Town Of Esopus
                                        Waterfront Advisory Board
                                                                                  July 26, 2011
Present:  Marion Zimmer,  Kathy Weitze,  Rosmarie Kristofy,  Michael Minor,  Carol Tomassetti, Catherine Quick  Chairman,
Diane Dintruff, guest
Excused:  Bill Benson, Eli Schloss

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Catherine Quick.
  2. Mike made a motion to accept the minutes of the May 24, 2011 meeting, seconded by Marion.
  3. Planning Board : Michael  shared information regarding the Planning Board Case 2011-5 Peleg:  Site Plan Amendment

    and Planning Board Case 2011-09 Bakey:  Lot Line adjustment.  The Waterfront Board did not have any comments regarding these     actions. This motion was made by KathyWeitze, seconded by Rosemarie.

  1. The Environmental Board wants to have reusable shopping bags printed with the Environmental Board Information on one

    side and Waterfront Advisory Board on the other side  to be either sold or given away at the Town of Esopus Bicentennial event in        .     October.  Kathie Q made a motion to spend not more than $100. on this.  This was seconded by Kathy Weitze and all voted in favor.

  1. Carol reported on the progress with Chester.  She has scheduled and organized volunteers and the training of volunteers.  The Board is appreciative and proud of her efforts. The Riverfront area in front of Freer Beach is clear and much improved.
  2. The Board discussed the implementation of the SASS recommendations.  Kathy said that we could amend the LWRP rather than strive for more regulations.  Carol, Michael and Marion said that we might suggest the SASS suggestions be applied throughout the entire LWRP area.
  3. Creek Week will be held September 17-25.  There will be a Kayak event on the 17th at Sleightsburg Spit.  Carol is organizing

a Kayak event with another organization on the 24th of September.  More information will follow.

  1. Some interested people from the Town of Lloyd are interested in forming a Water Trail on Black Creek from the Town of Lloyd to the Town of Esopus. We will invite them to a meeting sometime in September or October.
  2. Mike made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Carol.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine L Quick     July 27, 2011