APRIL 24, 2011


MEMBERS PRESENT                                    MEMBERS EXCUSED
Kathie Quick- Chairperson                               Don Cole
Michael Minor                                      Bill Benson
Eli Schloss
Carol Tomasetti
Marion Zimmer
Rosemarie Kristofy
Kathy Weitze


Kathie called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

Mike made a motion to accept the minutes from March 22nd, seconded by Rosemarie, approved by all.

Eli made a motion to accept the secretary’s pay voucher, seconded by Kathy, approved by all.



Kathie mentioned that the brochure has now been printed and ready for distribution.



Don was excused from this meeting and therefore there was nothing to report.



Mike stated that the Public Hearing on April 28th will include a minor subdivision requested by Maria Ferguson, Owner of the Hudson Valley School of Massage on 9W in West Park.  Maria’s property goes from 9w to the Hudson River and she has requested that a portion along the river be separated from the entire property so that she can build a small residence for herself. She has already received several variances in order for this to proceed.  The Town of Hyde Park has been informed of this matter as it is directly across the river.

The fact that the new residence will be visible from the river initiated a discussion about a study that Scenic Hudson has done pertaining to development along the Hudson River.  It gives recommendations, when building, on how to relate to the natural aspect of the river and how to fit in to the natural character of the river.  The study shows pictures of homes and buildings that blend in when viewed from the river as well as those that have a tendency to stick out, so to speak.

Board members offered their opinions as to how this study would relate to Maria Ferguson’s subdivision and it was determined that the Board would inform the Planning Board that they found no inconsistencies with the LWRP and that they support  her application

Kathie indicated that she would also include as part of her letter to the Planning Board the availability of published guidelines that protect the values of waterfronts that are designated as Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance (SASS).   This designation was given to the Town of Esopus, from the Port Ewen Cemetery south though the Town of Lloyd, in 1993 by the NYS Department of Coastal Management Program.



The April 9th Cleanup took a few hours had a good turnout of volunteers.  The Highway Department had filled in the potholes along the access road and a porta-potty was put in place.
Andy Bickering from Cub Scout Pack 26 said his boys felt it was a big success as they told stories of the treasures they had found while cleaning up.



September 15th through September 26th.  Carol has sent an email requesting an agenda as well as an application for participation and is waiting for a response.  Her ski club will be having a kayak outing that week.



Marion indicated that a paddle is being planned as part of the Town’s Bicentennial and that the Library will be showing a film about  kayaking in the Rondout Creek .  Diane McCord is putting together a slide show as well.  The Ramble has been announced and Eli will start planning that once school lets out.  Mike mentioned that the Maritime Museum has an exhibit pertaining to Jobs and Workers in the Hudson Valley.  Perhaps they might have something relating to the Town of Esopus



Kathie expressed to John Coutant, that due to safety reasons, that volunteers should be sought to assist with Chester.  Not to operate but perhaps to accompany the operator or stand on shore and observe.

Carol also drafted a letter to John Coutant, that she read to the Board, indicating that she had polled a group of folks interested in volunteering.  She suggested that a group be trained to assist and then she would help set up a schedule for the operators and include the trained volunteers



Mike mentioned that during the month of June the Planning Board will be meeting on June 23rd which is before the Waterfront Advisory Board that meets on April 28th.  Do we want to consider changing the WAB meeting to the week before?

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 24th at 7:00 pm.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Karyn E. Grieco