Minutes of the March 24, 2009 Meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Kathleen Quick, Michael Minor, Don Cole, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Eli Schloss
ABSENT: Kathy Weitze, Marion Zimmer, Michael Richardson
 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chairman Quick.
MOTION to approve the minutes was made by Don Cole and seconded by Bill Benson.  All present in favor.
MOTIN to approve payroll for the secretary was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.
Chairman Quick reported that she had left a message for Supervisor Coutant to see how the purchase process for the water chestnut harvester, and a trailer was going.  He said that a request for bids had gone out, and she was staying optimistic that it may be purchased before the next water chestnut pulling event was scheduled. She reported that the River Sweep was scheduled for April 25th, and was hoping to have many volunteers.  Concern was raised about volunteers bringing young children, and there was discussion on garbage removal for materials collected from the area. Suggestions were made to advertise the event in the post office and library.
Cole had more questions about the harvester.  He asked Silvestro if anything was going on at the Town Board.  Quick said that there were limited manufacturers for this equipment, and not all of them make trailers.  Minor said the manufacturers would be held to the specs outlined in the bid.


Stewarts Project - Minor displayed a site plan map, and reported that the Stewarts project design was resubmitted to the Planning Board to include the additional property purchased adjacent to the old site.  He said the store would be larger and more modern.  Users would also have the option to exit onto Main Street, and there would be two curb cuts on the Route 9W side.  The old store would be demolished after the new store was up and operational.  Stormwater runoff will be diverted to a drainage and collection area, and an old culvert pipe will be replaced in an attempt to mitigate the runoff issue to private property behind their store.  There would be an oil and water separation system to prevent petroleum products from contaminating the surrounding area. Stewarts also promised to maintain the culvert, and keep it clear of debris.
Quick asked about landscaping plan, and what would happen to the trees.  Minor said that landscaping was a part of the site plan.  Silvestro commented about the parking.  Minor said that parking spaces would be angled and clearly marked.  There would also be enough room now for the tractor trailer delivery trucks to turn around. Minor remarked that the developers had been cooperative with Planning Board requests, and changed the shape of the roof and the façade. A lighting plan was included too.
Schloss asked about the treatment of the stormwater.  Minor said that the oil and water collection system was better than other systems because it separated out the contamination; it wasn’t a treatment per se.
Minor said that the Planning Board would need a letter from the WAB with any comments for this project.
MOTION was made stating that the WAB had reviewed the Stewart’s Project plans and had no concerns on the project as it was presented.  Seconded by Don Cole.  All present in favor.
There was discussion on the Birchez project regarding the number of trees removed from the site.  The developer claimed he had an approved landscaping plan, however, could not produce it.  The Town will not be providing a Certificate of Occupancy until the developer submits a plan and replaces the trees with other acceptable landscaping.  Schloss asked about the culvert pipe.  Minor explained that the original pipes didn’t meet County recommendations, and there was concern about stormwater runoff issues that would compromise the slope.  The developer replaced the pipes with larger ones.
Minor reviewed the status of the water treatment plant.  He explained that there was CEMA and FEMA funding available to preserve the plant.  He also said that the County was responsible for maintaining River road but could not do any work on the privately owned property believed to be the cause of the slope collapsing.  Minor opinion was that the County wasn’t repairing the road because they didn’t have the funds to keep repairing it without the runoff issue being resolved.  The current landowner said he would take care of his 400’ of slope, if the Town approved the sale and development of Esopus Lakes.  Minor said that the water needed to be diverted under River Road to the Hudson River in such a way that it wouldn’t continue to cause slope failures. 
No Comment.

Quick reported that The Environmental Board would be doing their annual sapling giveaway on April 18th at the Town Hall.  She reminded the Board that Michael Richardson had resigned and asked that the WAB members make recommendations on volunteers to fill that vacant position.  Benson remarked that Richardson had a copy of the LWRP, and should be asked to return it.
Quick had received a copy of the letter regarding the Smith project on Rondout Creek to Supervisor Coutant.  She said the last correspondence stated that the plans would have to go to the Secretary of Commerce.  She said the bulk head and silk screen where taking up a 300’ area. Quick was concerned that comments on preserving the unique aquatic habitat would fall on deaf ears and the project would move forward anyway. She felt the project may be part of a bigger plan for development of the site.  Minor said that with all of the regulations in place, he felt the site would be well monitored.  Schloss asked for clarification on the project since it hadn’t been referred by the Planning Board.  Quick said that the developer was keeping the project just under the area disturbance threshold for a variance, so a permit was not required.
There was no new business.
MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.
                                    ADJOURNED 8:20pm

Prepared by Laura Petit, Secretary