Town of Esopus Comprehensive Master Plan

Welcome to the Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan Update Page!

Why Update the Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan now?
The Town of Esopus last prepared a Comprehensive Plan in 1994. Over the preceding 24 years, the Town has undergone numerous land use, population and economic changes, both positive and negative. The long gap since the Plan was last updated, combined with ever changing land use and socio-economic conditions, an update is necessary to ensure the Town of Esopus properly plans and allocates resources for a bright future.

How can I get involved in the process?
It is important to get involved in the Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan activities, from data collection, to community visioning and mapping, to the creation of community goals and objectives. A series of public workshops have already been held to gather input on needs, issues and desired community improvements.

Most recently, a public informational meeting was held on June 21, 2018 to review the Town of Esopus’ progress to date and to present the Draft Goals and Strategies. Click here for a copy of the June 21 presentation which includes the Draft Goals and Strategies.

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The Town of Esopus has decided to provide additional opportunities for public review and comment on the Draft Goals and Strategies with the survey links provided below. Be sure to check back for future opportunities to participate in the Town of Esopus Plan Update process and have your voice heard.

What is the Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan?
The Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan will establish the community’s long term vision, goals, strategies and policies for guiding future changes and investments and includes background information on the Town’s past and an analysis of current issues and trends. The Plan is intended to service as a roadmap for the Town of Esopus’ next 10-year planning period.

What are the contents of the Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan?
The Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan outlines the Town’s existing conditions, identifies a Vision, describes future goals and strategies and includes an action plan to achieve the Vision. The Town of Esopus Comprehensive Plan, at a minimum, will address the following:

o Land Use and Development
o Economic Development and Job Growth
o Housing and Neighborhoods
o Our Waterfront
o Pedestrian Safety and Traffic
o Parks and Recreation
o Infrastructure and Community Services
o Agriculture, Historic and Cultural Resources

We already have other plans and strategies – what will happen to those?
Existing plans and strategies are an important part of the Comprehensive Plan process. These Plans will inform the Comprehensive Plan, and in some cases will be incorporated into the plan if the goals and vision are still consistent with the Town’s aspirations.