What is the Apple Festival?
Currently celebrating its 49th year, the Esopus Fall Festival is an opportunity for the community of Esopus to come together and enjoy the simple joys of a New York autumn – fresh apples, cider, baked goods and togetherness.

Who runs the Festival?
The Apple Festival is managed by the Esopus United Methodist Church with the Town’s support.

When is it?

The Apple Festival runs from 8AM to 4PM on Saturday, September 28th 2019.

Where do I go if I want to visit the Festival?
The majority of the apple-centric events will be held around the United Methodist Church, located at 151 West Main Street in Port Ewen. However, other events throughout the day will take place in the greater area of Esopus, branching out to Connelly and Ulster Park.

Other events?
During the Apple Festival, the Town also hosts a family fun night at Ross Memorial Park and encourages local residents to participate in a town-wide yard sale day. Visitors can acquire a list of participating addresses for the yard sale at the United Methodist Church, Esopus Town Hall or at the informational kiosk by the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union on Broadway in Port Ewen. The Esopus Library will also be hosting a book sale the entire weekend.

Will there be a tugboat auction this year?

This year, there will be no Tugboat Auction due to a lack of tugboats to auction.

I’d like to have a yard sale/participate in Family Fun Night. How do I get involved?
For information on participating in the Family Fun Night, email with your name, organization and contact info. To participate in the Yard Sale, email with your name, phone number and the address where you will be hosting your sale. You can also call (845) 331-0676 and dial extension 117 to leave a voicemail instead. Please note: if you are not a resident of Esopus, we will not post about your yard sale. The whole point is to walk around and enjoy the town!

For more information on the events taking place, please visit the Town’s Facebook Page or check in on any of the event pages listed below:
Esopus Apple Festival
Town-Wide Yard Sale
Family Fun Night

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you enjoy the season!