Minutes of the July 29, 2008 Meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Marion Zimmer, Michael Minor, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Don Cole, Eli Schloss
ABSENT: Kathy Quick, Cathy Weitze
 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro
The minutes were amended as follows:  Paragraph 4…….Silvestro said Scenic Hudson was pleased; and on Page 3. add “in”.
MOTION to approve the May 2008 minutes as amended was made by William Benson and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.
 MOTION to approve the secretary’s payroll was made by Don Cole and seconded by Michael Minor.  All present in favor. 
Chairman Zimmer reported that a letter was forwarded to the Planning Board on the John Clark project.  She had spoken to the building department and they are staying on top of the project.  It has been determined that the project is not consistent with the LWRP policy and there will be environmental impacts on the Rondout Creek. Cole asked if the DEC had responded.  Chairman Zimmer said the DEC has turned down the permit application twice and she has not seen any activity on the project since.
 Minor explained that once the DEC approved the project, it would still have to go to the Army Corp of Engineers.  Cole thought he saw a letter to cease construction.  Chairman Zimmer thought the original request was for a floating dock but Mr. Clark was filling in the area.  Cole asked if there was anything in his deed about an existing dock which he would have the right to repair.
Chairman Zimmer reported that two grants were submitted: 1) for $23,000 for the estuary grant; 2) $118,538 for the Environmental Protection fund which is a 50/50% grant.  Minor said other grants were submitted by not-for-profits with professional grant writers.
Minor said a “thank you” letter was submitted for the letters of support received from the Yacht Club and Village of Saugerties.  Cole said that seed money was received years ago to protect the waterfront in the amount of three million.  Chairman Zimmer said there is a grant for historic Hudson River towns, however, they have not responded with the amount of the membership fee.  The organization did offer to meet with the Town.

There was Board discussion on the 2009 budget proposal.  Chairman Zimmer said that $800 is allocated to Personnel and $500 allocated to contractual.
MOTION to approve the 2009 budget at $1,300.00 was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.
ENVIRONMENTAL BOARD – Kathy Quick (absent)
Silvestro reviewed the last Environmental Meeting.  She said there was discussion on better signage at the transfer station; a blog called “Sustainable Esopus” is now accessible through the Town web page. Chairman Zimmer said she spoke to Chairman Bicking about the Quadra-centennial.  She said the Town has plans for a boat tour scheduled for September 4th, 2009 which will board at the Maritime.  She said she would like to hold a “floatilla” of kayaks and canoes.  Minor felt the downtown Kingston businessmen’s association should better coordinate with the cruise ships entering Kingston to improve business.
Minor reported that Stewarts is planning to redo its entire location.  There is an agreement with the rear lot property owner who uses the existing parking lot as a right-of-way to rebuild a driveway to Main Street.  The site plans do not include any additional pumps.  Stormwater issues have been alleviated so instead of puddles there will be catch basins for any potential gas spills.  The WAB will need to forward a recommendation to the Planning Board for their next meeting.  Minor said that additional lighting would resemble the existing lighting along the side walks.
MOTION to forward a letter to the Planning Board on the Stewart’s project with no comments was made by Don Cole and seconded by Bill Benson.  All present in favor.
Schloss asked if there were going to be oil and water separators.

ZBA – Don Cole
No business for discussion.

Chairman Zimmer announced that she would be resigning as Chairperson and the Board would need to consider appointing a new person in September.  She felt the WAB should make the recommendation to the Town Board. 
There was discussion on what the position requirements were and on upcoming projects.

MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.