


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine L. Quick     02/28/2011