Bid Opening, Water/Sewer Propane

A bid opening for Propane Gas for a period of one (1) year beginning October 1, 2023, to be delivered to the Roger Mabie Water Treatment Plant, 131 River Road, Ulster Park (approximately 16,000 gallons) was held at 11am, Wednesday, September 19, 2023 with the following persons in attendance:

Nicholas Butler, Water Sewer Superintendent

Holly Netter, Town Clerk RMC

Marie Lane, Deputy Clerk


Bids for Propane for the Port Ewen Water Treatment Facility:

MIrabito                                                                     $  1.83    per gallon

Britt & Graff                                                                $ 1.53     per gallon



The lowest bidder Britt & Graff was at $1.53  per gallon which was $ .30 less than second lowest bid.  Decisions regarding the Bid will be discussed at a future Town Board Meeting.

The Bid Opening was opened at   11:03 AM  and closed at 11:07 AM.

Respectfully submitted,


Holly A. Netter

Town Clerk, RMC