Minutes of the June 27, 2006 Meeting
Present:   Julie Melancon, Don Cole, Marion Zimmer, Frank O’Donnell, William Benson, Rosemarie Kristofy, John McMichael (arrived 7:30pm), Chet Allen, Kathy Weitze

Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro

Chairman Zimmer called the meeting of the Waterfront Advisory Board to order at 7:00pm.


MOTION to approve the May minutes was made by Bill Benson and seconded by Frank O’Donnell.  All in favor


MOTION to approve payroll was made by Frank O’Donnell and seconded by Julie Melancon.  All in favor.


Chairman Zimmer said that the water chestnut harvester’s transmission was a broken.  The Town had to approve a purchase of a replacement.  Chet Allen said he looked at purchasing a new one but it would take twelve weeks. Factory direct with priority shipping would have the part in by June 30th.  He also said that Hidden Harbor would allow the harvester to be docked at their site.  Sylvestro recommended that the harvester be inspected before storing it for the winter to give maintenance a chance to make anymore repairs.


The 2007 budget is due in for the August meeting.  Chairman Zimmer suggested keeping the same budget as 2006 with $800 for contractual and $500 for equipment.

MOTION to approve the proposed 2007 Waterfront Advisory Board budget was made by Don Cole and seconded by Chet Allen.  All in favor.


Chairman Zimmer asked if everyone received the letter regarding the Johnson property. She said she planned on sending out another letter because member, McMichael, did not receive it in time to go to the Planning Board.  She informed the Committee that a map is on file for the sea wall and mean water mark.  The DEC does not require a permit.  Cole said that the neighbors didn’t have any comment on upgrades.

There was an article in the Daily Freeman on the proposed Esopus development.  The developer has offered a donation of a half acre site on the river front for recreational use.  There was discussion on terms of use, access, parking, and depth of water for a boat launch.  Weitze remarked that if it was donated to the Town, then it can be used for anything the Town wants.  The original PUD called for a marina and golf course.  Cole felt the property would not be accessible because of the slope.

The Committee put further discussion on hold until the ZBA, Planning Board, and Town Board liaisons had time to review the offer.  Cole suggested that after review, if it is found that the site is inaccessible, then the owners be told they can keep it so they can be taxes.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE – Julie Melancon reported she had attended as a representative of the Town of Esopus in the Wallkill water shed to introduce a plan for the MS4 storm water regulations and get a sense of what other towns are doing.  This is currently Phase II of the storm water regulations sponsored by the EPA.  Chairman Zimmer asked for information on retention ponds.  Melancon said it was necessary to file a letter of intent for the files and go by the manual.  There are five approved “storm water” retention ponds in the area.  She offered to e-mail a link to Zimmer and Allen.

Cole asked who was in control of the storm water system enforcement.  Melancon said that the Town was designated as its own district but 9W is under County control.  The Town is responsible for any run-off that ends up in its system.  He remarked that the Somerset site wouldn’t be able to comply because of all the water on site already.  Melancon said the site was unique because it could discharge into the Hudson River as long as it was unpolluted water.

Chairman Zimmer asked if the Town had submitted its report yet.  Melancon said that there were four reports reviewed by the DEC.  As far as she knew Esopus had not submitted yet.  Sylvestro recommended that this issue be put on the Town Board agenda since 2007 was already being scheduled and storm water compliance deadlines are 2008.

Cole was concerned that the Somerset project would be too big for the Building Department to handle.  Weitze said that it would fall under the Town engineer’s jurisdiction.

Melancon closed her report by commenting on the Environmental Committee’s budget of $500, and that there are still two vacancies.


John McMichael said that the Johnson project was approved by the Planning Board.  He voted against it since the WAB had not gotten a chance to meet prior to the Planning Board meeting.  Cole asked why the Johnson property was put on their agenda so late.  McMichael said it was more of an issue of how many Thursdays were in a given month.

There was Committee discussion on the sewage treatment problem with the increased development in Esopus and City of Kingston.  McMichael said the problem had been resolved.  Sylvestro said the problem wasn’t resolved but there was an agreement in 1997 that the City of Kingston allow increased capacity at their treatment plant as they expanded.  Cole said the developers of the original Somerset project in 1993 had offered the City $1,000,000 for upgrades.  McMichael read a March 2006 letter from the Town of Esopus that the project should proceed in its various phases based on the 1993 verbal agreement with the City.  Cole didn’t think that City can determine how much capacity they can handle.  Sylvestro suggested that the Town lawyer give the Board a copy of a letter agreement with Kingston.

Melancon asked when the SEQRA process started.  McMichael said not any time soon.

Kristofy asked if an EIS was done on the property yet.  Melancon said that it was done based on the original PUD scenario.  McMichael said there would be less of an impact on the community because of decreases in the original proposal i.e. golf courses.

The developers of the Aaron property presented a $2000 check for escrow account.  The problem with Hildebrandt Land is that it is a private road.  Cole remarked that this was another project with sixty units that needed a sewer system.

Barbara Patrick’s property was discussed.  She had sub-divided her property of 40 acres into five 5-12 acres parcels.  There was discussion on segmentation and if the property was zoned as historic.

ZONING BOARD – Don Cole had nothing new to report.

MOTION to adjourn the June 2006 WAB meeting was made by Kathy Weitze and seconded by Frank O’Donnell.  All in favor. None opposed.

    ADJOURNED  8:15 pm

Prepared by Laura Petit

DATE:  July 18, 2006

TO:  Waterfront Advisory Board Members

FROM: Laura Petit, Secretary

RE:  July 25th  WAB Meeting

This is to remind you that a meeting of the Waterfront Advisory Board has been scheduled for July 25th , 2006 at 7:00pm at the Town Hall in Port Ewen.

Enclosed please find the minutes from the June meeting for your review.

Thank you.