Water/Sewer Board

Serving The Town of Esopus’ Water Needs

Our Mission

A Board of Water Commissioners shall be constituted to be composed of five members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman of the Board of Water Commissioners. The term of the Chairman shall be two years and that of the members four years. Appointment of the Chairman and two members shall be made by the Town Board at the organization meeting of the Town Board held in January of the year following the general town election. The Board of Water Commissioners shall serve without salary.

The Board of Water Commissioners shall hold monthly meetings at a time to be designated by the Commissioners, but within one week of and prior to the regular monthly Town Board meeting. The Water Commissioners are to be held responsible to the Town Board for the general operation of the Port Ewen Water District and to prepare its annual budget and monthly reports to the Town Board. No change in the rules and regulations of the Port Ewen Water District will be made without the approval of the Town Board.

Stormwater Taskforce

As a subset of the Environmental Board, the Stormwater Taskforce was created to connect residents and the Town in efforts to better record the various stormwater flooding incidents occurring across Esopus. During 2018 and 2019, this Taskforce assisted in data collection for a report detailing how the Town can improve its water system. The final version of this report can be found by clicking here.

For all stormwater illicit discharge complaints please contact the Stormwater Management Officer at 845-331-8630.

Board Members

Douglas DeKoskie - Chair
Michael Tronolone
Kevin Rentfrow
George Post
Mike Mulligan


Lisa K. Mance
(845) 339-1811 x 126

Town Board Liaison

Jared Geuss