The Town is seeking a new Board member for the Waterfront Advisory Board.

The Waterfront Advisory Board (WAB) holds meetings every fourth Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 PM, in Esopus Town Hall. They act as advisors and a reviewing agency for any significant changes made to the waterfront. They are also involved in the Riverfront Access Study and currently are in the design stage for renovations to Freer, Sleightsburgh and Lighthouse Park. The overall goals of the WAB are:

  1. Advise the Town Board on implementation, priorities, work assignments, time tables and budgetary requirements of the program.
  2. Review applications for site plans, zone changes, subdivisions and public works projects in the coastal area, as may be referred to it, and advise the appropriate agency as to their consistency with policies of the LWRP.
  3. Subject to the approval of the Town Board, make application for funding from state, federal or other sources to finance projects under the LWRP.
  4. Maintain liaison with related town bodies, including, but not limited to, the Planning and Zoning Boards and the Environmental Board, and with concerned non-governmental bodies, in order to further the implementation of the LWRP.
  5. Upon the request of the Town Board, evaluate, in timely fashion, proposed actions of state agencies within the coastal zone in order to assure consistency of such actions with policies of the LWRP, advise the Board of any conflicts and participate in discussions to resolve such conflicts.
  6. Assist the Town Board in the review of proposed federal actions referred to it by the Department of State and provide its opinion concerning the consistency of the action with local coastal policies.
  7. Prepare an annual report on progress achieved and problems encountered during the year and recommend such actions as the Board considers necessary for the further implementation of the LWRP to the appropriate body.
  8. Perform other functions regarding the waterfront area as the Town Board may assign to it from time to time.

They also help in the clearing of water chestnuts.

Interested in applying? Fill out this form and email it (along with a copy of your resume) to