Minutes of the June, 2007 Meeting


Present:   Marion Zimmer, Rosemarie Kristofy, Michael Richardson, Cathy Quick, Don Cole, William Benson

Excused: Chet Allen, Kathy Weitze

Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro (absent)



Zimmer reported on the May joint committee meeting with a presentation by Barbara Kendall.  She also reviewed a grant application forwarded by John Coutant, but it only covered eradication of water chestnuts.  She contacted DEC who forwarded a letter that it was high unlikely that a project would be covered under this grant for water chestnuts in the Hudson since they could not be eradicated.  Silvestro thought that there was an eradication process.  Zimmer said in a pond it could be done, not in the river.  McMichael asked about chemical eradication.  Zimmer said she knew of projects using fish and insects but they would eat everything in the Hudson River.

Zimmer will be looking for grants for other harvesters.  They run $200,000 for a new machine and the Town could not come up with $100,000 to match funds.  Kristofy asked if Saugerties may be interested in sharing a machine.  Zimmer said several years ago Esopus reached out to Highland, Saugerties and other Hudson River towns, but they weren’t interested at the time.

Mike Lang would like to look for funds privately.  He raised $900-1000 to repair the machine because the first two repairs “ate” the budget.  Al Larkin said it would take a few days to get someone down to the water to pull the engine to be rebuilt.  Silvestro thought Zimmer should go ahead with the festival to raise funds.  Zimmer said she would like to do it for the 2009 celebration, and call it the Water Chestnut Festival.  She envisioned “Chester” leading a line of boats, canoes, etc. through a path in the chestnuts.

Zimmer said she spoke with Will Thomas who said he will continue to do the harvester.



ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS - Don Cole  Nothing to report.



McMichael asked if the Dunkin Donuts had received its variance.  Cole said it didn’t impact the waterfront, and Zimmer agreed that the section in the waterfront district followed River Road and didn’t go that far south on 9W.  Cole said the project is now in front of the Planning Board who can’t get their act together.

McMichael presented the Mackey project and pointed out the erosion plan on the site map.  He said there is a culvert going down to River Road and runs from the BOCES property.  Silvestro asked if the side by side driveway was approved by the County.  Benson asked why the WAB was worried about run-off when ten years ago they bulldozed the property about it that caused the recent mudslide. McMichael said there is a natural creek running through this property too.

Cole asked why they couldn’t extend the sewer line to take care of leachate run-off.  Silvestro said that could be done by Steve Aaron’s project. 

Zimmer asked for McMichael’s opinion.  McMichael said land use may be an issue.  Channelization schemes will be reviewed by the Town engineer.  What may come out is a conditional approval.  Cole asked if the County had approved the side by side driveways.

McMichael said silt fences were the only erosion control WAB may want to specify.  Benson said the water course will run along the same ditch that the other water line was.  It seems like the issue is being addressed. McMichael raised the possibility that the Planning Board may refer to the Town engineer and send the WAB a report.

Zimmer drafted a letter to the Planning Board.  “Upon review of the map, the WAB has concerns on stormwater run off causing erosion during construction.  WAB feels the project needs more extensive management and silt fence containment.

MOTION to forward the WAB concerns was made by Rosemary Kristofy and seconded by William Benson.  All present in favor.



Kathy Quick reported that Andy Bicking was interested in meeting jointly with the WAB, Park and Recreation, and the WAB in August.  He works for Scenic Hudson.  Silvestro said that the meeting should be in August since Santiago is away in July.  Zimmer asked if Bicking could put together an agenda.

Zimmer said she would be on vacation in September so August would work for her.  She also asked the Board if they would mind pushing the next WAB meeting to July 31st. because she has a conflict.  They may not need to meet at all if the Planning Board doesn’t refer any projects. 

BOARD LIASIAN:  Silvestro said the Town Board received a letter from Steve Finkle on harbor management for the Rondout Creek.  Zimmer said she hadn’t heard from the Kingston group since the first meeting.  Cole felt it would be an advantage to work cooperatively with Kingston.  McMichael felt that the yacht basins in Connelly should be included in the project.  Benson said there was a project years ago for moored boats.  Silvestro said if it went after rouged moored sail boats then it would cover the marinas.  Benson said there is a cement barge sunk in the creek.  Silvestro said that sunken boats would not be cleaned up because they were part of the ecosystem.



MOTION to adjourn the June 2007 WAB meeting was made by William Benson and seconded by Don Cole.  All present in favor. None opposed.

                                                ADJOURNED  7:50pm