SEPTEMBER 27, 2011



MEMBERS PRESENT                                                          MEMBERS EXCUSED


Kathie Quick               Marion Zimmerman                            Don Cole

Rosemarie Kristofy     Carol Tomasetti                                   Gloria VanVliet (Liaison)

Kathy Weitze              Michael Minor

Eli Schloss                   Bill Benson


Kathie called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


Minutes from the August 23rd meeting  were reviewed (prepared by Kathie). Mike made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Marion, approved by all.


There was no Secretary’s pay voucher to approve this month.





Don was excused from this meeting and therefore there was nothing to report.





Mike stated that there was nothing new to report.





Kathie stated that there was nothing new to report.





Carol is in the process of preparing a SUMMARY OF WEED CUTTING EFFORTS.  She distributed a draft to the Board Member and upon completion will present it to Supervisor John Coutant and the Town Board.  The report details what was done this year (in part - there were twenty three (23) volunteers and 150 hours of logged machine time equaling approximately 300 manpower hours - WOW - THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS) and offers suggestions in order to become more efficient and effective next year. 

Kathie thanked Carol for her dedication to this project.


Prior to the meeting Kathie had forwarded information (a flyer) regarding Grant monies that were being offered by Interlux Water.  There is a contest where one can vote for their favorite waterfront project that was successfully implemented via Facebook “likes”.  She encouraged all to spread the word.  As of this meeting there were fifteen entries in to the contest and Chester’s Cutting Crew was number “2".  GOOD LUCK !!





There are thirty or so pages in the SASS publication pertaining to the Esopus/Lloyd section of the Hudson River Waterfront.  There was a discussion regarding the Board taking the time to review the SASS recommendations and guidelines and then compare it to The Town of Esopus’ LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Program).  (For more information regarding SASS and LWRP - refer to the May 25, 2011 minutes).  SASS, developed by the Division of Coastal Management, is very specific.  The Town’s current LWRP, implemented in 1987, is still a very solid program considering it is almost thirty five (35) years old.  Rather than reworking the entire book addendums may be added with updated information.





This Board has received a letter from Gary Haight  with the Department of State ( the lead agency in this matter) indicating that plans were submitted for approval for the construction of a Boathouse along the Hudson River at 251 Broadway, Port Ewen.  Mr. Haight’s letter indicates that the State has disapproved the request for various reasons such as but not limited to - the fact that a pre-existing ramp, structure and access are already in place in addition to a bulkhead and the concern that a new structure may impede upon the navigation of others using the Hudson River. Although this is privately owned land with no public access and outside of the SASS coverage the Department of State has the final say.  The Board felt that since the public does not have any expectations to use this private land as access to the river, it was not of major concern for the Board to have any further comments  regarding river access.  There are some concerns regarding the dredging.  If approved, there is a concern of placement of  the dredging debris (the plans indicated that approximately a 100" long by 40" wide area would be dredged, and the integrity of the land along the dredged area. There is also a concern with the view shed from the River.  The Board felt that the architecture should conform to the existing architecture of the

surounding area .  



Although this matter is under the guidelines of the State, this letter was sent the Board as a courtesy and Kathie will respond with the concerns of  this Board and hopefully be advised should new plans be resubmitted.





Marion made mention of a Liquid Asset Seminar on the Barge at the Maritime Museum.  The speaker was from DEC.


Also, the New Paltz Waterfront Advisory Board and Environmental Board have compiled their own Wet Land Laws in to a DVD that Marian will get a copy of for this Board to view.





Eli mentioned that about a dozen people attended a recent event held at Esopus Meadows.



The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 25th at 7:00 pm.



There being no other business Mike made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Eli, approved by all.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Karyn E. Grieco