Minutes of the July 25, 2006 Meeting
Present:   Julie Melancon, Don Cole, Marion Zimmer,  Rosemarie Kristofy, John McMichael (arrived 7:30pm), Kathy Weitze
Excused:  Frank O’Donnell, William Benson, Chet Allen
Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro
Chairman Zimmer called the meeting of the Waterfront Advisory Board to order at 7:00pm.
MOTION to approve the June minutes as amended was made by Julie Melancon and seconded by Don Cole.  All in favor
MOTION to approve payroll was made by Julie Melancon and seconded by Don Cole.  All in favor.
Chairman Zimmer said that she had received a letter of resignation from Julie Melancon who will be moving out of the area.  Melancon said that a special meeting of the Environmental Committee had been called to designate a chairperson and discuss the 2007 budget.  Chairman Zimmer asked that the letter be forwarded to the Town.
The water chestnut harvester’s transmission was repaired within two weeks by the highway department.  Will Thomas has committed to work a couple days each week until the job was done.  Cole asked if the water chestnuts were cleared away, and if the beach would be open soon.  Chairman Zimmer said there is not enough water at low tide. Suggests the Town needs a floating pool. There was talk about the Town putting in a pool. The biggest expense of maintaining a pool is the salaries for life guards.
There was discussion of the 2009 Hudson River celebration and the City of Kingston’s plans for development of the waterfront. Melancon, Silvestro, Zimmer and Coutant met with the City Planner, Department of State, Hudson River Natural Estuary and reserve to discuss a Roundout Creek Harbor Management Plan.  The most recent LWRP was written in 1985 so it should be reviewed. Another meeting is planned to generate ideas of what the Town would do.  Melancon said that the LWRP should be updated every ten years to accommodate changes in recreation, public access, tourism, etc.  The WAB recommended that Bill Benson be asked to represent the WAB to the Harbour Plan committee because of his historical background of the Rondout.
ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE – Julie Melancon reminded that WAB that the Environmental Committee set up a booth every year for the Fall Festival to encourage participation through education and outreach. Last year Miriam Strouse from the UC Environmental Management Council had a display.  She said that one way to get a measurable goal of participation was by counting the push pins placed by residents to show where they lived.
John McMichael said that there were two projects coming up before the Planning Board. The new Somerset development had submitted visuals to show how the project would look when it was built compared to what the property looked like now.  The visuals where shown as if it would be viewed from the Dutchess County side and the railroad track.
The second project is the Byrches.  Aaron was told that the Planning Board needed a sketch and Aaron cannot get a grant without Planning Board approval.  He submitted thirteen pages of sketch plans.  There are four buildings  proposed on the west side of the property.  Weitze remarked that there is a big cliff on one side of the property.  McMichael said there was an elaborate silt fence plan running parallel to the River.  Melancon asked about the “check dams”, and spacing.  Also whether it was a “heel to toe” systems with hay bales.  She said that the check dams would slow down velocity of water going down hill to decrease run off.   McMichael said the sketches would need to be forwarded to the Town engineer.
ZONING BOARD – Don Cole had nothing new to report.  His committee only had two cases on the agenda and one did not show up.  McMichael thought that the Byrches might need a height variance.  Cole said that project wasn’t before the ZBA yet put he thought the first story was underground.
Weitz asked what else Aaron needed for grant money and what would the Town be offered.  Silvestro said that there were proposals for extending the bus route, sidewalks, and arrangements had been made with Alon a medical care service.
Chairman Zimmer said that she was not planning an August WAB meeting unless something new came up from the Planning Board.
MOTION to adjourn the July 2006 WAB meeting was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Krisofy.  All in favor. None opposed.
                                                ADJOURNED  7:50 pm
 Prepared by Laura Petit