Adopt-a-Spot Program

Help us steward and revitalize community gardens and recreational spaces across the Town of Esopus

Is your business, organization, club, or family looking for a fun and rewarding opportunity to get involved in your community? Through the Town of Esopus Adopt-a-Spot program, volunteers can contribute to the beautification of our Town by planting and maintaining a flower bed, bench or planter located throughout the Town.

  • Bringing the Community Together. The Adopt-a-Spot program provides an opportunity for community members and organizations to come together for the common goal of making Esopus a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live. Experience the feeling of fulfillment that comes from teamwork and collaboration for the good of the community
  • Environmental Action. The program seeks to draw attention to the importance of respecting and protecting our Town’s natural spaces. Adopting a garden, bench or planter can be an effective hands-on educational tool for Scout groups, school clubs, and other organizations that want to emphasize environmental stewardship
  • Take Pride in Your Involvement. Add your group’s personal touch to a garden, bench or planter for the entire community to enjoy. The Town will recognize your hard work and dedication by placing a sign in your adopted spot that indicates who maintains it. Your group’s civic engagement is something to celebrate!


Who can adopt?

Anyone! Local community organizations and clubs, churches, synagogues, businesses, families, even individuals aged 18 years or older. Groups with members younger than 18 must have adult supervision when working at their adopted location.  

Where are the spaces located?

Gardens/benches/planters are located at the gateways to Esopus along major corridors, along Port Ewen Broadway/Route 9W and at all seven (7) Town parks.

  • There are six (6) bench locations.
  • Four (4) existing garden locations:
    • Southbound Esopus Welcome Sign
    • Port Ewen Hamlet Sign
    • “Twin Gardens” around entry sign to Town Hall
    • Sojourner Park
  • Twelve (12) planters available for placement

See map of existing locations here (link to pdf)

What are my responsibilities?
  • Submit an application
  • Make a plan for the site and review it with the ad hoc beautification committee of parks and recreation
  • Purchase and plant herbs, native plants, pollinators or flowers to promote the use of community gardens.
  • Visit your plot on a bi-weekly basis for routine maintenance or partner with another person/business/organization


How will the Town support my project?

The Town of Esopus would commit to providing:

  • A starter kit of simple gardening supplies (compost, mulch, boulders/rocks)
  • Negotiate discounts with local businesses for garden supplies
  • Each adopted garden plot will come with a personalized plaque or sign displaying a name or memorial of the adopter’s choosing.
  • Annual recognition and awards at a Town Meeting for selected gardens


How do I get started?
  • Fill out the application and send it in!
  • A representative from the ad hoc Beautification Committee through Parks and Recreation will be in touch to get started.
Adopt-A-Spot Applications
Printable PDF | Online Form

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” John Burroughs