JUNE 23, 2009

PRESENT:  Chairman, Kathy Quick; Marion Zimmer, Rosemary Kristofy, Michael Minor, William Benson, Eli Schloss

ABSENT:  Don Cole, Kathy Weitze

BOARD LIAISON:  Deb Silvestro

Chairman Quick called the Waterfront Advisory Board meeting to order at 7:10pm.


MOTION to approve the May minutes was made by Rosemary Kristofy and seconded by Michael Minor.  All present in favor. 


MOTION to approve payroll was made by Marion Zimmer and seconded by Michael Minor.  All present in favor.


PLANNIG BOARD – Michael Minor

Minor reported that there was a request in from property owners on River Road with two buildings on same lot.  The owners are requesting that the smaller of the buildings be considered an accessory building.  A variance has been granted by the Zoning Board and the WAB needs to comment on making the smaller building an accessory building.  There is a shared well and septic for both buildings.  Quick asked if the septic could handle the addition of an apartment, and if anyone currently lived in either building.  Benson said that someone had lived there previously.  Minor reminded the Board that everything on site is grand fathered in and won’t require upgrading until the existing system fails.  Benson asked what the reason was for the property owners requesting a variance now.  Minor said there was enough land to split the property down the middle, but that would be made in a future request.  He believed that the owners were unaware of the tax levy prior to their purchase.

MOTION was made by William Benson and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy to legitimize an existing cottage as an accessory building.  All present in favor.

Quick will send a letter to the Planning Board on the WAB comments.


ZONING BOARD –Cole absent


Quick reported that the Environmental Board had completed the draft of the lighting survey.  The Environmental Board would be recommending that the Town replace mercury vapor lights and remove duplicate fixtures to save on electric.  There was discussion on Central Hudson and the five year replacement and removal plan.

The water chestnut harvester purchase was approved by the Town Board.  Quick thanked Marion Zimmer for writing the grant that is partially funding the purchase.  Other funds were donated by the Bruderhof, and the remainder of the funds would be received through a statutory installment bond through Orange County Trust. Minor reminded that Board that Saugerties was interested in renting the machine. 

Quick said that a water chestnut pull would be scheduled for July 11th or 12th at low tide.  Zimmer said scheduling the pull is difficult because it has to happen during low tide and before the NYSDEC cutoff. 

Quick discussed the Smith project on the Rondout Creek.  She said it was being denied by regulatory authorities.  The Owner felt that decisions were being based on inaccurate information.  Smith asked if Smith had submitted a revised plan.  She said the prior plan would disturb riparian buffers between the bridges and was located along a very narrow part of the creek.  It would upset the ecosystem where very unique fish spawn. 

Quick reported on the Hudson River Summit at West Point which she found very interesting.  She also reported that at the monthly EMC meeting there was discussion on the water sheds and the NRI (Natural Resource Inventory).


MOTION to adjourn was made by Michael Minor and seconded by Marion Zimmer.  All present in favor.


                                                ADJOURNED at 8:12pm

Submitted by Laura Petit, Secretary