Minutes of the September 23, 2008 Meeting

PRESENT:  William Benson,  Don Cole, Kathy Weitze, Cathy Quick, Eli Schloss, Marion Zimmer, Chairman

EXCUSED:  Mike Minor, Michael Richardson, Rosemary Kristofy

TOWN BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro

Chairman Zimmer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


MOTION to approve the August minutes was made by Don Cole and seconded by Cathy Quick.  All present in favor.


Smith Project - Chairman Zimmer reviewed the letter from NYSDEC regarding correspondence from the Town being lead agency on the John Smith project.  There was a second letter that the Department of State wanted to become lead Agency and they listed several issues including some conflicts with the LWRP.  Chairman Zimmer called the Town building department and they said they had a copy on file.  Cole commented that the builder was planning on putting up a wall with no footings.  He was concerned about erosion.

Mr. Smith had responded that the engineer had designed it this way so it was okay.  The State raised concerns about the upper road and didn’t feel they needed a dock. Benson commented that the builder may need a bulkhead to prevent erosion into the water.  Schloss asked for clarification on State comments.

LWRP – Sunset clause:  Esopus was awarded the Main Street Grant which lead to a conversation with Guy Kempe, RUPCO on a sunset clause included in the LWRP.  Chairman Zimmer asked how the LWRP worked into the grant, and he said it was in the event Main Street participants had to go before the Waterfront Advisory Board.  Zimmer reviewed the LWRP and felt that the annual reappointment of the WAB should go through the WAB.  Silvestro read a section of the Town law under 434H.  Chairman Zimmer said she would right to the Town to ask for clarification.


Chairman Zimmer remarked that Rosemary Kristofy, Michael Minor, Michael Richardson, and Eli Schloss terms were up 2008.  Schloss and Minor would like to remain on the WAB Board.  Zimmer said that she would like to see the new chairman be a current member of the WAB.  Quick said she would like more information on the chairmanship before she committed to the position.  Schloss offered to be the point person on some of the larger projects to assist.  Zimmer said the State or engineers usually reference the LWRP so it would not be necessary to memorize the LWRP. Quick said she would be willing to take over the chairmanship.

ENVIRONMENTAL BOARD – Quick reported on the recycling grant project.  She mentioned that David Murray has met with a representative from Central Hudson Gas and Electric.  They were asked if any of the Central Hudson lights could be eliminated since there were new lights installed.  Cole said the electric bill had doubled since the Town street scape lights were installed.  Zimmer said she spoke with Andy Bickings and a joint effort with the Environmental Committee would take place in 2009.  She said something should be done at Freer Park.

Silvestro informed the Board that there were tulip bulbs available for public sites in Town.

PLANNING BOARD -  Chairman Zimmer said that Mike Minor was attending a special Planning Board meeting tonight on the Stewart’s Shop project.

ZBA – Cole: nothing to report


MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by William Benson.  All present in favor.


                                                ADJOURNED:  7:55pm