Environmental Board

Balancing Natural Growth and Natural Resource Protection

Our Mission

We’re here to promote the conservation, protection, and enhancement of the Town of Esopus' natural resources, and ecosystems through education and collaborative action. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall in Esopus.

Stormwater Taskforce

As a subset of the Environmental Board, the Stormwater Taskforce was created to connect residents and the Town in efforts to better record the various stormwater flooding incidents occurring across Esopus. During 2018 and 2019, this Taskforce assisted in data collection for a report detailing how the Town can improve its water system. The final version of this report can be found by clicking here. For all stormwater illicit discharge complaints please contact the Stormwater Management Officer at 845-331-8630.

Composting 101

As part of an initiative to promote local composting, in May 2020 the Environmental Board hosted an online webinar teaching the basics of composting and best practices for how it can be done at home. This webinar was recorded and can be viewed at your convenience on our Town YouTube Page or by clicking the video to the right.


Board Members

Mark Ellison, Chairperson
Chris DeCicco
Jenna Ice
Cynthia McVay
Nina Nichols
Laura Petit
Noel Russ


Lisa K. Mance
845-339-1811, ext. 126

Town Board Liaison

Evelyn Clarke