OCTOBER 26, 2010



MEMBERS PRESENT                                                MEMBERS ABSENT


Kathie Quick - Chairperson                                            Don Cole

Bill Benson

Rosemarie Kristofy

Michael Minor - Liaison to Town Board                       GUESTS

Marion Zimmer                                                                                                                                    

Kathy Weitze                                                              Carol Tomassetti

Eli Schloss                                                                   Reece Kearney




Kathie called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Mike made a motion to accept the minutes from the Sept. 28, 2010 meeting, seconded by Marion approved by all.


Karyn Grieco was introduced as the new Board secretary and introductions were made.





Kathie reported that the new brochure for the Environmental Board is close to being put together and camera ready.





Don was absent from this meeting and therefore a report was unavailable.





Mike reported that the Planning Board was in the process of reviewing a request from Marilyn Hermance for a lot line adjustment / minor subdivision for her property located along Route 9W.  Marilyn is looking to separate that portion of her property along 9W that was used commercially for the farm stand.  Mike passed around the subject map and explained the changes.  The Planning Board required that she submit plans for a septic system, which she has done.  Mike made mention of the issue of set back limitations along Hermance Road with respect to the pool and deck on the existing house and stated that there would be no immediate impact should approval be given.


The concern for this Board would be potential run off from any future construction from the possible sale of the commercial portion of the property.  Kathie asked the distance from the River, Mike said it was far off and Bill said a half mile or so. 


After discussion, this Board determined that they had no issues with this request and will be sending a letter to the Planning Board stating same.





PCBs in the Hudson and Housatonic are a result of transformer manufacturing.  Kathie stated that Phase 1 of the dredging has been completed by GE and that a letter was sent from Sen. Larkin to Hinchey and Schumer about taking another look at the Phase 2 deadline. She read that GE now wants to place a concrete cap.  Kathie attended a talk given by Frances Dunwell of the

DEC who says there are still PCBs at the bottom of the River and they need to come out.

The PCBs get stirred up whenever there is a heavy rainfall and especially during the spring

snow melt and surface water thaw.


Kathie stated there is a gentleman by the name of Adam Haight from Mercury Public Affairs, a public strategy firm;  going around asking people and local officials to sign the letters asking Sen. Schumer and Congressman Hinchey to take another look at the EPA deadline.  We need to

be informed before we sign anything.


Eli said that the EPA is evaluating Phase 1.  If GE is found liable and does not do as the EPA requires, then the EPA will have the dredging done and charge it back to GE for payment. Eli is interested in Mr. Haight’s involvement with other Boards.


Mike shared some info on PCB facts and GE’s contribution to the deposits found in our waters.




Marion said she had been contacted by some of the residents of Riverview regarding the land use along the River in front of Riverview. The possibility of creating a walkway between George Freer Park and Sleightsburg thereby adding to the Greenway Water Trail was discussed as well as involvement and from Holy Cross, The Esopus Business Alliance and Scenic Hudson.  Suggestions of obtaining grant monies to improve the park as well as asking Scenic Hudson to attend a joint meeting between all of the Town Boards in the spring were also discussed.


Mention was made about the composting toilet at Esopus Meadows and the feasability of utilizing them at other parks, ie. Sleightburg and Cas Landi.


Marion spoke about a new book “Revitalizing Hudson River Waterfronts” and feels that the Waterfront Advisory Board needs to “Kick Start” a positive plan for George Freer Park and in the spring involve all the boards in upgrading our River Front.





Due to the upcoming holidays during the next two months we will not be having our regular meetings on Tuesday Nov. 23rd or Tuesday Dec. 29th.


We will have a combined November/December meeting on Tuesday, November 30, 2010.


We will then re-begin our regular meeting schedule on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.


Eli made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm, seconded by Mike, approved by all.


Respectfully submitted,



Karyn E. Grieco


Nov. 1, 2010