Minutes of the December 22, 2009 Meeting

PRESENT:  Chairman, Catherine Quick, Rosemary Kristofy, Eli Schloss, Kathy Weitze, Marion Zimmer, Don Cole
ABSENT:  Deb Silvestro, Michael Minor, William Benson
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chairman Quick.
Amendment made by Quick to change “Report provided at the Environmental Committee by Eli Schloss to …provided by Dan Shapley…”
MOTION to approve the October 2009 minutes as amended was made by Cathy Quick and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.
MOTIN to approve payroll for the secretary was made by Don Cole and seconded by Marion Zimmer.  All present in favor.
Chairman Quick distributed a report with information from Riverkeeper..  She said there were concerns on water quality near the Port Ewen water intake and along Eddyville.  She also remarked that Andy Bicking from Scenic Hudson had contacted her to see if his organization could be of any help with waterfront issues. 
Quick said she decided to accept the appointment for another term on the County EMC. She suggested that interested WAB members sign up for the email and come to some of the County meetings.
There was further discussion of the Camilla Gray subdivision via email.  After explanation from Michael Minor via e-mail that was sent to everyone, there were no further comments and a letter to the Planning Board was sent stating that we did not have any comments.
Quick informed the Board that there is one vacancy on the WAB in 2010.  There was discussion on whether anyone from Hidden Harbor would be interested in the appointment, and it was suggested that the Commodore be contacted.
Zimmer asked if anyone considered combining the two Boards – Waterfront Advisory and Environmental Boards.  She said that the Waterfront Board should be separate from the Environmental Board because the Waterfront Advisory Board is only a part of the environment. The Environment is much more than the Waterfront of LWRP area.
There was some discussion the progress of work on the Smith property.  Also discussed was the possibility of a floating pool at George Freer Park as there is on the Beacon waterfront. Zimmer commented that the one in Beacon is more like a wading pool. 

Cole mentioned that there were eleven new revisions in the Zoning Law but nothing that impacted the WAB.  There would be a change in the composition of the Board which included representation or liaisons from other Town committees.

There was discussion on verbiage in the Town law regarding the continuance of the WAB based on activity/necessity.
MOTION for the Waterfront Advisory Board to stay in existence another year.  Made by Marion Zimmer and seconded by Don Cole.  All present in favor.

MOTION to adjourn was made by Don Cole and seconded by Eli Schloss.  All present in favor.
                                    ADJOURNED 7:45pm

Submitted by Laura Petit, Secretary