Minutes of the November 2008 Meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Quick, Michael Minor, Don Cole, William Benson, Rosemary Kristofy, Kathy Weitze, Eli Schloss, Marion Zimmer, Michael Richardson
 BOARD LIAISON:  Debbie Silvestro
The minutes were amended to reflect that the Board had agreed to send Cathy Quick to the Historic Hudson River Towns.
MOTION to approve the October 2008 minutes as amended was made by Don Cole and seconded by Rosemary Kristofy.  All present in favor.

Chairman Quick remarked that the Environmental committee minutes mentioned incorporating the MS4 requirements into the LWRP.  Silvestro explained that MS4 municipal systems managed storm water and the contaminants that could end up in water systems.  Control was mandated through construction sites by building retention ponds and other natural filtration systems to manage stormwater run off.  Minor added that any new projects in the water shed must go before the Planning Board to provide stormwater control plans. 
Chairman Quick discussed the Hudson Fulton 2009 celebration which Esopus planned on participating in with an event on July 25th at Freer Park.  There would be a “Floatilla” on June 6th that would be docked at the tugboat museum.  She thought there would be a ferry to take people across the Rondout from Spit Park.  Zimmer said it was from Connelly.  Minor said that they should also expect some tall ships to arrive too.
Schloss said the Clearwater goes through some yacht clubs and join up with the other ships.  He said it would be interesting to see what was done in the area during the 1909 celebration and recreate it. 

Quick reported on the Historic Hudson River Towns conference she attended.  She said it went through reclamation of blighted waterfront properties and cleanup of Brownfield sites.

Birches Project - Minor reported that the Birches project had a Stop Work Order placed on it.  The contractor’s engineers recommended that additional parking spaces be provided at the request of the fire department, and a water treatment pump.  The Town engineer feels there is sufficient capacity in the detention pond to handle the additional 16 parking spaces, and that the water pump has access.  Minor said the Planning Board would okay the changes.
MOTION to approve the site plan with revisions for the parking spaces was made by Marion Zimmer and seconded by William Benson.  All present in favor.
Ferguson Project – This project is across from the Stone Hedge on 9W.  Minor said Ferguson has been working closely with the Planning Board and members of the community close to the project.  A courtesy letter was sent to property owners across the river.  This is an existing building which will be converted to a campus so the two existing schools in New Paltz and Highland will be combined.  The ZAB allowed a 40’ setback.  Minor said the Planning Board was concerned that runoff from the proposed 70 parking spaces.  The owner has proposed that the parking area be lower than Route 9W so the cars cannot be seen from the road, and that a detention pond is placed to deter stormwater runoff.  Minor remarked that the owner loves the site and want to preserve it.  Silvestro said that the structure was a classic Greek revival with columns.  Minor said the Planning Board has determined that impacts be visually addressed and that stormwater control is completely mitigated.
Cole added that the owner had to pay $5,000 a month once the contract to purchase had expired, and this was a million dollar piece of property that would stay on the tax rolls.  Richardson asked what material would be used for the parking lot.  Minor said they planned to blacktop it.  Weitze asked if any of the Ferguson project staff would live on site.  Silvestro said at this point it is just a school, not a residence.  Weitze remarked that at one time the Planning Board wanted to establish this zone as an historic area.  Minor said the building may qualify. 
MOTION was made by Kathy Weitze that the Waterfront Advisory Board had no comments on the Ferguson Project. Second was made by Marion Zimmer.  All present in favor.

Cole had nothing new to report.  He said that ZBA had a public hearing on the variance application from Ferguson and the result was a setback variance.  Silvestro asked when a historical survey was required. Minor said it would be required when a new building was being constructed.

Quick reported that the Environmental Committee was working on a light survey using volunteers.  Cole said the lighting bill for the Town had increased significantly.  He asked when the next Environmental meeting would be, and if  there would be a final report.  Quick said the next meeting would be held in January.
Zimmer announced that the Town was awarded $59,000 for the water chestnut harvester.  Silvestro said the other funds were no in the budget for 2009.  Minor thought the Town could get a loan for the machine.  Cole said if other Towns were interested in the harvester, then they should be asked to pay for the cost of the equipment too.  Schloss said multi-municipal use was mentioned in the grant. . 

MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Michael Minor.  All present in favor.
                                    ADJOURNED 8:00pm


Prepared by Laura Petit, Secretary