Town of Esopus Waterfront Advisory Board

                          September 28, 2010

Present:  Bill Benson; Michael Minor, Planning Board Liaison; Donna 
                 McAuley, Town Board Liaison; Catherine
                Quick, Chairman; Carol Tomasetti, guest

Excused:   Rosemarie Kristofy, Kathy Weitze, Don Cole, Marion

1.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.  Michael made a motion to approve the minutes of July 27, 
        2010.  This was seconded by Donna.

3.  Bill made a motion to approve the voucher to pay secretarial
     services in preparation of minutes, seconded by Michael.

4.  Environmental Board:  Catherine announced that the board
        has nearly completed an informational brochure.  There will 
        be a presentation regarding the latest information on the
        Emerald Ash Borer on Wednesday September 29, 2010 at
        7:00 PM at the Ulster Community College in the Howard St.
        John Room in the Clinton Building.  This is part of the Ulster
        County Environmental Management Council meeting.  Guests
        are welcome.

5.  Planning Board:  Michael explained the PB Case #2010-10   
          Geller/Famiglietti Lot Line Adjustment, 29 & 31 River Road.
          This action involves .53 acre of land.  This will improve the
           setbacks for the Geller property.  Bill made a motion to
           send a letter to the Planning Board saying that the WAB
           does not find any inconsistencies with the LWRP and we do
           not have any comments.  This was seconded by Donna.

        Michael also requested in the few months when the    
         Waterfront Board meets after the Planning Board, if
          at all possible would we be able to have our meeting
          scheduled the Tuesday before the Planning Board meeting.
          Catherine also suggested that if it was at all possible we
           will find out if we could have our meeting on the third
           Tuesday instead of the fourth Tuesday
           beginning next year.   Michael said this would also be          
           helpful when the Planning Board has an overflow meeting
           on the second Wednesday.

6.     Creek Week:  9/10- 9/19 - We did not participate this year.   
             Catherine asked members to please try to think of
             something fun and a hopefully educational event we might                                      
             sponsor next year.  This event involves Watershed

7.      The next meeting is scheduled for October 26.  We have   
          been asked to have the November 23 meeting in the Town
          Clerk's office.

8.      W.C. Harvester - Donna reported that it was delivered late and was damaged in transit.  Training has been slow, but there are several more people interested in being trained

9.     Water Department wells, River Road.  Carol asked what is happening on River Road near the water department.  Bill and Donna said that wells were being drilled to help relieve the problem of erosion and landslides on River Road.         Catherine said she would ask if someone from the Water Department or Water/Sewer Board could explain further at our next meeting.

10.    Meeting adjourned 7:32 PM  Next meeting October 26, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,


Catherine L. Quick 10/12/2010