Minutes of the May 26, 2009 Meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Kathleen Quick, Don Cole, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Eli Schloss, Kathy Weitze, Marion Zimmer
ABSENT: Michael Minor (excused), one vacancy
 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chairman Quick.
The March minutes were amended to include Kathy Weitze as present, and to change the word CEMA to SEMO.
MOTION to approve the March minutes as amended was made by Don Cole and seconded by Kathy Weitze.  All present in favor.
MOTIN to approve payroll for the secretary was made by Don Cole and seconded by Kathy Weitze.  All present in favor.
Chairman Quick reported that River Sweep had 25 attend to help pick up litter.  There was a port-a-potty and dumpster for the event. Maple Ridge Bruderhof brought cookies and helped. Recycling was separated from the garbage by collecting it in white and black bags. Benson said he was still collecting debris and there was some furniture.
Chairman Quick reported that the Town Board will not make a decision on the Water Chestnut Harvester until the next full Board meeting, and that bids had gone out for the equipment.  She had hoped something would happen before another hand pulling of the water chestnuts had to occur but at this point it looks like an event will have to be scheduled.  Supervisor Coutant had asked the Bruderhof if they would be interested in helping with the purchase of the Water Chestnut Harvester.
There was discussion on finding a person to fill the vacant position on the WAB Board.
Zimmer asked if there was any interest in attending the DEC Hudson River Estuary conference.  Quick said she was thinking of attending the event which would be held at West Point.
The Board discussed the LWRP’s sunset clause and asked if it should be voted on every three years.  Chairman Quick would like to address the issue since Guy Kempe from RUPCO had brought it up as part of the Main Street grant.  Chapter 43.36 of Town regulations stated that the Board shall issue findings of its (WAB) continued need to function in serving.  It also indicates that if no decisions have been made by the WAB then it did not have a function.  The Board agreed that it did issue comments and decisions.  There was discussion on who held copies of the LWRP.
ZBA – Don Cole
Cole said there were no referrals.  He did make some remarks on the progress of the Stewarts Project.   

There was no new business.  Zimmer did suggest that the WAB schedule a water chestnut pull in case the equipment purchase did not come through in time for a June cutting.  Kristofy reminded the Board that the Town Recreation Department was suggested to take over that event.
MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.
                                    ADJOURNED 7:28pm

Submitted by Laura Petit, Secretary