Minutes of the October 23, 2007 Meeting


Present:   Marion Zimmer, Rosemarie Kristofy, Michael Richardson, Cathy Quick, Don Cole, William Benson

Excused: Chet Allen, Kathy Weitze

Board Liaison: Deborah Silvestro (absent)



Zimmer reported that the purchase of a new harvester would be approximately $87,000 with an offer of $25,000 for trade-in of the old harvester

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS - Don Cole  Nothing to report.



Percivalle Property: 2007-12– There was discussion on the proposed septic system.  It seemed to be too large for a single house.  Kristofy thought it was because of surrounding wetlands.  Cole thought it could be the beginning of a sewage treatment plant for multiple homes like the one in Mahwah NJ.  Quick reminded the Board that they could only comment on what was before them.

The WAB agreed that more information was needed.  Zimmer said she didn’t want to hold up the application by asking for more information, and asked if it could be commented on as presented.  Zimmer said that the Planning Board had gone back to the builder to identify the wetlands. Benson noted that 32.99 acres were to be developed.

Zimmer noted that the elevation of the septic system was above the house because the builder had to put in a hypothetical house with septic system.  He didn’t need a permit from the Health department due to the size of the lot.  Cole’s opinion was no comment on the project. Quick felt that the Board should include a provision for special consideration given to future development of the property.

Zimmer reviewed the WAB comment to be referred back to the Planning Board.  On the proposed Percivalle project – that the WAB had no comment but would like special consideration given to any future development.

MOTION  to forward WAB comments on the Percivalle project was made by Rosemary Kristofy and seconded by William Benson.  All present in favor.


Zimmer said that there was no longer a Planning Board liaison and asked if the WAB would like to forward a letter to Planning Board Chair, Roxanne Pecora, with respect to appointing a Planning Board liaison to the WAB to fill the vacancy left by John McMichael.  The Board agreed.


Zimmer reviewed the information regarding the harvester.  Coutant and Larkin had received an estimate of $23,000 to repair the machine.  Coutant had asked what the cost for a new harvester was, and the company came back with a price of $87,000 for the equipment with a $25,000 trade-in for the old harvester.  Other issues were that the harvester is considered a boat and should be registered as such.  It also needed floatation devices and a trailer to move it.

Zimmer asked what direction the WAB would like go for replacement or repair of the harvester.  Cole said that other organizations could use the harvester and pay for an operator.  He said that the State had provided funding to clean up the Hudson River which had been given to the Mobil Station and Lena Dunn, and asked if it could be used to purchase a new harvester.  Zimmer said there was a grant to eradicate water chestnuts but didn’t apply to Hudson River projects because it was impossible to eradicate in the river.  She said that the Hudsonia told her water chestnuts were edible and there was a company interested.  She also felt that this should be a park maintenance issue.

Richardson said an intermunicipal agreement should be written to address liability issues and cleaning of the harvester so other foreign vegetation was not brought back to the Town.  He informed that Board that the Town of Lloyd had just opened a new park on the river and may need the machine. The WAB agreed that a recommendation should be made to the Town that since the harvester was an asset to the community, that replacement of the existing equipment be considered.  Further it was agreed that the Town put maintenance and operation costs in the Park and Recreation line as the WAB is an advisory and policy making Board.

Kristofy was concerned that once the water chestnuts were removed that they wouldn’t be left to rot.  Richardson said there was a company in Poughkeepsie, Greenway, that did composting and should be contacted.  Zimmer said she had talked to the State about borrowing a harvester, but they would not have it available until October which was too late in the season for cutting.

MOTION to send a letter to the Town Board supporting purchase of a new harvester was made by Don Cole and seconded by Cathy Quick.  All present in favor.

Kathy Quick reported that the Environmental Board was interested in working with the WAB to expand youth membership.  Zimmer asked if the Environmental Board had set up a table at the Fall Festival.  Quick said one was set up at the Town Hall but not many people stopped in. 



MOTION to adjourn the October 2007 WAB meeting was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor. None opposed.

                                                ADJOURNED  8:10pm