MARCH 23, 2010

On March 23, 2010 at 7:08 p.m. the Waterfront Advisory Board held a meeting at Town Hall.


Catherine Quick, Chairman
Eli Schloss
Marion Zimmer
Don Cole
Donna McAuley


Bill Benson
Rosemarie Kristofy
Kathy Weitz


Michael Minor

Donna McAuley made of motion to approve the minutes from January 26, 2010 and Marion Zimmer second the motion. All in favor.

There was a discussion on the Great River Sweep. The Board has worked on the tides and the River Sweep will be Saturday, April 17th from 10 am to 1 pm.  All volunteers will be appreciated.
Not only is there the job of picking up garbage, but a table could be manned to have people sign up. The Maple Ridge Community will be invited to assist.

Marion reported that on Saturday April 10, the Scenic Hudson has an event at Esopus Meadows, volunteer training.  Marion recently walked the paths at Sleightsburgh Park and they are in need of trimming and pruning. Trees have fallen down.  Marion thought the committee could possible do some trail maintenance at this time. Marion was going to Scenic Hudson so see how they teach people and the equipment that they use. This could be worked into the Sleightsburgh Park. There was a discussion regarding the trail and it was decided that the trail should be inland a little bit more. It would make it a lot more user friendly. Flyers have been sent and any help, even for a little while, would be appreciated.

No report from Planning Board.



M. Minor had previously stated that M. Ferguson wanted to build a house and it could be controversial. It might have something to do with the view from across the river. There was a discussion on what Ms. Ferguson might have to do and it was determined that she had plenty of property at the site.

Cathy Quick stated that the Waterfront Board meets next on April 27th and she is not sure that she can make it. 

Don Cole gave a Zoning Board report. There was nothing that pertains to us.

Environmental Board is doing a sapling give away on April 24th. Copies of flyers were distributed.

Environmental Management Council cancelled their meeting in February. 

The Water Chestnut Harvester is should be delivered in May, 2010.

Has anyone heard anything about the Smith property?  The property is by the old bridge and it appears to be all rock.  The owners have done nothing that would trigger laws of the Town. The owner has gotten into trouble with the DEC for not following regulations. The DEC has taken “lead agency” on this property.  DEC was interested in what the opinion of the Waterfront Advisory was.  Cathy is of the opinion that the Board has a right to be concerned and the Board will continue to watch this project.  Marion Zimmer stated that she was not really clear on who was responsible to watch.  The Department of State was very concerned about the building of a bulk head. A question came up if a dock had been put in, and how much had been done. The plans for the bulk head that the Board reviewed are probably not the plans that they will go forward. The Building Department is keeping a watch on this project. Don Cole stated that Mr. Smith has architects and engineers working with him on this project so he should not be making to many bad moves.

Don Cole inquired about the Library and the Mid-Hudson Federal Credit Union problem. Has anyone heard anything? The State Historic Society is looking into this property. Marion Zimmer stated that back in the 90’s they gave a ruling that this property was not eligible for historical monies. How can they turn around now? The Credit Union is ready to walk away. Don Cole does not believe that John Coutant will allow this to happen.

There was a discussion on Doug Freeman’s property. This building is not historical.

The State is basically taking these two pieces of prime property and saying that they are historical, who will buy them?  John Coutant has a meeting scheduled with the State of New York. The Credit Union wants to build a new structure, the way that they want it.

Marion Zimmer stated that one of her pet projects is George Freer Park. The last spring storm wiped out one tree.  Marion would like to see a development project done at George Freer Park.  Maybe there is a Grant that we could apply for. Another thing about the park is the goose mess. It is really deep.  Marion had read somewhere that if you plant low scrubs, that would keep the geese away. Planning a little hedge might keep the geese away. There was a discussion on what should be planted at this site, and hopefully this will help with the geese problem. Donna McAuley said she would look into this and see if there were any grants available.

There is much work that needs to be done at this Park. Donna McAuley said she would address this matter at the next workshop meeting.

Cathy questioned the sea wall and would that be part of the problem with the excessive number of cement bulk heads. The sea wall that was there is basically under water.  Where you put the kayaks in, that sea wall is basically under water. Years ago, you could swim there. Water chestnuts were always a problem. 

Don Cole made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 pm Cathy Quick seconded the motion.
All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine L Quick