JULY 27, 2010

Present:  Michael Minor, PB liaison; Eli Schloss ; Don Cole, ZBA liaison; Rosemarie Kristofy; Kathy Weitze; Donna McAuley, TB liaison, Catherine Quick, Chair

Excused:  Bill Benson; Marion Zimmer; Terri Johnston, Secretary

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM.

Review minutes of 6/22/10  Motion to accept by Michael, 2nd Don

Voucher for secretary; preparation of minutes; Motion to accept by Michael 2nd Don

Water Chestnut Harvester: The water chestnut harvester was damaged in transmit, and has been repaired.  The training that was supposed to take place was delayed due to vacation schedules.  They have started the cleanup and will continue.

Zoning Board: Don Cole - Nothing to report

Planning Board:  Michael Minor

Bed and Breakfast Case 2010-07
Proposed Bed and Breakfast :  old blue house just north of the Stone Hedge on the east side of Route 9W.  This house sits on 1.67 acres - 5 bedroom house.  This building has needed rehabilitation for many years.  A psychologist from NYC (last name Peleg) will live in the house and his wife will run the Bed and Breakfast.  They will renovate and there are plans for a garden in the back. The rental unit on the property will stay. Since this is an existing structure it qualifies under town codes.

This Bed and Breakfast will not be open to the public it will be a couples retreat for Dr. Peleg's patients.

The board agrees to send a letter stating - no comments or no inconsistencies per LWRP


MHVFCU Case 2009-26
There will be a public hearing regarding MHVFCU on Aug 26yh.

The Freeman Building may have some historical significance as it was the offices for Pennsylvania Coal Company ...probably in the 1830's.  It was also a stop on the Stage Coach.

The “Freeman” building cannot be sustained in its commercial form.  MHVFCU will keep some portion of the historic stone. They will possibly use it as a monument in the lobby stating its historical significance.

The “Old Library” will be used as offices for MHVFCU.

The main entrance to the Bank will be the entrance to the old library and there will be a second entrance of East Main Street.


-Because it is so wet - more parking means more runoff.  The engineer has a plan in place for this.
-It was a commercial site before and it still will be a commercial site
-remain consistent with what is there
-visual impact from below is not a negative one
-reduced storm water runoff

It should be noted that the Engineer and Architect are really working hard to have the bank be part of this town.

Board agreed to send letter in support of the project - No inconsistencies as per LWRP also recommending architectural style is consistent with the rest of the town.  We would have preferred to see the proposed elevation sketch of the building.

Rosemarie made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Eli.

Meeting adjourned, 7:55 PM

Next meeting will be on Aug 24th

Respectfully submitted,


Terri Johnston