Town of Esopus Parks & Recreation Commission

Serving Esopus’s Recreation Needs

Our Mission

The Town of Esopus Recreation Commission advises the Town Board for the purposes of identification, coordination and systemization of all the Town’s recreation needs, including but not limited to playgrounds, parks, neighborhood recreation centers, events and festivals, with all the powers and responsibilities of local authorities under Article 13 of the General Municipal Law.

The commission consists of five Commissioners who are residents of the Town and serve at the pleasure of the Town Board for a term of seven years. The members of the Commission shall be appointed for such terms that the term of one Commissioner shall expire annually thereafter, and their successors shall thereafter be appointed to serve terms of years which shall total in number the membership of such Commission. The Summer Program Director, chosen by the Town Board, and a parks employee employed by the Town of Esopus shall serve as ex officio members of the Commission.

Board Members

  • Hannah Palen, Chairperson
  • Zina Matera
  • Carolyn Durgin
  • Rhiana Colvin
  • Tim Keiderling
  • AnnMarie Keiderling
  • Laura Robinson, Town Board Liaison