Ammendment to Local Law

TAKE NOTICE the Town Board of the Town of Esopus Adopted Local Law 1-2019 to amend Chapter 39 of the Esopus Town Code on March 19, 2019   at the Regularly scheduled Town Board meeting held at the Town Hall, 284 Broadway Ulster Park, NY

  1. The name of the Chapter was amended to be: Parks and Recreation Commission.
  2. Section 39-1 is amended to read: “A commission is established which shall be known hereafter as the “Town of Esopus Parks and Recreation Commission” formerly known as the Town of Esopus Recreation Commission and previously known as the “Ross Park and the Town of Esopus Recreation Commission.”
  3. Section 39-2 is amended to read: “The Town of Esopus Parks and Recreation Commission shall consist of seven Commissioners who shall be residents of the Town and shall serve at the pleasure of the Town Board for a term of seven years. The members of such Commission shall be appointed for such terms that the term of one Commissioner shall expire annually thereafter, and their successors shall thereafter be appointed to serve terms of years which shall total in number the membership of such Commission. In addition to said seven Commissioners there shall be two ex officio members of said Commission: the Summer Program Director, chosen by the Town Board, and a parks employee employed by the Town of Esopus. Said members shall also serve at the pleasure of the Town Board.
  4. Section 39-7 is amended to read: The Town of Esopus Parks and Recreation Commission shall advise the Town Board, notwithstanding the terms set forth above, for the purpose of identification, coordination and systemization of all the recreation needs of the Town of Esopus, including but not limited to playground, parks, neighborhood recreation centers, events and festivals, with all the powers and responsibilities of local authorities under Article 13 of the General Municipal Law.

Take further notice that copies of the aforesaid local law are available for examination at and the Town Clerk’s office located at the Town Hall, 284 Broadway, Ulster Park, NY between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on all business days..

Holly A. Netter, Town Clerk, RMC