Minutes of the March 27, 2007 Meeting


Present:   Marion Zimmer, Rosemarie Kristofy, John McMichael, Cathy Quick, Kathy Weitze, William Benson

Excused: Frank O’Donnell, Don Cole, Chet Allen,

Board Liaison: Deborah Sylvestro


Chairman Zimmer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  The minutes of the February minutes were reviewed by the Board.

MOTION to accept the February 2007 minutes was made by John McMichael and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor. None opposed.

MOTION to accept the payroll voucher for WAB secretary was made by William Benson and seconded by John McMichael.  All present in favor.  None opposed.



Zimmer reported that she had invited Vince Fisher to the meeting.  Silvestro said that Fisher sent his regrets but is on the Board for the Boat Club which meets on the same night.  It was suggested that Michael Richardson in Sleightsburg might be interested in serving on the WAB Board.  Benson said he knows him and felt he would be a good candidate.  Everyone agreed that Zimmer should contact Richardson.

Zimmer reported that the Great River Sweep would be on April 21st from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  She said a group of kids from Robert Graves would be coming to help and that the WAB has to supply its own garbage bags and gloves. She said she had spoken to Coutant but hadn’t mentioned the Clean Sweep to him. She asked if anyone was willing to go ask for refreshments.  Petit said she would go to Van Loans and ask for water or soda.

Zimmer said that she sent a letter to Coutant who spoke with Highway Superintendent Al Larkin about the water chestnut harvester.  She was told that all maintenance should be done on time.  Larkin did not approve of a December 1st closing of the park, though, because it was too late in the season for his men to remove the walkways.  They had to go into the water to remove bolts and it was too cold for them. 


Silvestro reported that she had spoken with Mike Rice, Town webmaster, and he will be adding an “event box” to the home page to announce all Town events.  She felt this was a great opportunity to announce the Great River Sweep and suggested e-mailing the flyer to him.  She introduced Emile Peiri from the Town Environmental Board who was hoping that a joint meeting/presentation could be held. 

Peiri said that Barbara Kendall from the Hudson River estuary program could speak on better site designs for the Town.  Her idea was to host a session where this could be discussed with the public and Town officials.  She also mentioned that Kendall was an expert on stormwater.  Silvestro reminded the Board that a joint presentation would be similar to the one held with Chris Bower.  Zimmer asked if the Planning Board may be interested in joining the session as well. Emilie Peiri said the talk was about an hour long.

The Board agreed that May 22nd was a good day for the meeting and asked if the Environmental Meeting on May 16th would be cancelled.





Zimmer reported that a letter had gone out to the Planning Board on the Birchez project and concerns on stormwater control.  She said the Sacred Heart project was discussed last month and reminded the Board that there was no comment.

McMichael said that there will be a public hearing on Birchez and the SEQRA process is being required.  Their consultant did feel that the Planning Board was ready to begin the SEQRA process.  McMichael said there were new retaining pools in the revised design and that 11.1 acres of ground disturbance will occur.

McMichael reported that the Mackey property adjacent to the Birchez was still being reviewed.  He also reported on the Barbara Patrick’s pre-submission conference regarding the dock at the end of Parker Lane. Patrick wants to attach the dock to one of her other property deeds although it physically is not joined.  Weitze said it was referred to the Town dock before Patrick bought the property.  Benson said it was filled in with dirt to reclaim the river at one time. 

McMichael said the Patrick property and Dunkin Donuts applications would be discussed at the April 5th Planning Board meeting.




Kathy Quick spoke about the tree giveaway and distributed flyers.  She said that the event was planned for April 29th and they were going to have a speaker to educated people on caring for the seedlings.  Zimmer suggested that information be distributed at the library.

Silvestro said that Board members were preparing literature on tree care.  The Board was also sponsoring a contest, both essay and poster, for the April 29th event.  There was discussion on have the literature would be distributed to the schools.



Zimmer told the Board that beavers had built a dam out be a fallen tree and were moving back into the area.  There have been several beaver families moving back into the Hudson River and Plantasi Creek.



MOTION to adjourn the March 2007 WAB meeting was made by Kathy Weitze and seconded by John McMichael.  All present in favor. None opposed.

                                                ADJOURNED  7:40pm