Notes from the October 27, 2009 meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Quick, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Marion Zimmer; student: Tyler Linsig
ABSENT: Michael Minor, Don Cole, Kathy Weitze, Eli Schloss,
 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro
No Quorum.  Minutes held until next meeting for approval.

Chairman Quick discussed a report submitted by Dan Shapley from the Environmental Board with information provided by Riverkeeper regarding the condition of the river.  As soon as printable copies are available, they will be distributed to members of the Waterfront Advisory Board. 

There was a Board discussion on the referral for Camilla Gray.  This resident is requesting to put in an access road to parcels located at the rear of the road front parcel.  Gray stated in her request that this was for recreational purposed only. Benson didn’t think that there were any structures except for two clapboard buildings, and that the application was incomplete. The Board agreed that they would have no comment until further information is received.

Zimmer was asked if there were any revisions to the LWRP. She said that some of the projects recommended in the LWRP had been completed, and new projects should be addressed. 
The Water Chestnut Harvester is on order.  Chairman Quick remarked that the town supervisor wanted someone trained and there was discussion on who should be using the equipment.  Zimmer thought it was suggested that a staff person from the highway department and someone from the Rec department should be trained. There was Board concern on who would be educated in repairing the Harvester, and doing maintenance. Zimmer suggested that the Commodore from Hidden Harbor be contacted to see if he knew of anyone with river experience who would like to operate the machine.
Quick asked Bill Benson that since his term will be ending in December 2009, would he be willing to be reappointed for another term with the Waterfront Advisory Board.  He said yes.
Kristofy asked when the intersection at Salem Street and 9W would be completed.  It was mentioned that the contractor hit a gas line and work on the project was suspended until an investigation of the incident was completed.
                                    ADJOURNED 8:10pm

Prepared by Laura Petit, Secretary