Members Present: Catherine Quick,Michael Minor, Marion Zimmer, Don Cole, Rosemarie Kristofy, Bill Benson, Donna McAuley, Kathy Weitze

Member Absent: Eli Schloss.

Meeting called to order at 7:02

Catherine has the paperwork “proposal” regarding MHVFCU if anyone wants to review it. 
 -Purchasing Freeman Building and Library

Catherine reads letter to the Town of Esopus thanking them regarding the George Freer Park property purchase.

Donna M. States there are no immediate plans for the property except for the storage of the Water Chestnut Harvester.  She adds that it is a wonderful addition to the Town.

Planning Board: Mike Minor
Lots being deleted: Alison Graziano. Reviewing of blueprints of five lots down to two lots.  Less lots is an advantage. Mike adds “we do not see any reason why w wouldn’t approve this.”

Correction of May’s minutes... regarding Maria Fergusen property... She is BUILDING not BUYING.

Don Cole made a motion to accept, Rosemarie seconded.

Lot Line Revision: Kathy Weitze moved to send a letter to the Planning Board to approve.      
                               Don Cole seconded.

Zoning Board: Don Cole - nothing to report.

Environmental Board: Catherine Quick
Still working on Brochure.  Report regarding the Transfer station just about ready.  The EMC is meeting on June 30th and there are other towns with Transfer Stations  very interested: Town of Ulster, Town of Rosendale are a few.

Discussed the lighting survey: replacing lights–Central Hudson.  Michael M. states it took 9 months to replace a light he repeatedly called about. (The expected life of these bulbs is 2 to 2 ½ years).  Don states he is aware of another light that is out.  Catherine states it is Central Hudsons responsibility to replace these lights.  Marion added that there are ornamental lights that are out also and Catherine seems to think they are on an electronic eye.

Water Chestnut Harvester:
Donna states it was damaged in transit. One of the panels were damaged.
John Coutant states it was suppose to be delivered on 6/21. Training is 6/27.
   -Dale Wolfied
   -Jett Allen
    -Jason Swinger
They want a 4th person to be trained as well.

Smith Property:
   There are sign up stating “No Trespassing”
   There is a trailer up and scaffolling, possibly for a boat.
   There is a Quay (a floating dock)

Mike states: If the Army Corp is letting them go ahead - it must be ok because they certainly would not let them if it wasn’t.

Catherine again states the Bank Plans are available for anyone to look at... The board reviews the plans as Mike Minor goes over a few things about each building.

The Old Library:
-not historical, actually brick facade.
-The back drive of the old library on East main - the traffic will not have to go onto 9w at all.
-using the property appropriately
-parking will be better for pharmacy.
-paved walkway
-will not do anything with this building right now.
-Problem: a lot of water due to 1 main spring and many small springs

-MHVFCU is committed to developing the site without adding to the additional runoff.

-If the “Tucker Pond” issue is ever taken care of 
- plan to control the runoff with a retention pond.

Freeman Buiding:
-may be historical was previously NY Coal Company, it was a stop on the stage coach route.
Bank is stating that it cannot be saved - they would have to take it down and build a new building which would be very similar.
-driveway passed the library as a right of way.
-working on a plan for a driveway exit - a paved drive to Klein Lane.
-This buiding will basically fall down if something is not done with it.

Rosemarie asks “How big is it? How many stories?” Michael answers “one story”

Catherine asks “What about the Architectural plan? There is an awful lot of paved area.”

Michael states there are some sketches that our engineer will review.  The plans are 30 - 40 pages of different views.
Catherine thanks Michael on behalf of the board with all his help.

Additional comments:

The town is looking very nice!
This is a town that endorses without cutting off development!
The More businesses the better

Catherine again thanks Michael Minor for all his help.

Don Cole Motions to Adjourn, Marion seconds the motion.